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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cartoon: Governor Cuomo Stands By Sheldon Silver

Cartoon: Governor Cuomo Stands By Sheldon Silver

6 Responses to Cartoon: Governor Cuomo Stands By Sheldon Silver

  1. Most thinking people know Cuomo is corrupt, yet the liberals in NYC voted him back into office. Kinda tells you something when they back not only a corrupt governor, but also the Emperor.

    • Unlike those deep thinking right-wing geniuses who voted for Mark Sanford to the House of Representatives after he went on a hike while supposedly being the Governor of South Carolina. His hike somehow wound up in South America where he spent time with “not his wife” but mistress! Stick to your smokes and beer.

  2. The only result in the middle east that will please Jeff Danziger is a concerted attack on Israel so strong that it is destroyed and its people subjected to a second holocaust. THAT would satisfy and please Jeff Danziger. Israel is not a perfect country but neither are we; I have never,not once, seen a cartoon by him about the middle east that was not 100% anti-Israel. It is a perfectly accurate conclusion to draw that Jeff Danizer is an anti-semite….and not the only “liberal” like that either. Which is why I am not a liberal, altho I suppose I am an old-fashion John F. Kennedy liberal which is now in marked distinction, called a moderate and centrist.

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