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Saturday, March 24, 2018

One Response to Cartoon: The Putin Hotel

  1. The cartoon is funny, and intuitive, but it ignores the reality involved in two powerful Western European leaders meeting with Putin to help solve the Ukrainian crisis. Because of its history, their ancient tribal rivalries, and the population makeup is most European countries, Merkel and Hollande are better prepared than we are to discuss the root causes of the Ukranian uprising a lot better than we are. For us, it is all about territorial expansionism and power grabbing, for Europeans it is a manifestation of the aspirations of people who reject what they consider artificial territorial borders, and who favor rapprochement with their ancient homeland. The reason one million Ukranian – ethnic Russian – refugees have sought refuge in Russia is not because Putin forced them to do so. They fled the Ukraine because they are Russian first, Ukrainian second.

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