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Friday, March 22, 2019

Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party’?

Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party’?

Now here’s a worthy project: Speaking to the Republican National Committee recently, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal declared that it was time for the GOP to “stop being the stupid party. It’s time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults…We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. We’ve had enough of that.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, there were few cheers. Today’s GOP thrives on idiot contumely. Nor did the crowd applaud Jindal’s pronouncement that Republicans “must not be the party that simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys. We have to be the party that shows all Americans how they can thrive…We are a populist party and need to make that clear.”

Now exactly what Jindal means by a populist GOP is almost as interesting as what he thinks would constitute an intelligent political conversation. Apart from those attention-getting pronouncements, his speech was basically what you’d expect from a Louisiana governor to a Republican Party shell-shocked by President Obama’s decisive re-election.

You know, Washington bad, Baton Rouge good; taxes bad, business good, government wicked. A lifetime public employee, Jindal scorns the federal government—except, of course, he wants to be president.

Despite Jindal’s superficial appeal, the idea that any Deep South governor advocating the policies he’s championed would be considered a viable candidate for the presidency in 2016 speaks volumes about the Republican Party’s refusal to face reality.

But more about that anon.

Republicans have committed the unpardonable political sin: they believed their own propaganda. Many can scarcely comprehend how most Americans see things.

Last week Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote something shrewd about the right-wing fixation with President Obama’s otherness. It was always a mistake, she said, to claim “that he’s a Muslim, he’s a Kenyan, he’s working out his feelings about colonialism. Those charges were meant to marginalize him, but they didn’t hurt him. They damaged Republicans, who came to see him as easy to defeat.”

They also hurt Republicans among voters who wondered about the character, motives and competence of people who ranted about transparently false allegations.

However, Noonan then proceeded to conjure her own imaginary Obama: a hardcore leftist determined to redistribute income from rich to poor, the striving middle class be damned. “’You didn’t build that,’” she wrote “are the defining words of his presidency.”

That’s right, conspiracy buffs. To Noonan, President Obama’s political legacy consists of a truncated quote yanked out of context to distort his plain meaning: basically that the best restaurant in town couldn’t thrive if customers had to bush hog their own roads to get there.

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191 responses to “Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party’?”

  1. sleeve says:

    If the GOP stops being the stupid party, they won’t have any policies at all.

    • lana ward says:

      If the dems stop being the party of lies, evil and schemes, they won’t have any policies at all!!

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Good grief — out spouting you Satanic lies so early? Do you have a Hellish alarm clock that tells you when it’s time to drag your carcass out of bed and go do Satan’s work? Take a break once in awhile — you don’t have to be a hateful, lying bigot every day of your life, you know.

        • Liberals can spew BS all over the place, and if someone has a different point of view all you lefties know is attack with your pure hatred and venom. If you paid attention to Lana’s post, it was in reply to Sleeve’s post. Try looking at the whole picture before you make an ASS of yourself.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Why thank you, Ms Helper. When I need your permission to respond to another poster I’ll come knock on your trailer door. In the meantime, in order to prevent looking like an ass-hat yourself — please try to have a point when you post.

          • JUDITH says:

            Ms.Pike is probably teh alias for Lana.

          • Doctor T says:

            You are probably on to something there! HaHa!

          • lana ward says:

            Satan gave me a message to send to you from -NACHUMLIST

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Well, I knew you were Satan’s messenger, but I didn’t realize you made ‘special deliveries’.

          • lana ward says:

            Did you go to the site, coward??

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            Why are you reading stuff like that, Lana?

          • lana ward says:

            Nachumlist obamas’ death pool– omuslim is a murderer!!

          • amazonfan says:

            Not only can’t you spell, but you’re also a racist. Loathsome!

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim is a murderer!! And the dems call everyone a racist that disagree with them.—NACHUMLIST, check it out

          • amazonfan says:

            How dumb are you? Obama is not a Muslim, but if he was, so what?!! That you think his being a Muslim is some kind of bad thing, and you use it as a smear, means you ARE a racist!!!!

            You’re a loathsome, disgusting Islamophobe, however that isn’t the only example of your KKK racism; you’re referring to another poster as an ‘angry black woman’ also shows your racism.

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim admitted he is a muslim in an interview with John Stephonopolis!! He has muslim terrorists working in the WH!!. The angry black woman was to Fern Woodfork, all the things that she calls me, so don’t play stupid! I LIKE Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, JC Watts, Tim Scott, Starr Parker and many other blacks–so don’t call me a racist(like I said all dems do) you are the racist!!!

          • amazonfan says:


            His name is Obama,you racist POS.

            “admitted he is a muslim in an interview with John Stephonopolis!!”

            How can he, since John Stephonopolis doesn’t exist?!!!

            You’re so dumb you can’t even get the names right.

            BTW, this is not something you admitt; since there is nothing wrong or shameful about being Muslim, one doesn’t admitt it. One simply acknowledges it!

            “He has muslim terrorists working in the WH!!.”

            Name one!

            BTW, I would point out that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists, however KKK bigots like you aren’t interested in facts.

            “The angry black woman was to Fern Woodfork, all the things that she calls me,”

            I couldn’t give a damn what she calls you, you are a racist!

            “so don’t play stupid!”

            The only stupid one here is you. It must be pretty tough to go through life being so dumb!

            “I LIKE Herman Cain, Allen West,”

            Two Islamophobic extremists. No wonder you like them.

            “and many other blacks”

            That you would say that proves, beyond any doubt, that you a racist, not that there wasn’t any doubt considering your Islamophobia, and your comment to Fern.

            “so don’t call me a racist”

            EXCEPT YOU ARE ONE. If you don’t want to be called racist, then stop acting like one!!!

            “(like I said all dems do)”

            Well, yeh, because you are one!!!

            “you are the racist!!!”

            LOL. The stupid KKK racist is calling me a racist! You are a moral and intellectual joke and the best thing you can do for the world is to jump off a bridge.

          • lana ward says:

            Sorry , his name is George Stephanopoulos.–Omuslim admitts he is a muslim!!

