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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Georgia County Seeking To Suppress Black Vote

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.

Georgia is on the brink of electing the nation’s first black woman governor, Stacey Abrams, but officials in one majority-black county may close all but two polling locations. The ACLU alleges“strong evidence that this was done with intent to make it harder for African Americans [to vote].”

Randolph County, where 61 percent of the population is black, may close seven of nine, or 75 percent, of the county’s polling locations in November, according to the Associated Press. All nine were open and used in a recent primary election and the Republican runoff election.…

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Rep. Jordan Faces New Federal Probe Of Ohio State Sex Abuse Scandal

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.


Trump loyalist Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wants to be the next Speaker of the House. But first, federal investigators are going to want to know what Jordan knew, as an Ohio State University wrestling coach, about complaints surrounding a university doctor who is accused of sexual abusing athletes.

On Thursday, the Department of Education announced that its Office for Civil Rights has launched an investigation into the OSU abuse scandal.

And it’s not just top ranking university officials who will be the target of the Department of Education probe. Federal investigators want to find out how all OSU staffers dealt with Strauss and the real-time complaints about his behavior.…

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McConnell’s Partisan Plan To Cancel August Recess Is Bipartisan Bust

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.


Canceling the Senate’s summer recess was supposed to be a Republican power play, designed to keep vulnerable Democrats in Washington, D.C., and off the campaign trail during the summer month.

But the ploy has turned out be something of an embarrassment for McConnell.

That’s because so many Republican senators this week refused to show up for an abbreviated, sham session.

“Some 10 senators, mostly Republicans, were no-shows as the Senate returned to session Wednesday for a truncated week of votes on judges,” the Associated Press reports.

The Judicial Committee could not even assemble the minimum nine senators necessary to establish a quorum to actually get anything done.…

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