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What Swing Voters Care About Now

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What Swing Voters Care About Now

1.   The economy is still very difficult for voters at the pocketbook level. This economy is still very painful for people. In focus groups with swing voters who watched the president’s speech with us, participants were very graphic about their personal financial situations and economic outlook.  They are very much on edge financially, which is their dominant context because they live it every day. Every speech needs to start from a place that understands this is not theoretical or ideological, but tangible and painful for people.

You can’t survive on one income. You can’t buy gas.
I work 7 days a week to afford my house, my car.
Often times I worked 5 jobs, never saw the kids. They raised themselves. A majority of politicians don’t understand the hardship.

2.   The president can highlight economic progress without taking credit. For the first time since 2009, the president was able to highlight good economic news without shutting voters down; these voters in Denver applauded it. In past exercises, we have found that when President Obama takes credit for progress on the economy in these times, voters react badly and view him as out of touch. The president thread a very careful needle in this speech and it worked. These voters are open to the president’s celebration of good economic news, as long as the president does not take credit for it.  The way President Obama framed current economic growth was through business, not government – businesses hiring again and jobs coming back to America was news these voters were willing to celebrate. We should not underestimate voters’ responses—this was a major turning point.


3. Voters are aware of, and concerned about, the decline of the middle class. One of the biggest shifts came when President Obama talked about a decade of stagnation, and the need to reignite the middle class and restore the basic middle-class bargain. All respondents (including Republican-leaning participants) responded to this. But the president lost the Republicans in our audience when he said that the government works on behalf of the many, not just the few. They came back, however, when he returned to the values of free enterprise.


4. Voters support a growth agenda rather than an austerity agenda. Voters showed strong support for growth and jobs when the president asserted that “deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan.” The electorate is ready for a growth agenda that creates good, middle-class jobs, and this was clear in their responses to specific policy items. Every time the president mentioned investment, our swing voters in Denver were very receptive—investment in manufacturing, science, and infrastructure all got positive support. One of the strongest responses came when the president talked about not cutting funding for education, job training, Medicare, and Social Security benefits. On that point, independents and unmarried women responded most sharply, climbing above the Democrats’ line. The only group to respond negatively was the Republican bloc in our audience, which proved an outlier on many of these items.



5. Voters are looking for a balanced approach. Taken in the context of the sequester, there is significant support for President Obama’s balanced approach rather than the Republicans’ cuts-only approach to deficit reduction. Voters, especially unmarried women, responded with deep concern to the potential budget cuts. And the president got broad support when he talked about replacing reckless cuts with smart savings. He also won the voters in our audience when he talked about getting rid of tax loopholes and deductions for the well-off and the well-connected. This balanced approach was met with a great deal of approval from our audience, who fully grasped the contrast between closing loopholes for the wealthiest versus cutting retirement benefits for those who cannot afford it.


6. There is strong support for further and more progressive tax reform. There is strong support for reform, including closing loopholes and instituting the Buffett rule, to make sure the wealthiest pay their fair share. At the end of the speech we saw big shifts in support for the president in supporting the middle class and handling the economy.



7. Raising the minimum wage is a good start. Given the ongoing stagnation and difficulties at the middle and bottom of the income spectrum, voters are looking for policies that will grow the economy from the bottom up. Raising the minimum wage produced a strong result among all groups except Republicans. Democrats reacted very favorably, as did independents and unmarried women. When the president proposed linking the minimum wage to the cost of living all groups, including Republicans, spiked.



8. Unmarried women are the most engaged on their issues. When we have conducted similar exercises in the past among unmarried women, their movement on the dials presaged their level of engagement and openness to voting for Democrats. During the 2012 campaign, they were more tentative and more closely aligned with independents. In sharp contrast, unmarried women in our group in Denver moved in close concert with the Democrats, and climbed even higher than the Democratic line at several key moments—including when the president talked about his growth and investment agenda, not allowing the painful sequester cuts to hit programs like education and job training, not cutting entitlement benefits for those who need it most, and closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and well connected.