          • amazonfan says:

            My god, do you ever read what other people say? Obama isn’t a Muslim,
            and if he was, there is NOTHING wrong with that!!!! It’s not
            shameful or wrong, and he wouldn’t admitt it, he would state it
            with pride. God, you are racist (and dumb)!!!!

          • lana ward says:

            Type in–“George Stephanopoulos, Obama admitts he’s a muslim”—It will take you right to the interview

          • amazonfan says:

            Uh, no, it never happened. But if it did, so what? If Obama announced that he was a Muslim, who freaking cares? Far better that he might be a Muslim than a Christian extremist like you!

            I’m done. I have better things to do than to respond to an intellectually bankrupt KKK racist like you!

          • P Cullen says:

            propaganda!! You didn’t do your researc which is typical of those on the Right who prefer to believe Fox lies and hate:
            Origins: Since at least as far back as August 2009, rumors have circulated about plans by Fox News to broadcast a revelatory documentary on Barack Obama; when no such program aired, those rumors led to conspiracy theories that Fox had been pressured by the Obama administration into suppressing its report. (That legend is covered in a separate article on this site.)

            Since the origination of that rumor, the video clip linked above, entitled “Obama Admits He Is a Muslim,” has been circulated on the Internet accompanied by claims that it is the Obama documentary Fox once planned to air — a piece that “Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show” which has been “consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration” and will soon “get pulled from the Internet.”

            In fact, the video clip is none of those things: It wasn’t put together by Sean Hannity, it hasn’t ever been scheduled for airing by Fox News, it doesn’t show Barack Obama admitting he is a Muslim, it hasn’t been the target of suppression by the Obama administration, and it isn’t in any danger of being pulled from the Internet for political reasons. (The video has been freely available for viewing via YouTube for over three years now.)

            The video is actually a compendium of intercut, out-of-context statements taken from various interviews with Barack Obama in which he discusses his childhood exposure to Islam (and Islam in general) and from addresses delivered by President Obama to areas of the world with predominantly Muslim audiences for the purpose of “creat[ing] a better dialogue so that the Muslim world understands more effectively how the United States, but also how the West thinks about many of these difficult issues like terrorism, like democracy, to discuss the framework for what’s happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and our outreach to Iran, and also how we view the prospects for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

          • There is a very distinct and telling difference between the two posts you mention. One being very provable and one drawn from bigotry and hatred and apparently hatched deep within her own rectum. Perhaps it is you who needs to pay attention dear Mary. Your party has been spewing the jobs mantra for many long years now and I have yet to see ANY jobs that have been created by any policy your group has put forth. If the shoe fits wear it proudly.

          • highpckts says:

            We learned to spew BS from the GOP! You are soooooo good at it!! You really got good at it when a black man was elected to office!!

          • I Will Never Forget How Stupid Rick Perry Looked When He Was All Ready To Cut Government Programs And Couldn’t For The Life Of Him Remember What Programs He Was Hell Bent On Cutting!!!

          • Nate says:

            that’s because Rick Perry is smoking all that sage brush they have in Texas

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Yeah, but the problem is that a lot of today’s Republicans see ignorance and stupidity as virtues.

          • And Whats The Killing Part About Rick Perry While He Was Talking About Cutting Government Programs He Was On The Phone At Night Asking Obama For Government Help!! He Was First In Line To Get FEMA Down To Texas Where Half His State Was On Fire!!! So As Far As Stop Being Stupid They Will Never Do That It’s One Of Their Motto”s!! Along With Lying , Stealing , Cheating, And Starting Wars!!!

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Yeah, I think that with the help of the evil, vile, despicable Tea Bigots the Republican Party’s behavior has become so disgusting to the majority of Americans that many of the reddest of states are going to turn blue in the years ahead. Stupidity does have consequences.

          • lana ward says:

            tHANKS , Mary!! Please go to the site NACHUMLIST, it’s very interesting!!

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            Mary K…
            Regarding the first sentence of your reply to the above thread, What do you think Fox News does on the right?

        • Doctor T says:

          LW is brain-dead. The initials stand for Little Worth. She is a small blip on the radar screen of life and a snapping little chichuahua.

          • lrandy says:

            Doctor?? Refering to anyone as a blip on the radar is disgusting. Your efforts would be served better to learn to spell chihuahua, rather than try to infringe on someone’s first amendment rights.

          • Erik Nash says:

            How much you wanna bet that she’s from Louisiana and receives the same public assistance that her and her party of stupid complains about.

        • Just Spell The Name Backward It Says It All Anal Draw!!! LOL

      • JUDITH says:

        Imagine being Lana. Although the number’s tell the entire story, Lana doesn’t believe in number’s. Lana believes in hatred and divisiveness. In rape claims from her “friends” the Republican’s. In claims Obama is a communist, wasn’t born here, is a Muslim and on and on ad nauseaum. Lana has no sources other than Fox for information, therefore we must forgive her.

      • oldtack says:

        Ahh Lana, dear befuddled Lana. Are you a sister to Mary Pike? Or – do you people have a book of one line retorts published by the TPERS?

        • lana ward says:

          Hi oldtack!! Check out–NACHUMLIST

        • P Cullen says:

          That’s funny. LW is promoting a conservative propaganda and conspiracy theory sight, that has completely taken her in. Because, again, she can’t do her own research. Gognitive Dissonance is rampant on the Right when they’ve been programmed to hate and act against their own interests! Facism at work!

      • DavidW says:

        Doesn’t make sense. Like Schemes of gerrymandering?

      • daniel bostdorf says:

        We found your picture…

      • Cindy says:

        Ms Ward, I doubt you would recognize a lie if it hit you in the face. Might be better to keep mouth shut wnd be thought a fool, than to open it up and remove all doubt.

        • lana ward says:

          Omuslim has members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood working in the WH. I can give you their names. Do you approve of terrorists in our WH??

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            Lana, can you see that “Omuslim,” is disrespectful and could be considered racist?

          • lana ward says:

            Anything you say now days is racist. I have NO respect for anyone who is purposely destroyng America!!

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            I’m trying to understand you here, Lana. To me it becomes difficult because you tend to use suce incendiary language. Again, to me, it starts to seem as if you are irrational.
            Anyway, I’ve got to know your sources in order to take your missives seriously. Where are you getting your information?
            Oh, and just to clarify, I’m sure if you wanted to, you can still say plenty without coming off as a racist or crackpot.

