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Saturday, March 24, 2018

4 Responses to Cartoon: Mr. Zuckerberg Explains Facebook Is Not Favoring The Left

  1. Boy did that cartoon bring back memories. Back in the late 50’s or early 60’s I drove across country and saw ‘Impeach Earl Warren’ billboards…and that was in California.

    • Little reminder for you, Lynda, Warren was the Governor of California who executed President Roosevelt’s “Japanese internment orders”. When Eisenhower nominated him to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the thought he was getting a reliable Conservative on the bench. He didn’t realize that Warren would end up turning things on its ear through decisions like Brown, and others overturning almost 100 years of Institutional Racism.

  2. What is galling, is this group of “conservatives” feel so insulted and abused that maybe Facebook leans left, ooohhhh how terrible(snarc)…..soooo sad, too bad…..maybe Facebook members majority lean left……What the Hell is Fox News but an arm of the Republican Party and every idiot conservative talking bobble head on the right, “fair and balanced” my ass!!!! I don’t see Liberals/Progressives or members of the Democratic Party running to whine at Fox insisting on a “meeting” to voice their displeasure of the way Fox leans “FAR RIGHT” let alone the relentless pack of lies exploited on a daily basis on Fox!!!! Give me a break please!!!!

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