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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Nearing The End Game: The 6 Phases Of Trump’s Plan To Fire Robert Mueller

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

President Trump is now ready, willing and able to fire special prosecutor Robert Muller. It’s a matter of when, not if. The warning signs have been accumulating since Trump decided not to fire Mueller last summer, and now alarm bells are ringing.

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says Mueller’s investigation is in “mortal danger.” E.J. Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post says the campaign to fire Mueller is pushing us “closer to the precipice” of lawlessness.

And the Republicans who once said firing Mueller was unthinkable or sure to lead to impeachment have fallen silent.…

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Alabama’s Senior GOP Senator Rejects Moore

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While it was disturbing, it was sadly unsurprising that Donald Trump eventually endorsed Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, and implored his own supporters to vote for a man accused of serial sexual predationagainst young girls.

But it was certainly unexpected to hear the opposite message from the man who holds Alabama’s other Senate seat.

Republican Sen. Richard Shelby is no moderate. He recently pushed for his party’s tax scam bill by saying that the poor don’t deserve tax breaks because they “create nothing.” His voting record was recently ranked as the third most conservative in the U.S.…

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Walter Scott’s Family Finds Justice In Killer’s Conviction

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


Despite the FBI’s attempt to label and target “Black Identity Extremists,” on Thursday some justice was served in one police brutality case. In April 2015, Michael Slager, then a police officer, shot and killed Walter Scott. Scott, who was unarmed, was hit five times as he ran from Slager. Now, Slager will serve 20 years in jail, as announced Thursday. The judge “ruled that Slager committed second-degree murder and obstruction of justice,” according to ABC News.

It’s been a winding path to this announcement. Slager’s original trial, for which he was charged with murder, resulted in a mistrial.…

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