          • lana ward says:

            I get some of my information from–WND,, Pat Dollard,, Breitbart, Alex Jones Infowars, Nachuslist

        • lana ward says:

          Omuslim is a lie and he’s hitting you in the face everyday. Omuslim is the one that should shut his mouth, a fly may land in it. LOL

      • FRED says:

        Lana open your eyes & mind. Go to a dictionary and look up the definitions of the words you have just used. You will then see that it is the Republican who are full of lies, evilness, schemes and stupidity.

        • lana ward says:

          Do you approve of omuslim having terrorists working in our WH?? I can give you their names!!

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            That would be greatly appreciated. Please give the names.

          • lana ward says:

            Arif Alikhan-Assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development,, Mohammed Elibiary- A member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council,, Rashad Hussain- The US special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference,, Salam Al Marayati- Co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council,, Imam Mohamed Magid–President of the Islamic Society of N. America,, and Eboo Patel- A member of Omuslims’ Advisory Council on Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships….All terrorists, all work for Omuslim!!!

          • Progressive Patriot says:

            What have they done to be labeled terrorists, and what are your sources?

          • mah101 says:

            Hmm, I see a pattern here. If they have work for the administration to administer programs that benefit people in the US, and havea name whose origin is in Arabic, they are automatically a “terrorist”

            If, on the other hand, they have a name like lana ward and call the president of the US “omuslim” and a murderer, they are patriotic god-fearing “real ‘muricans”

            Nice grasp of logic and rationalism there, LW.

            Really, try reality – it is every bit as engaging and fascinating as your made up, sorry, pathetic, and scary fantasy world.

          • lana ward says:

            Dems are hopeless, stupid because you’re lied to by the MSM

          • mah101 says:

            Actually, Lana, I would not call myself a democrat, but if you were to assess my position I think you would call me a liberal (I’m actually rather a centrist, but you know how skewed our debate is today)

            So, speaking for myself, I don’t care how many people are lying, I rely on objective independent and reasoned understanding of the issues in order to determine my positions and information. I don’t rely on the National Memo, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Saul Alinsky, MSNBC, or the People’s Daily. Frankly, I find most of the modern media to be shallow, vapid, and unable to understand and communicate complex issues (though to be fair, many of them try while Fox just ignores the issues and makes up their own).

            So, what I do is called “thinking”. Many of the people in the center and to the left practice it. It seems to account for the vast differences between reality, and the far right’s perception thereof, that is represented in much of the conflicts in our modern political and social discourse. And likely accounts for your inability to understand the reasoned and reality-based positions of those with whom you disagree.

      • rataezo says:

        Im a Republican but what makes the dems evil? I can’t believe Lincoln was a Republican. I will stay Republican for now but if things don’t change then I will go independent. Can’t see myself becoming a Democrat because I also don’t agree with some of their policies but they are a lot more moderate than the GOP of last year.

      • robert says:

        lana ward, the definition for satan is “to obstruct, adversary, to be opposed to” Webster should add, “republican/tea bag congress, imps, trolls, esp. lana ward.”

      • Progressive Patriot says:

        Lana, are they paying you for this? What are your sources for forming these beliefs?
        Recent polls show The President with a 60% approval rating.

      • Mr says:

        wakey wakey hon–its the first of the month.
        time to collect your welfare check and food stamps
        that you right wingers thrive off of.
        Mitt was right in his 47% however, wrong in his lies as
        to the who’s collecting.

        • lana ward says:

          You’re a jerk! I don’t get welfare and I don’t appreciate my money going to illegals and lazy asses. With the way omuslim is stealing from us, many more will have to go on welfare, tho!! Just want he wants to happen!!

        • idamag says:

          Lana is doo, doo, doo looking out her trailer door. She was on welfare, once, getting pregnant in high school and dropping out. It’s only a good thing when she is doing the collecting. As for her sources, she insists everyone look up – I have looked up some of them. Real whacko right wing hate groups.

          A person who likes to cook subscribes to cooking magazines, looks up cooking sites, and watches the cooking show. An outdoorsman is drawn to magazines like “Outdoor Life.” Some woman are drawn to magazines like “Good Housekeeping.” What I am saying is that we go where our interests are. She is a nut so she searches out nut sites.

      • Bob Eddy says:

        And once again you show that Repubicans are the stupid party. Thank you. Thank you for your contribution.

    • LOL You Got That Right!! GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight, Stupid Is What They Do, Who Else Would Attack And Declare War On Half Of Their Own People Then Expect For Them To Vote For Them!! Duh?? Stupid Is How They Roll!!!

    • Mr says:

      They were born into it–inbreeding does that ya know.

  2. The shortest answer to Jindal’s observation is: NO!

  3. labrown69 says:

    Ya can’t make stupid policies look smart. Especially with religious fanatics floating around saying rape is a gift from god etc

    • Doctor T says:

      Out with Graham, McConnell, Rubio, McCain, etc etc and all the rest of the war mongers and haters, acting as though they stand for the constitution and the rights of all citizens. They do not-will not-and wll ever fight against losing their power.

    • plc97477 says:

      no one can seem to tell me. If rape is a gift from god does that make god a pimp?

  4. frida says:

    I do not fully agree with Jindal the Bobby boy. He was around when some of his party members said stupid stuff. Why didn’t he come forward that time and reprimand them? Why did he wait until they lost election and came forward? He is also as stupid as his party he claims is.

  5. latebloomingrandma says:

    I believe Gov. Jindal’s message is that the Republicans should just try not to say stupid things, not that they don’t believe them. Take the “legitmate rape” remark. Todd Akin got this from a doctor who was a consultant to the National Right to Life organization, and that is what they they preach. And of course anti-abortion is cemented in their platform. There is also much literature from NARAL that urges women whose pregnancy is a result of rape to have the baby. They are pretty much against abortion for any reason. So essentially, Jindal is saying just keep your mouth shut, not to re-examine the policy. And that is just one example of the “stupid” party policies.

    • Doctor T says:

      Why is it men are telling women what to do with their own bodies? They either rape, seduce, or decieve a woman and then expect to control her after she has to cover ther sorry asses with her burden and shame? I say Bull Shit to all of them!!

