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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How The Two Koreas Roped Trump Into Their Peace Plan

Reprinted with permission from Tomdispatch.

When, in early March, Donald Trump agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Washington foreign policy elite nearly suffered a collective heart attack.

For one thing, the announcement came as a complete surprise. Trump had telegraphed his other foreign policy bombshells well in advance: leaving the Paris climate accord, ripping up the Iran nuclear deal, reversing détente with Cuba. North Korea was another matter. Trump had repeatedly insulted Kim Jong-un in his trademark style, calling him “Little Rocket Man” on Twitter and threatening at the U.N. in September 2017 to “totally destroy North Korea.” Official Washington was braced for war, not peace.…

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North Korea Threatens To Dump Trump Summit

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

President Donald Trump’s planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may be in peril as the regime has reportedly abandoned talks with South Korea and is threatening to scuttle the summit with the United States over ongoing military drills.

Talks between North and South Korea were planned for Wednesday, local time, but the South Korean outlet Yonhap reports that those meetings were abruptly canceled Wednesday morning.

North Korea’s state-run media reportedly called the joint U.S.-South Korean military drills a provocation, despite the fact that the continuation of these operations had been reported as a precondition of further talks by the South Korean national security adviser in March.…

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Bolton Blasted 2009 North Korea Rescue As Pyongyang’s ‘Propaganda’

Reprinted with permission from


As national security adviser John Bolton was busy taking a victory lap over the release of three hostages from North Korea, CNN’s Jake Tapper called him out for having trashed a similar Obama-era hostage release.

On “State of the Union” Sunday morning, Tapper reminded Bolton of his previous stance on the subject.

“When former president Bill Clinton went to North Korea to argue for the release, you wrote in a Washington Post opinion piece that, ‘In Pyongyang’s view, the two reporters are pawns in the larger game of enhancing the regime’s legitimacy and gaining direct access to important U.S.…

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