9. Republicans are on a path different from all others on economic and budget choices. The president’s call to raise taxes on the wealthiest instead of making reckless cuts to education received strongly positive responses from all groups except the Republicans in our audience. On these measures, all of the dials rose while the Republican line dropped. In several key places in the speech, Republican lines moved in the opposite direction of all other lines: “consumers, patients and homeowners enjoy stronger protections than ever before”; “this government works on behalf of the many, and not just the few”; “deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan”; “by raising tax rates on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans”; “the Affordable Care Act is helping to slow the growth of health care costs”; “no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty — and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.” The point is not that Republicans were less receptive to the president’s speech than those who voted for him. We expected that. The striking observation is that these Republicans were unquestionably moving in the opposite direction as everyone else in the room. There is a difference between the points at which the Republican lines moved in unison with, just several octaves below, Democrats and Independents, and the points at which all lines moved up while Republican lines dropped.


10. Voters are receptive to smarter government that invests in broad-based growth. This is not 2010, when voters looked to punish the president for a lagging economy, the health care law, or high spending. While their trust in government has eroded, voters seem very open to the president’s call for smarter government that tackles big issues. For now, voters seem ready to support both his short-term plan and his long-term vision for restoring the economy.


What Swing Voters Care About Now Reviewed by on . 1.   The economy is still very difficult for voters at the pocketbook level. This economy is still very painful for people. In focus groups with swing voters wh 1.   The economy is still very difficult for voters at the pocketbook level. This economy is still very painful for people. In focus groups with swing voters wh Rating:

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  • John A. Meyer

    We hope voters wise up and get rid of these obstructionist congressmen (and women).
    Let’s hope action happens in the mid-terms.

    • Chris Lee

      We won’t reform Congress until we end gerrymandering. Til then, it’s a buyer’s market for politicians.

      • plc97477

        I don’t know, if they continue getting crazier even gerrymandering won’t help them

        • Independent1

          Let’s hope that at some point some Republicans will wake up to the destruction their party is doing to our country and choose to vote some of these obstructionist legislators out of office.

          • Michael P

            Psst (whispers) they know. But all the corporate polluters are deep into their donating pockets of these GOP’s (Gerrymandered Overpaid Pricks).

        • Jim Myers

          Replying to plc97477 –


        • Michael P

          Here in Florida 70% of the voters are Democrats yet 95% of elected officials are Redumblicans. Gerrymandering is second only to corporate contributions as biggest problems in this country.

      • morbius777

        We won’t reform Congress until we END ALL PRIVATE MONEY IN POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS.

        • Michael P

          Especially the Koch brothers and all the other pollution money. These people are killing all of us Americans for another unneeded dollar.

      • Michael P

        Very true. Have you seen some of these districts? OMG you would not believe how the GOP have cut it up. Boehner had his district gerrymandered a few years ago otherwise he would have been gone. And now his sorry behind is third in line. Very uncool and disturbing.

  • adriancrutch

    Maybe Lindsey Graham could have done the rebuttal,if he wasn’t down at the TATTOO PARLOR getting BENGHAZI inked on his ass;so he’ll never forget it!

    • ANN

      Graham has to make a better image for himself in SC. It’s the bible belt. Has to impress Nikki.

      • Jim Lou

        Why should he make a better image? His constituents seem to like him, which to him is all that matters.

    • Doctor T

      LG is a bigot.

      • Independent1

        On top of a bigot, Graham is a colossal hypocrite: he’s making an idiot of himself about Benghazi, while he conveniately ignores the fact that the 4 years of Obama’s 1st term were by far the safest for America’s overseas personnel in the past 40 years. Where was Lindsey Graham when there were 12 attacks on American soil during Bush jr’s 8 years in office when more than 3,300 people died? Where was Lindsey Graham during Bush Sr’s 4 years in office when there were also 12 attacks on our foreign offices and 60 people died? Where was Lindsey during Reagan’s 8 years in office when there were 7 attacks and 31 people died not to mention that 241 Marines were killed while sleeping in their barracks in Lebanon too?? Was Lindsey Graham demanding answers from these three GOP presidents?? I doubt it?? And yet he has the nerve to question Obama when there were only 2 attacks during his first 4 years in office with the loss of 4 lives – while there were 32 attacks and the loss of more lthan 3,600 lives during the last 3 GOP presidencies???? What hypocracy!!!!