    • JSquercia says:

      Yes indeed the run on jobs , jobs , jobs and get elected and immediately go after Planned Parenthood and repealing Obama Care (originally an idea from the Heritage Foundation)
      Funny thing about Obama Care I was out with friends two of whom were ardent listeners to Fox but THEY were quite pleased that their Granddaughter could remain on her parents Medical after college

    • BarbaraMI says:

      Wait. NARAL stands for National Abortion Rights Action League. They are pro-choice.

  6. His speech sounds more like someone is getting ready to bail on the Republican party probably to the halfway house of politics the Indenpendents.

    But he’s right! The Republicans ONLY protect the well off not their constituencies who hired them.

    Just go away please & take the crazies from the Tea Party with you.

  7. stsintl says:

    As I have often stated, the Republican Party comprises three groups of people.

    Paliniots- Their IQs are lower than or equal to Sarah Palin’s
    Newt-wits- Their IQs range between Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s
    Murdochites- They directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch and his ilks, and they control the other two groups.

    Finally, one of their own now openly agrees.

    • You are so ignorant, so typical of the bottom feeders on the left.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Let me guess: You’re out of beer and there is nothing else going on in your trailer park today. Am I close?

      • oldtack says:

        Typical reply from your Ilk. Woefully lacking in intellectual discourse and capable only of going into Attack mode – like all truly ignorant creatures do when confronted with something they cannot comprehend.

      • Doctor T says:

        No—you are the one opining ignorance and stupidty. Scumming on the right. Hey. Be Like Cheney and shoot a friend in the face with buckshot and have the victim apologize for your sorry ass! What a world!

      • idamag says:

        Mary K. let me tell you what I think is wrong with this country. I am not Republican, Democrat, nor Independent. I am apolitical. Want to know why? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison was against forming political parties. James Madison said they would create division and chaos. Think about it. That is what is destroying our country. And as for the tea party – There is something scary about a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. Every time you spew out hateful rhetoric, you are part of the problem.

  8. charleo1 says:

    It’s tempting, especially after one of their own attempts to shock his Party out of some of it’s
    more anti-social , and wildly unpopular ideologies, to say, there! Just what we’ve been saying.
    Finally, a Republican that has the guts to commit the previously unforgivable sin of speaking
    truth to a Party that been living in a universe that no longer exists, if it ever did. But I smell a
    scam. A con, if you will. Republicans are not stupid. Whatever one thinks of the Republican
    Party, you can’t be stupid, and convince nearly half the Country you’re working in their best
    interests, while consistently working, on behalf of that tiny sliver of the population at the very top
    of the economic food chain. Are Republicans really going to stop being the Party that always tries
    to make sure the wealthy get to keep all their toys? Of course not. Are they going to start being a
    a Party that respects the Rights of women to control their own bodies? Or, confronts the gun
    culture, that has turned this Country into an armed camp? What Governor Jindal is getting
    at is Republicans are going to have to be more cautious about the way they talk about these issues.
    Paul Ryan says he believes the majority still thinks Republicans have the best policies. But need
    to do a better job of, “messaging.” In other words, they can keep the same old product, just put
    it in a prettier box next time. Shakespeare says, “A rose by any other name.” I say, a more
    clever scam, is still a scam. No matter how you dress it up.

    • JUDITH says:

      Hopefully, everyone will remember this election cycle and the things said and done in their quest to conquer. You are 100% right; they are just telling each other to keep their beliefs but don’t let the public know what they are. They have already started with immigration.

      • JSquercia says:

        NOTHING showed the true face of the Republican Party more than Romney’s 47% remark and Paul Ryan’s Makers and Takers remark

      • charleo1 says:

        Exactly! VP Biden said last year. “They used to hide the football.” Meaning their
        efforts to end Medicare, and Social Security. Biden went on to say, “For the
        first time I can remember, they aren’t even trying to hide it.” Well, I guess,
        they’ll probably go back to hiding the football. But we know the score, over
        in Republican Land.

    • mah101 says:

      Ever since the election, I’ve been hearing about how the Republican party is planning its reform. Yet the only substance I hear from them is about changing the message, not changing the ideas.

      It’s the ideas, republicans. That’s what hurts you.

      They run through all your positions and don’t match your stated ideology of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

      Just changing the “message” only makes you bigger and more obvious hypocrites.

      Unfortunately, however, there are plenty of low information voters out there (I’m talking about you, Lana and Mary K) that respond to the “message” and are motivated by fear and anger rather than more positive ideals.

      • charleo1 says:

        You’re right, it would increase the hypocrisy. But as we’ve observed, their supporters
        seem to have an incredible tolerance for contradicting positions, with a high level
        of hypocrisy. It’s almost like they’ve agreed, off the record, and between themselves
        that, for example, yes we want a much smaller government that doesn’t infringe on
        people’s Rights. But agree over the issue of abortion, that the State should be very
        invasive, and support an entirely new bureaucracy to monitor women, and their
        doctors, when the State learns conception has taken place. On finances, taxes, and
        the budget. First they will all agree, the Country spends way too much money. But, insist
        there must be no changes to Medicare. The one item that will drive us to insolvency
        if we don’t find ways to curb it’s growing costs. They will advocate for huge tax reductions
        for corporations. Reasoning, we are in a global competition for jobs. So we should
        make sure we have the lowest tax obligations in the world. But then, almost in the
        same breath, opine what a dangerous world we live in, and must continue to invest
        trillions in a military, geared to fight yesterday’s wars. And any reductions there, are
        automatically characterized as gutting the military!

  9. Charvi3 says:

    I am going to share something with you all….Reagan..was a democrat before becoming a republican…Nancy, his wife went to a fortune teller…and this person told her…that if he would change parties..from democrat to republican he would get elected…some peopel will go to any means to become president…but, what I am hearing here..and by the way..the people that I have dealt with from India…are very very gracious people…and they do articulate very, don’t take that away from Jindal…I am seeing a man here that he will probably change parties from being a republican to a democrat…wanting to in the first place..because he disagrees with them totally..and he then not in 2016 but, maybe later on…think about running for President…not everyone that speaks their mind has a desire to become President…believe, leave well enough alone on this one..because he was just saying the truth about how the republicans have been acting…he is with the program as other Americans are seeing it.
    He had the right as all of here to have an opinion and to say what he is seeing that he disagrees with…so, don’t put any more into what he has said..than it is…He is still a good man…in my opinion…agreeing with what I have seen in his own party…and please don’t be prejudiced…it is against God’s Law….He loves all of us no matter what color we are or nationality…etc.

