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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cartoon: German Anti-Immigrant Leader Dresses Up Like Hitler

Cartoon: German Anti-Immigrant Leader Dresses Up Like Hitler

2 Responses to Cartoon: German Anti-Immigrant Leader Dresses Up Like Hitler

  1. It’s understandable for Boehner to invite Netanyahu to address Congress because it’s all about money.

    The American Jewish community doesn’t like Obama because Obama refuses to declare war on Iran and stood up to Natanyahu when Netanyahu last visited the White House. Since that incident, Obama has successfully thumbed his nose at both the American Jewish community and Netanyahu and won the last presidential election by a wide margin. The opposition Jewish money had no effect.

    To get even, the American Jewish community, through its phony non-PAC AIPAC (which IS a political action committee, but refuses to register as one to enable contributors to claim charitable deductions on their income tax returns) contributes large sums of money to the Republican Party.

    Inviting Netanyahu to address Congress shows that the Republican Party is solidly behind Israel and solidly against Obama, which serves as proof of gratitude for past contributions and a sly request for more juicy contributions.

  2. Actually, it shows that the Republicans here, like Netanyahu’s party at home, are solidly behind KEEPING ISRAEL AT WAR INDEFINITELY. The Likud and other right wing parties apparently believe that eventually they can kill all the people in the Middle East who hate them without helping to recruit the haters faster than they can be killed. And the religious fringe of Christians (the Christian Taliban) believe that when their Jewish counterparts “purify” the lands of Gentiles (at least Muslims), rebuild the Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock, and start the daily cow-burning up again, Jesus will come and usher in Armageddon and the end of the world. Considering what Jesus (according to them) will do to the Jews who refuse to convert (including Netanyahu and most of the Israeli population), it’s like goading your drinking buddy into trying to jump the Grand Canyon in his pickup truck, or stick his hand in the lion cage to pet the kitty.

    It seems that the sympathy for poor Benjamin after his baby brother got killed in the raid on Entebbe (in 1976) is wearing a bit thin, so he’s coming to the USA in hopes of getting a big bump in the polls just before the election coming up in a few weeks. Incidentally, the GOP are trying to make the public condemn President Obama for not meeting with him in public, IGNORING THE FACT that our presidents do not meet with foreign leaders who are up for re-election (or with their election opponents) in order to tamper with the internal politics of those countries. Of course, the GOP are ALL ABOUT tampering with foreign politics!

    The Lord’s my shepherd, says the psalm,
    But just in case, better go speak to the American Congress!

    (We already have the bomb!)

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