        • Barbara

          Lindsey Graham is enough to turn my stomach. What a disgusting
          hypocrite to be serving in Washington. There is no way he actually
          cares about our country. He doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in
          the same breath with President Obama or Chuck Hagel.

          • jazznj

            WELL SAID, BARBARA!!

          • lana ward

            Otraitor is the discusting hypocrite. Every word that comes out of his smelly fly face is a LIE!!

          • Jim Lou

            How are you any different?

          • BillP

            Lana must be off her meds. You only writes her ridiculous comments when she is not taking her meds.

          • BillP

            I believe you mean “disgusting”. I believe that “discusting” is a summer Olympics event.

          • Jim Lou

            Just remember that Lindsey Graham is representing his constituents. That isn’t saying too much about his constituents.

      • lana ward

        The dems are racists

        • Michael P

          That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.

          • Sand_Cat

            You need to listen to Lana more often, then.

  • Victor Sindoni


    • Michael P

      Please don’t yell. We can hear you.

  • Alan Kardoff

    Marco Rubio is the new hope. Some are very impressed.

    • Independent1

      When your expectations are in the gutter, it doesn’t take much to be a ‘new hope’.

    • jmprint

      New hope the the puppet string don’t break!

  • William Seno

    All of us learn in school and life, whenever we show wrong thinking, or wrong behavior, we know that we must change. That crowd only knows one note and how to beat a dead horse.

  • Katstiles

    Rubio is building his political career at the expense of Latinos. If the GOP thought they could win elections without the Latino vote they would do nothing about immigration reform or the dream act. Rubio is a hypocrit who can’t admit he wouldn’t have gotten a good education without grants and “Government” assistance to poor students. His mother depends on Social Security but somehow it’s wrong for the rest of America. Rubio you got nothing we need!

  • beth


    • big_julius

      Don’t hold back, say what you think!

      • jimlscotland

        I think Beth really meant “fucking, fucking” stupid

    • billbear1961

      Corrupt and bigoted, too!

      The handful who aren’t are in the WRONG PARTY!

    • lana ward


      • Madelaine Ayers Henne

        Go away Lana! You’re a nasty individual!!

        • lana ward

          Beth said all Republicans are fucking stupid. Tell her she’s a nasty individual, coward!!!

      • stcroixcarp

        Communism isn’t much of a power in the world any more. lana, you are way behind the times. The current right wing boogyman is the radical islamic terrorists. Take your meds and take a nap.

      • Michael P

        Spoken like a true ignoramus!

    • Jim Lou

      You are starting to sound like lana ward.

    • Michael P

      Please don’t sugar coat it for us. We can handle it!! lmao

  • Ellie22634

    The republicans are on the way OUT in the next election in 2014. I think they shuld keep up the good work and they’ll shoot themselves in their own feet.

  • billbear1961

    Imagine! They just can’t find an agreeable way to say: “The rich are BETTER than you. Let them do WHATEVER they want! Give them WHATEVER they want! You were placed in this world to SERVE THEM.”

    And—“Vote for us and we’ll SAVAGE the minority group of your choosing, and make it possible for you to boss and slap your wives around with impunity, like men did in the good old days!”

    These people are criminals—and a growing number are just plain INSANE.

    I hope Mr. Obama DESTROYS THEM!

    • morbius777

      In a nutshell, republican/conservatives/evangelicals believe in hierarchy and feudalism….. and the stupidity of their constituents.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    If Rubio is supposed to be their savior and rising star, they’re in a huge heap o’ trouble. Even without the water ferfluffle, he delivered a C- to D+ speech in every respect.

    • Michael P

      Everybody’s mouth goes dry when you LIE like an SOB!!

  • BlueAlliance

    I agree with Stan…..he looked like a kid up there, completely out of his comfort zone. If I were a republican I’d be embarrassed to admit that this guy is going to be the next presidential candidate in 2016. Imagine this kid running our country…..what a joke!

