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Sunday, December 11, 2016

6 Responses to Cartoon: Israel’s Future

  1. Very appropriate. IF Israel continues on its current conservative course, it will impose another diaspora upon the children of Abraham. While the actions by the Allied powers that established the current state of Israel MAY have been well-meant, very little care or understanding was put into the Balfour Accords. NO consideration was given to the people who at the time inhabited the region, and had done so for generations. It was universally understood that once Israel entered their new homeland, they would be faced with incessant, constant warfare in the midst of a people who wanted nothing more than to return to THEIR homes.

    • Many have abandoned the dream of returning to the home of their ancestors, and would be satisfied knowing that they live in a sovereign country, without foreign settlements being built in the barren territories where they currently live, and without having someone else control their movements or determine how much food, potable water, and medicine they are allowed to have. Not to mention the ability to dream of a better future for their children.
      The plight of the Palestinian people, the abuses perpetrated on them, and the indifference of the so called civilized world is, by far, one of the greatest injustices in the history of humanity.

  2. This cartoon would have been better if Pentagon and American arms industry representatives had been included in it…
    Netanyahu is not the only one whose political goals depend on regional instability, fear of unsubstantiated threats, and warfare.

  3. A Jewish friend of mine once told me that they collectively need to do right by their Palestinian neighbors because ultimately, they are their brothers. There is hope for all these people as long as such wise and very brave souls are around. They tend to be quiet and hard to find, but they are definitely out there, and they are doing very brave and wonderful things. Those are the ones we should seek out and give our support to.

  4. My view is this. When the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli hands outnumbers the entire population of Israel, Israelis will be no better than Hitler. The number of Palestinians dead already is more than the number of Israelis killed EVER. At what point does Israel plan to recognize that Netanyahu is a blood thirsty militant egged on by covetous morons seeking to increase the land mass of Israel?

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