  10. bestofandy says:

    They must throw away religion as a start and start reading science books. Accept evolution, the big-bang theory, and gravitation for a start. Then they can maybe really understand how women get pregnant.

    • Doctor T says:

      They are ignorant “men” who like to think they are inspired by “christ or god” when they are not! Pardon me! They have no frigging right to tell a woman what to do with her own body!

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        Best and Doc T;

        What makes anyone think these Pre-Neanderthals are going to give up a belief in a religion. Christianity has been brainwashing people for over 2000 years with fear and keeping people ignorant.

        All it takes to believe in a religion is to just cow-tow down to some phony religious leader and let them decide for you how to live and what to believe.

        It take brainpower to sit down and think logically about science and have an inquiring mind.

  11. gopersareignorant says:

    The gop will always be the party of stupid. It is their electorate that makes them that way. You have to look at the source of the problem and there you will find stupid embedded permanently. Aiken, Murdock, Santorum and the like, the definition of stupid candidates put in campaigns by their stupid electorate. It is that simple. Educate the republican electorate and the ignorance will subside by a margin but many are unteachable. They just need to be regarded as insignificant and they will go the way of the Klan. Obama has done of good job boxing them in, let’s just hope he delivers the final blow.

  12. Lovefacts says:

    The GOP will continue to lose voters until it realizes—and upholds—the following.
    1. In this multi-religious country, one religion cannot dictate the country what is acceptable and not.
    2. Education and science are not the enemy.
    3. They stop going for the lowest common denominator.
    4. They realize that compromise is not evil and we do it every day with friends, family, spouses and in business.
    5. Name-calling and claiming everything the Democrats or anyone who disagrees with them is evil.

  13. elw says:

    The answer to question will the Republicans ever stop being the “stupid party,” is NO. To stop being so stupid, as a group, they would have to have a sudden and soul shattering insight that would make fundamental shift in how they view the world. They are biologically, intellectually not capable of ever having a real soul shattering insight about themselves or their “values.” They have proven that over and over again.

  14. Andrew says:

    The Republican Party has 9 Tenets: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance and insanity….everything they do can be explained by at least one (usually more) of those tenets. Another word for incompetence is “stupidity”, from which we derive the word “stupid”. Can the Republican Party stop being the “Stupid” party? What do you think? Sleeve is correct when he wrote that, “if the GOP stops being the stupid party, they won’t have any policies at all”. Lana Ward, on the other hand, proves several of the GOP tenets true when she wrote, “If the dems stop being the party of lies, evil and schemes, they won’t have any policies at all!” Mainly, that statement proves the hypocrisy tenet. Lana employed the favorite trick of hypocrisy, “Projection”, in her statement. Projection is a psychiatric term for taking a weakness of yours and “projecting” upon your opponent or someone you don’t like. When the GOP finally decides to stop being the party of bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance and insanity, they’ll stop being the “Stupid” party…I’m not holding my breath….

  15. MARK says:

    Well,no surprises here.The gop and its corporate sponsors have so much money,they can keep themselves well insulated from the cold hard facts and continue trying to maintain the status quo.Barring a colective epiphany in thier philosophy,one surmises thier destruction may not be long in coming.

  16. ivory69690 says:

    Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party’?
    Why Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal’s act won’t impress most Americans.. well jingle bell brain is just as stupid as the rest of the GOP party thy truly seem like the party that had way to much drugs at their party . thjy are all wacked out

    • JSquercia says:

      Did anyone NOTICE that after talking about NOT being seen as the defender of the Rich Jindal Eliminated the Income Tax and doubled the Sales Tax .

  17. m8lsem says:

    20:20 hindsight is very clear vision; it’s the stony quiet of the audience that indicates how true his stated view of the party is; they should have been shouting ‘yes! yes!’.

  18. Bob Shipp says:

    “Can Republicans Ever Stop Being the Stupid Party?”


  19. Rape, slut, muslim, not citizen, 47%, what do you think? Is this stupid or not?

  20. Nate says:

    That’s like asking the sun not to rise in the East and set in the West. I will be the first one to say that I am wrong when Gov Jindal lets Louisiana participate in the health care affordability act. Of course I wont hold my breath.

  21. Jim Lou says:

    The GOP needs smart leadership that is willing to lead.

    • Can we qualify that a little? How about smart leadership that doesn’t include spending like a drunken sailor (every GOP president in office since Eisenhower has governed with significant deficit spendng) and trying to start wars at the drop of a hat,while passing tax cuts and tons of other legislation that heavily favor corporations and the rich.

  22. ObozoMustGo says:

    If the GOP stops trying to be DemonRAT Lite, then they will stop being a stupid party. Until then, they will remain morons just like the DemonRATS.

    Have a nice day!

    “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” – H.L. Mencken

  23. Doctor T says:

    I am sorry. The guy looks like Howdy Doody! Can’t trust a clown or a puppet can you?

  24. Rhonda says:

    Gov. Jindal governs a state where the State Capitol of Baton Rouge and the City of New Orleans are #1 for new HIV infections and he deletes the $2.5 million Prevention dollars from the State budget. Baton Rouge is #1, New Orleans is # 3 and Louisiana is #5 in the nation for AIDS case rates and he refuses to expand Medicaid or except Federal dollars for Health Care. He also refused to end the band on Cigarette Tax which could go to Health Care for those that will acquire cancer due to cigarette smoking and HIV positive individuals are more likely than not to acquire cancer from smoking. He says it’s “raising taxes”. And the GOP says that 47% refuses to take “personal responsibility”. ” I guest Forrest was right STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”. Stop being the stupid Governor.

