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Thursday, June 21, 2018

GOP Nominates Neo-Confederate For Virginia Senate Seat

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Virginia Republicans faced a list of deeply problematic candidates for Senate. But they might have picked the worst option possible in Corey Stewart, who won the nomination Tuesday.

A Prince William County supervisor and ex-Trump campaign official who nearly won the nomination for governor last year, Stewart got the nod for Senate despite the revelation just a week ago that he posted a video of himself last year calling overt white supremacist and anti-Semite Paul Nehlen a “personal hero.”

Nehlen, a self-described “pro-white” candidate for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s open congressional seat, has mocked the Holocaust, appeared on the podcast of KKK leader David Duke, and doxed the personal information of online activists and media figures he believes are Jewish.…

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Paulette Jordan’s Bid To Be First Native American Governor Gets Major LGBTQ Endorsement

Forget the blue wave. There’s a “pink wave” on the horizon.

An unprecedented number of women will be leading the Democratic ticket in November, with strong progressive voices like Idaho gubernatorial nominee Paulette Jordan at the forefront.

A member of the Coeur d’Alene tribe, Jordan hopes to become the first Native American state governor in addition to the first female governor of Idaho. Her primary win over centrist Democrat A.J. Balukoff was a triumph of determination and grassroots enthusiasm.

Jordan had help, however, from activists and minority groups eager for an alternative to Balukoff’s elitist politics.

LGTBQ activist Konrad Juengling, an alum of Boise State University, recognized what the 38-year-old tribeswoman offered the queer community during her primary campaign, and officially endorsed her candidacy.…

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Media Ignore Supreme Court Decision Aiding Voter Suppression

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On June 11, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on an Ohio voting rights case that will make it easier for the state to purge infrequent voters from its voter roll, a process that tends to disproportionately hurt young people, people with low incomes, and people of color. This is a victory for Republicans, who for years have waged a war on voting rights in an effort to suppress voting by populations that tend to pick Democrats. Media should be reporting on this case and on voter suppression measures more broadly, both as a policy issue and to inform people of what they need to do in order to vote.…

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