    • Madelaine Ayers Henne

      Please don’t make me imagine that!!

  • Doctor T

    That’s why Rubio kept repeating the words “middle class” and sweating bullets. Bought and paid for. He thinks he may stand a chance at his party’s nomination in 2016. Joke is on him!

    • Lovefacts

      I believe it’s called flop sweat. :) Plus, Rubio looks too young to even been out of college let alone the president. IMO, most of the newly elected young Republicans are either lightweights or reincarnations Joe McCarthy or both. Take your pick for Rubio.

  • Doctor T

    Which is why he kept mopping his face! Lying fool! Thinks his party is going to nominate him in 2016? Dream on, Rubi!

  • Doctor T

    Hope for what?

    • Independent1

      The GOP is hoping that Rubio can hoodwink Americans again to the point that they can put another one of their American Mafia gang members back into the oval office which would allow them to get back to really ripping off the taxpayers again. Just like George and Dick did in spades by allowing companies like Haliburton and Blackwater to rampantly defraud the government of billions (maybe trillions). The American Mafia (aka the GOP) is nothing more than a reverse Robin Hood outfit that is hell bent on robbing the poor to feed the rich. They’re really upset that Obama is winding down America’s wars which is really dampening their ability to rob us all for more of our taxpayer cash. (In case you hadn’t noticed, the last 3 GOP presidents spent money like drunken sailors on a credit card (the deficit), and by doing so are responsible for more than 90% of our 16 trillion in debt. Guess why????)

  • Jennifer Connors

    Conservatives simply don’t understand that the majority of America has permanently passed them by, renounced them. As a group, they cling to a white, male, southern protestant past and inexplicably believe that if they can only find the right words to express their intolerance for the rest of us they can reform us.

    The rest of us can take hope from the fact that their numbers dwindle daily. Soon they will be nothing but an annoyance to the challenge of building a better future and soon after that they will be nothing but a chapter in the history books. Until then, we need to stand our ground and call out the fear that nourishes them along with the intolerance they practice wherever we see it.

  • Aviva Kamin

    This speech was ridiculous. Sounded like the Repubicans need an overhall. Hope they keep this up.

  • LamberthG

    Why don’t we educate the public instead of using platitudes ourselves? We could do, as Perot did, use charts. We could use intelligible analysis to reveal how the Republi-cannot use Social Spencerism [ so- called Social Darwinism- that slap at him]. We could delve into how they use bait and switch: they claim that they want to give the taxpayer back some of her money that she can use better than the federal government, but really means she ends up with less buying power by paying more for health insurance and so forth. Their medical plans would do that. Call them then the bait and switch party.
    Let’s stand for the living wage-$ 15 an hour for those working for large corporations! James and Stan, why not? Poll about that. Get the economic analysis therefor. We can erase poverty!
    We can take other measures to improve our Great Society based on the New Covenant!

  • LamberthG

    Leroy Gingrich is a bigot against the poor! Social Spencerism = Spencer- Randism [Herbert Spencer and Alyssa Rosenbaum -A. Rand].
    Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth [Lord Griggs]

  • L. Roy

    Are their heads up their arses for the warmth, or the view?

  • Vernon Justice

    Not only are Republicans stupid, they think the rest of the ciuntry is stupid too. They are going to try and steal the next election, and they are using State government to ruin the ecnomy.

  • ococoob

    Rubio should learn to “say it, not spray it” in his speech. I thought it was hysterical, and yet, not so funny considering that this is the kind of people we have running this country. God help us!

  • plc97477

    unfortunately learning anything takes brains

  • drron100

    The republicans have been confused every since Regan’s trickle down economy tax scheme failed. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome. Unfortuately for the republicans, they keep thinking that if only we gave more money to the rich, the economy will turn around. It just ain’t gona happen republicans. Wake up!

    • Jim Myers

      Replying to drron100 –

      I have to disagree with you. The “GRAND OLD PARTY OF THE WEALTHY” couldn’t care less about anyone but the wealthy.

      If you are wealthy enough, the state of the economy is pretty much irrelevant. After all, the real creed of the wealthy is “I GOT MINE, GO EAT CAKE!””