  25. We African-Americans endure egregious behavior on the part of the white devils every single day of our lives, but all of a sudden we get bright and determine the degree of their atrocities now. The enslavement of African people via the International and National Slave Trade was the greatest Holocaust in human history, but it was not until the enactment of the Reconstruction Amendments to the United States Constitution (13th, 14th and 15th Amendments) after the American Civil War that institutional slavery was abolished in this country! The government (People) of the United States sticks their collective heads-in-the-sand as it relates to a multiplicity of atrocities and egregious acts that occur and are committed here in the United States every single day of our lives! The United States is the most racist country in the world! These white devils are always in session for the purpose of promoting white supremacy and thereby advancing strategies designed to deny millions of Americans their Constitutional rights!

  26. The Republican party now has officially joined the Whigs, Mugwumps, and Know Nothings in the dustbin of history. Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

  27. Can Republicans Ever Stop Being The ‘Stupid Party?
    No, the Republican Party will always be the stupid party as long as it is controlled by ignorant people from the Southern states and rural areas of many states! These people know that their constituencies are made up of uneducated, uninformed, ignorant people who appropriately are called members of the stupid party! We African-Americans endure egregious behavior on the part of these white devils every single day of our lives, but all of a sudden we get bright and determine the degree of their atrocities now. The enslavement of African people via the International and National Slave Trade was the greatest Holocaust in human history, but it was not until the enactment of the Reconstruction Amendments to the United States Constitution (13th, 14th and 15th Amendments) after the American Civil War that institutional slavery was abolished in this country! The government (People) of the United States sticks their collective heads-in-the-sand as it relates to a multiplicity of atrocities and egregious acts that occur and are committed here in the United States every single day of our lives! The United States is the most racist country in the world! These white devils are always in session for the purpose of promoting white supremacy and thereby advancing strategies designed to deny millions of Americans their Constitutional rights! We, African-Americans and other people, must be in regular session to destroy, annihilate and eliminate the white devils, and especially the white male devils, who are members of the Republican Party!

  28. They are not only stupid, they lie, they lack respect for themselves, women , the poor and marginalized. Their austere measures are meant only to help the oil barons who finace them, the underclass as they classify people can suffer and die for them .

  29. 0126020451 says:

    There is none so blind than he who won’t see. Judging from some of these posts, I have come to believe that some people are wearing blinders especially if they think that the Republican party cares about anyone who is not worth a million dollars or more. It is sad that people are so full of prejudice and hate that they don’t realize that they are being duped. Judging from some of the posts, I know that severa people are and were in the forty-seven percent that Governor Romney wrote off during the election and I am sure that you know to whom I am referring, those who spew rhetorical venom and racist statements about the President and the democratic party. Hate is a disease much like cancer:it eats the person who hates. It is hard to fathom how people can harbor so much hate especially when it’s so much easier to love. You don’t have to have a reason to love, you just love because it is good. You must keep reminding yourself why you hate someone, oft times it is for a nebulous reason. When you hate someone, it is obvious that you don’t love yourself. Thou shalt love the Lord with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great Commandment And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two Commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Who is my neighbor? Ask yourself that question. It is not just the one who lives next door or in your neighborhood. May God bless each of you and remember, you don’t have to love to give, but you can’t love without giving. Be Blessed and have a Blessed Day.

  30. Short answer? No. Long answer? No.

  31. Meanwhile, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts proposed the opposite: Raising the income tax to cut the sales tax. To which even some of the millionaires said “Sure, I’ll make up the losses with more business.”

    Jindal’s reverse proposal was nothing more than another shallow ploy to further enrich his wealthy donors, and his speech about not being the stupid party was nothing more than a shallow ploy to try and distance himself from the stupid even as he continues to pander to it.

  32. RobertCHastings says:

    Jindal isn’t the only Southern Republican who is looking at the White House with longing eyes and an aching yearn. However, hopefully he and the others will go the way of Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain. Gingrich even decided against pursuing the Senate seat to be soon vacated in Georgia – no cahones, I guess. Rick Perry’s own Texans consider him one of the least popular politicians in the state. And Herman Cain should never have left the pizza parlor. John McCain used to be a well-respected independent; however, since he got his head handed to him on a platter when he went up against Bush in a primary, he seems to have changed. There are a few Republicans who have the balls to stand up to the party of no, like Michael Bloomberg and Chris Christie, but I seriously doubt that they are leading a groundswell movement.

  33. daniel bostdorf says:

    This whole article is centered on Gene Lyons quote from Obama:

    “We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives,” he said, “any one of us at any time may face a job loss or a sudden illness or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative. They strengthen us…..They do not make us a nation of takers. They free us to take the risks that make this country great.”

    Since the GOP is too stupid to realize this, they are doomed.

    As Comedian Ron White states so simply:

    “Ya can’t fix stupid.”

  34. rustacus21 says:

    In a word: H#%L NO!!! They just aren’t that smart, as weren’t Neanderthal’s. Does that explain anything? Then why & who is it that keeps voting them into office? Oh, they’re Neanderthal’s as well?…

  35. rataezo says:

    Funny, Reagan is the tea party hero yet he granted full blown amnesty to illegals. Can you imagine that being done today? Reagan was a stand up guy. My father met him, before he became president, at a private party and told me that Reagan took time to take pictures with the kitchen staff and entertainers. To me that says a lot.

  36. robert says:

    Here in Louisiana, Booby Jindal is a state-wide embarrassment. For him to call his own party “the stupid party” is the height of hypocrisy. It’s like the tub telling the toilet: “I see just as much ass as you do, but I don’t have to take all of that shit!” Booby Jindal’s idea of good government is hacking away at education, health care for the elderly, mental health facilities, Medicaide, and safety net programs that every worker in Louisiana pay from their own taxes to ensure that they would be taken care of in times of need. The savings he accrue from those cuts are dolled to corporations and industries in Louisiana that support the Republican/Tea Bag agenda, corporations and industries who bring in their own in-house workers and deprive valuable jobs to Louisianaians, corporations that pollute the waters and contaminate the soil of Louisiana, enhancing “Cancer Alley” along Saint Charles Parish. His latest comedy was to eliminate the state’s long held income tax and raise state sales taxes to 16 cent on the dollar. Doing this would have enhanced the bottom line for industries and corporations but encumbered every Louisiananian without raising wages for an increased cost of living. It was an idiot move that turned state’s legislators against him. Every major newspaper that endorsed Booby Jindal are lamenting their decisions and are voicing it in their editorial columns. Booby Jindal is a joke and always has been. Even Goerge W. Bush realized that Booby Jindal wasn’t all he was cracked up to be and pushed him out of his administration in 2002. He castigates the Republican/Tea Party as the party of stupid, but he is the poster-boy of astronomical stupidity and ineptness. Louisiana only elected him because at the time Louisiana had turned red, but now their faces are red with embarrassment to have this hack as a governor. Somehow, in some way, Booby Jindal has convinced himself that he could someday be president, but just like his party, he’s some kind of stupid.

