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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • CPAinNewYork

    Great cartoon. We give billions to shore up the Israeli economy and they’ve got the gall to call us anti-semitic.

    What hypocrisy.

    • Whatmeworry

      Hmmm Barak and his thugs tried to topple an American ally, and then uses US taxpayers $$$ to boot

    • Hmmm Barak and his thugs never tried to topple an American ally, and then never uses US taxpayers $$$ to boot

      • Daniel Max Ketter


  • RobertCHastings

    Stop cutting those checks for the Israeli dictator and see what the Knesset does.

    • Allan Richardson

      I wouldn’t quite call him a dictator, since he has the support of enough voters to be fairly elected. A moral slimeball, perhaps. I know that the majority of Israelis are not religious, but even having Passover once a year, the Haggadah has references to how the people of Israel are expected to treat the strangers in their new land: with mercy and compassion “because you were slaves in Egypt.”

      Are all the Palestinians angels? Of course not, and neither are all Jews. If a two state solution is not feasible, how about a temporarily UN supervised ONE state solution? Merge Israel and the Palestine territories into the Republic of Canaan, or Republic of Abraham, recognizing both people’s historic presence in the area and their common ancestry and religious roots.

      But it seems now that neither peace proposal will be seriously considered until Israeli voters realize that, just as the US cannot, as a practical matter, “deport all current illegal immigrants from Mexico,” Israel cannot, as a practical matter, deport all Arabs and Muslims, and certainly cannot kill them all (and killing them all would make Israel into what?????). Neither is perpetual war a long term solution; eventually, the side with a hundred times the population would invade, and then … you-know-who’s dream would come true, and no decent person in the world wants that.

      • johninPCFL

        He wasn’t really elected. He runs the controlling party in the coalition that was elected. Did the voters know he’d be in control? Sure. But that’s still a detail worth noting.
        A (very) loosely comparable position is speaker of the House. By electing a GOP majority in the House, we elected Boehner as the speaker.

        • Allan Richardson

          Among other things those two have in common!

      • RobertCHastings

        A very pertinent allusion to the Holocaust, which Jews like Elie Wiesel have experienced and would not wish upon anyone. Having had to fight since the day of their inception in 1948(?), Israel has presented the world with a wealth of national and world leaders that far outshine Netanyahu, including some still active in Israel. So, why come up with a Netanyahu, at a time when Israel should NOT be wanting to isolate itself any more than it has, at a time when following the demands of the UN would bring it MORE friends, and at a time when political division in Washington, if exacerbated, would completely neutralize whatever help America MIGHT be able to send their way? Undermining Obama and his administration, and then back pedaling on his claims about NO two-state solution has complicated rather than simplified the equation for peace in the Middle East, and is in the process of further fragmenting support for Israel in the US.

    • Maple leaf ted cruz is a wannabe dictator