      However, you are partially correct. They want the 98% to believe that more “WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY” will improve the economy. After all, IT WILL IMPROVE FOR THE WEALTHY.

      • Independent1

        George Bush did virtually nothing positive for America during his disasterous 8 years in office – however, he did prove one thing without contradiction: trickle down economics is a fairytale of humungous proportions. George gave the rich one of the biggest tax breaks they’d seen in decades and his 8 years in office were the most dismal from the standpoints of job growth and growth of the economy in almost 100 years.

      • darkagesbegin

        You are so right. the problem is not the republican party itself or the make-up of the republican party, per se. It is that a handful of the wealthy are trying to buy up every senator and congressman they can and they need the doofus misinformed and bigoted crazies to get that done. And once it is done, there will be no more need for Congressmen or Senators or political parties altogether, because they will dismantle our way of life and put in place their dictatorship.

        They will make us all peons, even the poor schlubs who have a little money and who think by voting republican they might be able to keep it. They are the ones who will be saying “What do you mean I have to serve the Koch brothers? I always voted republican…”

      • Michael P

        I find it hard to believe how many low income Americans stand behind the GOP (Gerrymandered Opinionated Party). That is truly incredible.

    • Michael P

      We actually did give the rich huge tax breaks in the baby Bush years. During those years we created the fewest amount of jobs EVER. Clinton raised taxes and created over 11 million jobs. Bush slashed taxes and only created 1 million new jobs on his watch.

  • jstsyn

    Sad, but James and Stan hit the nail on the head. The empty party.

  • Shrapnel5

    All the Republicans that signed the pact or swore an oath with Grover Norquist, are trying to live up to the pact they signed. If Mark Rubio is the partys savior then they are in real deep trouble. All that Rubio is trying to do is get all Spanish speaking people to vote for his party, but his party does not realize, just like him that these people may speak the same language, but their heritage, and cultures are different, so once again the Republicans are doing what they do best not finding out about the people they want to vote for them and these people know this and they will not vote for these phonies.

  • tampajim

    They just don’t understand that THEY LOST, get with it and change your direction; Rubio was embarrassing especially to me a fellow Floridian. Rubio looks good but he is a misdirected loser.

  • firebirdrancher

    I understand the concept of having speechwiriters hone one’s ideas, however, it appeared that Rubio’s speech was not just honed, it was totally scripted by someone other than him. He read the whole deal. He isn’t the first R to do that, of course, but he actually looked embarrassed (I think the sweating was a product of saying things to a camera that he really didn’t believe himself) as he hurriedly tried to get through the standard GOP vitriol.

    Back when Reagan began his “Trickle Down (his leg)” empire, the Dems really got shellacked in the polls. We all thought our party was dead, or on life support. To speak well of us, we tried to move our party platform back from the far left to the middle and in doing so, we able to rebuild. We first, however, had to recognize and admit to ourselves that we had strayed too far off center. We didn’t try to find a new way of saying the same things–we actually tried to find out what the American people wanted.

    If the Republican Party wants to get back in the game before going the way of the Dodo, they will have to reconnoiter their current path as the “party of stupid” and look back to the middle. And not just by finding more up-beat ways of saying exactly the same crap. It would be new and different for them, I know, but they may find themselves the newest extinct mammals on this planet if they don’t evolve.

    • jmprint

      All the puppets will be shelved, once they are no longer entertaining.

  • ludite2

    You guys are dead on. Rubio said nothing about the State of the Union. I thought that the election was over. I did see Rand Paul’s offering, and while I don’t agree with him, he gave a contrary view that I thought was the purpose of an otherwise ridiculous waste of time.

  • elw

    What is clear about the GOP is nothing has changed. They are not only the Party of “Stupid,” they are the Party of “superficial.” Just like the king in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” the GOP think words alone will make the difference, but to most everyone else all that is seen or heard is the same old GOP with the same old tired, untrue story.

  • JDavidS

    That pretty well sums it up.