  37. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    I am a White Gay Man. I totally agree with you that my race is probably one of the most hateful and bigoted races on earth.

    But, people of color aren’t the only race of people who have experienced white hatred and bigotry. We’ve even discriminated against our own race in the name of the all mighty dollar bill, ignorance and power-hungry man men.

    And, YES, this is Nothing But The Truth!

    • robert says:

      Are you a white happy man? I thought gay meant “happy”, “joyous”, “bright”.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        Yea, I know!

        I get a kick out of the old black and white movies when the word gay is used, haha.

        The Gay Community sort of comandeered the word Gay to mean being homosexual. I don’t know why we did either.

        Eh, whatever…………….

  38. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    I guess he must of been trying to get photo shots in for the next B-Rated movie – The Presidency.

  39. ChristineIam says:

    Screw the entire state because there may be a “Moocher” among us. The 47% mentality.

  40. Joel says:

    One of the great things Democrat President Obama has achieved.. is he has ” raised the bar ” of the Office Of The Presidency! The reality is… There are zero number of Republicans that can match or exceed it!

  41. Joel says:

    I’ll give you 2 seconds to list all the policies former Republican President Bush created that grew the economy from 2001-2009! Thats what I thought… end of conversation!

  42. As long as the GOP can ont rid itself from fringe party slogans,it will stay this stupid course!

  43. robert says:

    Yes. We are all our brothers’ keeper. Blessings are to you.

  44. robert says:

    Nothing But The Truth, read THE CONSTITUTION AND THE NEW JIM CROW for more of the truth.

  45. robert says:

    Carvi3, a tree is known by its fruit. If it had rotten roots, it will bear rotten fruit. Even if Jindal switches parties, his actions will determine what he is. His actions so far and as always are that of a Republican/Tea Bag butcher, hatchet man, and murderer. If you deliberately denied someone the means that would save his/her life, and that person dies as a result of your action, that person has participated in a murder., ending the life of someone who could have been saved had he not been denied a chance at life. What are you doing when you love your children and family but hate your neighbors? Think about that.

  46. robert says:

    Progressive Patriot, you have to forgive lana after she’s had a few. She’s never had a government job, especially at that high a level, and has never heard of such a thing as “clearance”. . . The medication, you know.

  47. robert says:

    Intelligent people don’t visit porn sites, lana.

  48. S-3 says:

    Lousiaa can get nuked, just like Texas for all I care – they’re not with the solution, so they need to be treated like the enemy – and wiped out for thier crimes against the rest of us.

  49. solomonboyd62 says:







  50. joeham1 says:

    You have to love the National Memo. They love the division in our country and love keeping their sheep hating the repubs. Despite all the democrats do wrong they never report it. They love to keep the hate for the right going!

    It’s pathetic that what they accuse Fox news of, they are much more guilty of being partison hacks!

  51. bchrista says:

    People whether you realize it or not you are giving Bobby Jindel too much credit for having a simbulance of a brain have anyone here ever shopped at anIndian grocery store, not an American Indian, an Indian from Afganistan nuff said, now you see Bobby Jindel.

  52. bchrista says:

    You know Bobby Jindal and others like him remind me of the time in Florida right after hurricane Katrina hit. I went to work for the main Insurance repair company that moved in to make the repairs, they were there the very next day, set up and running, I went to work for one of the guys, there were six all told and all from Texas, and would you believe it they were all related, they rented a big warehouse in Miami and were bringing in materials by the train loads, each man took four or five men under them as superintendents and each group had at least one man that could speak spanish because most of the damage occured in the southern part of Miami,Fort lauderdale area, the guy I worked for (I won’t name names) showed me about twenty checks and none of them was for less than $175.000, and the checks were just pouring in. Before these guys left Miami they had accumilated at least $ 8.000.000 dollars each plus they stayed in mansions on Miami Beach paying outragious rents, they bought eight semi-trailors and fully equipted them with all the computers, phones, calculators, and numerious other machines to keep them informed of any disaster that occcured in the United States, plus they bought new heavy duty Pickups, they bought motorized water bikes, Rvs, they just didn’t really know whereas to spend their money on and they still cleared over $8mil each, I was really optomistic I figured we might get a hefty bonus but really disappointed we got two weeks pay, and as soon as they could they started bringing in people from Texas to replace us, and they had an Ace in the hole they had a direct line to the top insurance companies in the country, talk about graft, and their job was easy they either repaired the property or settled with the owner on a set cost to repair and would give the owner a check for an agreed price. Either way they made out like bandits, that’s Republicans for you, yes they were Repubs.

  53. bchrista says:

    Hey Michael, you asked how stupid the people of Louisiana could be , well they elected a Ku Klux Klans man to represent them in congress and a Mayor that just recently got indicted for playing with the people’s money and various other offenses, Louisianans don’t hold any records for intellegence, thru out history this state has had someone in high office in trouble with the law constantly that’s why they have such a low rating.

