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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In an eyebrow-raising interview with GQ, Herman Cain stated that he believes that the majority of Muslims in America are extremists.

Cain sat down with GQ correspondent Chris Heath, senior editor Devin Gordon, and food critic Alan Richman in mid-October to discuss the race for the Republican nomination, Cain’s favorite types of pizza, and a host of other topics. At one point, Gordon asked Cain — who said in March that he wouldn’t feel “comfortable” appointing a Muslim to his cabinet — about his controversial views regarding Islam.

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One response to “Cain: Most Muslims Are Extremists”

  1. CarolDijkhuyzen says:

    Cain can never become a President.He does not know what he is talking about.Or maybe he’s defining himself as extremist’s moron…that’s better.Cain can keep on dreaming becoming a President,he won’t get far,entering his car(without a woman!)is far enough for him.His nerve to aspire the presidency?he should go back to school and take ETHICS,as course priority.I will campaign against this radical one.He’s racist’s and I will turn him blue.

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