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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Trump Cronies Name FBI Informant, Crippling Law Enforcement

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Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg may have endangered an FBI source when he blurted out a name on MSNBC. And it was surely no accident.

Trump and Republicans in Congress have been working to expose the identity of an alleged confidential FBI informant, which Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) warns could be a crime.

And on Sunday, Nunberg may have done just that by divulging the name of a person reporting suggests is the mystery informant.

Host Alex Witt referenced reports that an unidentified professor had met with Trump campaign officials. She noted that would hardly make him an implanted spy, as Trump has claimed.…

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The Lethal Success Of Pain Pill Restrictions

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In a speech on Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department is striving to “bring down” both “opioid prescriptions” and “overdose deaths.” A study published the following day suggests those two goals may be at odds with each other, highlighting the potentially perverse consequences of trying to stop people from getting the drugs they want.

Columbia University epidemiologist David Fink and his colleagues systematically reviewed research on the impact of prescription drug monitoring programs, which all 50 states have established in an effort to prevent nonmedical use of opioid analgesics and other psychoactive pharmaceuticals.…

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Undocumented Immigrants Make Us Safer

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From the beginning of his campaign for president, Donald Trump portrayed illegal immigration as a forest fire that threatens to spread rapidly and engulf us all. Mexicans, he charged, are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” He thought Americans should be afraid.

He’s still blaring that message. Last month, he tweeted angrily that a “caravan” of Hondurans was marching northward through Mexico to pour across the Rio Grande. “Getting more dangerous,” he warned.

In San Diego on Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions echoed the alarm. Raising the specter that we could be “overwhelmed” by a “stampede” of invaders, he vowed to “finally secure this border so that we can get the American people the safety and peace of mind that they deserve.”

When these two are done in Washington, they can go into the business of making horror movies — which, like these claims, are not rooted in reality.…

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