  54. bchrista says:

    Before we get into a racial discourse here lets try to get some facts out in the open, #1 the blacks that first came here were the product of their own people in Africa it was a battle of the strongest tribes that were constantly over running another weaker tribe and making them prisoners and when the white man interred their country they saw a way to get rid of the competion, sell them to the white man, and the white man saw a way to profit from this venture, they loaded up their boats and brought them here to do a job that no white man was equipted to do, pick their cotton, fruits and vegetables in the hot blazing Sun and they bought these people at a very cheap price, some plantation owners set time limits for releasing their slaves because that is what they were considered and these people headed North, some slaves were treated well by their owners, the were given plots of land to farm for themselves, others were treat like animals constantly being beat within an inch of their lives just for looking at a white woman or for some other minor indisgrations, they treated their animals better than they did their own slaves, but all in all the bottom line is that they were sold by their own people to people that treated them worse than animals a situation that should not been allowed in the name of decenseyand humanity, as it’s been called but what is never mentioned is that this treatment wasn’t confined to the just the black man a lot of white families also suffered this indignation if you were poor and had no home or property you could be sentenced to servitude by a court bought by the rich and the sentence for this inability to provide for youerself was indenture to a plantation to serve your sentence also known as man’s inhumanity to man and though there is still a great racial divide the problem ascerbated not by the olderwhite man( although there are still some old time Southerners) their are a lot of white that defend the black mans right to be treated equal, and the same applies to the older blacks some still harbor ill feelings toward the white man and maybe in another 100 years all this hatred maybe a thing long forgotten, folks it’s taken 300 years to get this point, where there is some toleration of each other (today you find whites marrying blacks and vice versa, that would have been unheard of 30 -40 years ago somethings take longer than others, however, we have a problem that we refuse to accept among the races,our young are growing out of control and no one is really doing anything about it we tend to blame the other guy if this problem isn’t faced head on who can tell what the future holds these young people commit 85% of all crimes commited they commit 75% of all street shootings. getting rid of guns is another subject we can discuss later.

  55. bchrista says:

    Hey NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, I am in accord with some of what you posted, however, before one can toss stones, one must survey his own back yard and do a GI job at home, right now black youths are killing more people (blacks) than any other race at any time they are involved in peddling more dope than any one else (crack), they commit more crimes that any one else in the name of getting even for what the white man did to his race, 90% of them couldn’t tell you what the hell they are talking about only what information has been passed down through the ages they aren’t aware that a lot of white families also suffered along side of the blacks, but what the hell any excuse is better than none, so like the President keeps repeating we must work together to acheive our goals, where ever we live lets figure out who is providing the guns and where they are coming from if you cut off the head of the snake the body will die, and if we, the people can put a dent in that problem, then we have helped the President remove one of his problem and that’s a start, because a lot of the guns come from homes only we deny it, put the Saturday night special out of business and you have solved 75% of the problem, remember a AK47 is a bulky weapon so is an AR15, but a UZI is compact and fires a ton of bullets before reloading and, a favorite of youths, I don’t get it when I was a kid growing up if you had a beef with someone you met at a place agreed to by both parties and you duked it out when it was over you could either shake hands or just go home with an ass whipping and learn how to do better next time, and most of the time there were people there to make sure it was a fair fight, today they settle differences with a drive by and a UZI and then they brag about what they just did, the word man face to face with just your hands to settle it never crossed their mind, nothing but a bunch of cowards.

  56. bchrista says:

    In reply to IRANDY the first amendment does not give anyone the right to call anyone names that can not be proven in a court of law that is called blasphemy and if it continues could give cause for damages in a court of law if proven that it has ruined a persons reputation, JOE HAM1 Iexpect anything and everything from you, you have proven that you are an unadultarated asshole I would venture to say that anyone could take a poll of the whole country and not find one person that can fabricate, distort, and tell a lie better that the commentators on Fox News, and maintain such a straight face as if they were telling the truth, I still remember the idea to blame Obama for the fiasco at Delphi, or the out right lie by Dick Morris about a landslide Romney Victory, and later faced with the truth stating that he was only trying to pump up the Republican voters but, I realize that your are such an idiot that you believe all the lies you post. Mr. Solomon Boyd if we can ever get the assholes in the Congress and the Senate to get off their respective Asses and work on the Jobs Bill the President has presented to them on several occasions you might have a chance to find a job, I see Lana (Anal) Ward has found a word that they like NACHUMLIST cause they repeated it so many times, however, they posted two different spellings of the word (nachumlist, and nachuslist) which . is right I used the word they since no one is sure of gender Lana belongs to.

    • idamag says:

      bch, One thing you have right. There are laws to protect people from ugly lies. They pertain to the public media and newspapers. If it is said on radio or television it is called, “defamation of character.” If it is written, such as the “Swift Boat” lies, then it is called “Libel.” Most people would not like to give the lies credence so they ignore them hoping they will go away. I wish people wouldn’t. The only way to show the ignorance that lies are being said and published is to punish those who do so.

  57. william h says:

    Where are the real GOP’ers?

  58. Mr says:

    Jindal is walking-talking-breething proof that monkeys
    do hump footballs.
    By product, if you will.

  59. RayJay2001us says:

    I was always taught since high school that the Presidents Cabinet Members generally make the decisions for him. They report information back and make recommendations. Isnt this true? If it is, Obama isnt pulling the strings. I have always suspected that he isnt. What do you think? Are members of his party/cabinet making the real hard decisions, just like all other Presidents? I honestly think this government is a game. The real decisions are made behind doors and so called Democracy is for thier amusement because its designed to keep minds occupied and distracted from whats really going on.

  60. RayJay2001us says:

    I checked it? Where’s the article that says that the muslim brotherhood is in charge of his cabinet and that he is taking advice from him?

  61. Gilbert says:

    The GOP is bankrupt as far as useful ideas go. Everyone can see them for what they really are… narrow-minded and obsolete. Let them have their say… It only reinforces what we’ve discovered about them. Remember Abbott & Costello???

  62. Eleanor says:

    Jindal needs to go back to his swampland, all the swill he spews. I admit I was stupid for 50+years while I was voting democrat. This year 2012, I voted for the lesser of two evils. A true American or a man wanting to destroy us from within, which is happening as I post. The racism, the hate mongering and the class warfare used in the Dem. campaign has only gotten worse since January. For a half black person, BHO certainly knows how to divide this nation. Such a shame too. Where will we be in 2016???We might not even be the USA then. You all like that????See what happens when all the free stuff dries up. Who will privide a teet for you to suck on??? This nanny government is going broke. Face it, people, we cut our own throats.

  63. The Republicans don’t have a party anymore. The tea party cast them in the bay.

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