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Sunday, February 25, 2018

6 Responses to Cartoon: Herding Republicans

  1. The two sides working together …to destroy the country. One to give more to banks and the other to give to illegals while the middle class is squeezed to death. Stop these criminals! The GOP are slaves to the rich and the Dems are turning us into a poor Latin country!

    • Republicans (well, the far right anyway) would like nothing more than to deport every Hispanic person–legal or illegal–now in the country. Of course, this would be very expensive, and it’s likely that the Republican House would not vote to fund such a deportation. You know, it would would sound something like, “Well, they got here on their own, so let them pay to go back to wherever they came from.” Republicans should be happy that President Obama saved them from making the decision to demand deportation for all while refusing to fund it.

        • I thought about it, but Canada is a great place to live. Unlike the U.S., the right-wing crackpots tend to just shut up. Oh, and then there’s that health care thing. How does no co-pay, no deductible, no caps, no premiums, and no bill sound?

          • Sounds great. And we will get it sooner as an enhancement or improvement to an Obamacare we have learned to like, than starting over from scratch after putting millions of our newly insured back in the pauper category of “don’t get sidk, but if you do, die quickly and cheaply.”

          • I think that the ACA is like the foot in the door. The door is now open, and the foot won’t move. The next step is to get the door to open wider so that the insurance companies begin to take less and less and the patients begin to get more and more. When I first moved to Canada, the health care system was actually run through insurance companies. I remember having to submit my claims (fully paid) to an insurance company. When I tried to submit my next claim to the company, they told me that the system was now fully administered by the provincial government. So it looks like the way to go in the U.S. is to remove the insurance companies step be step. And for those who are concerned about the ability of insurance companies to survive losing health care, the Canadian insurers are doing very well without it.

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