  • bchrista

    People to start with Marco Rubio is NOT a Cuban persay He was brought here as a very young child before the Cuban Revolution and the take over by Fidel Castro and most of the people that fled pre Castro had some money that they took with them before Batista clamped down, as he says he still lives in the same neighbor hood that he and his parents have lived in since they came to the United States, then they had to have money how else could they afford to live in a home worth $650,000 and he has had the home on the market for months and still cannot sell it because the neighbor hood i not rated for that high of a priced home, he is a fucking hypocrite and secondly he is against immigration reform because Cubans that flee Castro’s Cuba only need to reach American shores and they automatically are allowed to stay in the United States and the process for them is easier to stay here while the Mexican, Hondurian, Equadorian, and any of the other Spanish speaking countries are considered immigrants subject to being sent back to their respected countries if caught here with out legal papers, that was a gift given to any Cuban after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion by then Prsident Kennedy, Kennedy had promised the Cubans to back their attempt to try to over throw Castro and then at the last moment he backed off when Kruchev threatened world war if the United States got involved in the Cuban invasion and that’s another story called the Missile Crisis, anyway Marco loves his neighbor so much that he can’t wait to sells his house so he can move to the DC area. Yes I watched his rebuttel and all he did was repeat the same old policy that the Republican have been saying for the last 30 years and not advancing the country, they have no new ideas they just want to keep on milking the same old cow since it’s been so good to them and anyone that tries to help the people get up off their knees is a Socialist, Muslin lover, Communist, or unAmerican, the sad part is that they have so many Red Necks convinced they are helping them is unreal, you know the Cubans have a way of convincing their people of doing the things they want them to do, take for instance although they pay them the lowest wages they can get away with in construction, they get no complaints because at the end of a project the bosses throw the workers a party, of a whole roasted pig,Yuca,Black Beans, White Rice, Salad, and, all the Beer they can drink and the workers go for this sell out, never mind that their family at home get none of this, you see Cubans come from a two Caste system, in Cuba the poor always stay poor and the Rich always control the money, that is the kind of upbringing Marco Rubio believes in and the Republican Party suits him to a “T”,

  • Norm Smith

    Rubio is a light weight, pond skater, who like Palin before him, is far out of his league. Is this the best the GOP can come up with ? If so, they might as well disband or push Rush Lembaugh for 2016.

  • bchrista

    People before you start making fun of Rubio running for President in 2016 remember they also said there would never be a Black man sitting in the White House and we got Obama, I personally would never vote for a Republican much less Rubio but stranger things have happened, someone please correct me if I am wrong but I remember as a younger person the people in Tallahassee, Fla. always complaining about the South getting a raw deal when it came to Washington Politics, back then they had a name for the politicions in Northern Florida I can’t remember what they were called but back then there was always the saying one of these days the South will rise again, well people the South has not risen but the ole boys from the Southern States have finally secretly gotten together and today you have the end results radical Republicans and their offshoot the TeaParty and they are making the country pay for their perceived mistreatment by the North and they learned all of the political dirty tricks and they know if they lose their grip they will be doomed for a long long time and they are helped by conservative Democrats who have been doing the same thing as the Republicans, if ever this country is going to heal and get back to doing the work of the people there will have to be a wholesale house cleaning of both Republicans and Democrats and sad to say I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The Republicans you know who they are, they haven’t tried to hide it but, the Democrats are a different story, they have been sneaky and like the snakes they are, they have been pulling their shit under cover yet always maintaining their true allegience to the Democratic Party, every now and then they show themselves by voting against issues that may effect them, some Democrats may take offense to what I am saying but I’ll call a spade, a spade no pun intended. There is nothing worst than a treacherious back stabbing bastard and we have a few in our party, or a lot of the things the Republicans have pulled lately they wouldn’t have gotten away with if all demos were working together, a good example is that how come when the Republicans passed the law outlawing Unions in the State of michigan and only one Democrat wasn’t there to prevent it, if it was a party thing why didn’t 4 or 5 go to the convention quite convenient wasn’t it, people the only way this country will fall is from within.

  • Beaulieu6

    I was not impress by Senator Rubio speech he has a lot to learn yet!

  • MaryJo510

    What I truly do not understand, is that there is any sort of rebuttal at all when our President gives his State of the Union address. Especially when the “best” they have, has the same line of bull that we have heard from all of the bigotted, small-minded, moronic “leaders” of the Republican party. For over 40 years I have voted a bi-partisan ticket, believing that one party in control is not a good thing, but after the last two elections, there is not a Republican worth notice in my estimation. I would love to see a third party form and truly present the American people with an innovative and deliberate approach to reforming the Washington political machine. Mr. Rubio has a very long way to go….

  • Beaulieu6

    Senator Rubio of Florida has a lot to learn he is a young Senator who must learn from other first.

  • latebloomingrandma

    Personally, I think they should just give up the opposition “rebuttal. ” The POTUS is the only office in the country that ALL the citizens vote for. He ( and someday, she) are Consitutionally required to give to Congress a “state of the union.” Presumably, the losing side doesn’t agree much, but they lost, so the whole rebuttal speech is just redundant anyway. Why waste our time? They just sound like sour grapes. And this goes for whichever party is in power.

  • howa4x

    Problem for the GOP is that Evangelicals and Tea party members only make up 28% of the electorate together, and are canceled out by gospel left and progressives. 72% of the electorate who favor some type of reform. couple that with the war on women, gays and always against minorities, the GOP will face an uphill battle. The influx of migration to southern states has now put them in play for the senate where they were once counted as GOP strongholds. Dr No McConnell is trailing Grimes in the Kentucky race and democrat Nunn leads all republicans in the Georgia race for senate. The tea party may dominate the base and win in the primaries but their harsh views has shunned voters in the general. If Boehner fails to create a political center in the house then hopes for national office grow dim. Eventually the GOP will be a regional party whose strength will be only in the house.

  • TycheSD

    That CNN/ORC poll asks bogus questions, just like almost every other poll on immigration out there. Plus, none of these mainstream media polls ask what people think about the massive increase in LEGAL immigration called for in the Senate bill, and I would guess in a potential House bill. They talk about the illegals because they’re trying to isolate and condemn those opposed to immigration “reform” as bigots.

    Here is the question they asked:

    “Here are some questions about how the U.S. government should treat illegal immigrants who have been in this country for a number of years, hold a job, speak English and are willing to pay any back taxes that they owe. Would you favor or oppose a bill that allowed those immigrants to stay in this country rather than being deported and eventually allow them to apply for U.S. citizenship?”

    Why don’t they ask if people believe that the government will require illegal immigrants to be in the country for a number of years, speak English, have a job and actually WILL pay back taxes? Nobody believes the government will enforce that. Plus, most people don’t think it’s realistic that illegals will be rounded up and deported en masse.

  • Dominick Vila

    The reason Speaker Boehner is shelving Immigration Reform is because he, and every GOP leader/strategist, understand that endorsing and passing that legislation will destroy their chances to win control of the Senate in 2014. With the possible exception of abortion, and gay issues, there is nothing that enrages “conservatives” more than illegal immigration. Republicans are not about to commit political suicide before a midterm election they believe they can win.

  • jmprint

    Why are all these postings listed as a year ago?

  • jakenhyde

    I want to see a video of Graham and Marcus Bachmann dancing together. They’d make such a cute couple.

  • howa4x

    Boehner is the champion of the small house districts that form the backbone of his caucus. This is where the GOP has the most strength and where the biggest rejection to immigration reform lives. His members don’t have to run in statewide elections and the GOP senate members already covered their collective asses by having it pass there so it’s not an issue and won’t be till 2016. Boehner knows this. So it is not in his best interest to do anything now.

  • James Bowen

    No, it is not just right-wingers that oppose amnesty and increased immigration. Moderates oppose it as well. And Americans overall, as far as they are engaged on this issue, oppose it. Polls that purportedly show support for it are often pushed by interests who stand to gain from more immigration. There are also polls, such as those by Pulse Opinion Research, that show the opposite. Indications outside of polls show a public that is very hostile to amnesty, citizenship for illegals, and expanded immigration. These other indicators include constituent feedback to Congress (overwhelmingly opposed) and web visitation.

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