Friday, February 12, 2016
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Washington Post: The National Memo Is Right, Donald Trump Is Wong.

Five months ago, an engineer and writer under the pen name Ali F. Rhuzkan wrote a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s breezy view of surgically separating the United States and Mexico via a 2,000-mile-long super wall. Ali pointed out that Trump’s wall would require three times as much concrete as the Hoover Dam, 5 billion pounds of steel, and a logistical effort to ship materials and coordinate laborers that would make Qin Shi Huangdi blush.

Trump later amended his ridiculous proposal to 1,000 miles, accounting for “natural barriers.”

On Tuesday, in an interview with MSNBC, Trump estimated the wall project at $8 billion, a figure that the Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler wrote yesterday was just about the farthest thing from realistic:

We can also look at the Israel’s experience with building a separation barrier between Israeli-held areas and Palestinian-held areas.

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Egypt Awaits Its Revolution Five Years After Mubarak

Thursday was the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s “spring revolution”, but the spirit on the streets seemed to be one of resignation, not the fervour of the new. The promise of the end of the Mubarak era in 2011 has given way to disillusion, and yet the revolution appears to have stirred something of a political awakening……

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FBI Launches Online Goat Game To Discourage Youth From Terrorist Activity

The FBI has found a unique way to steer young minds away from terrorist propaganda: an online goat game called The Slippery Slope. The game features an exploding goat and the premise is to help the goat navigate through obstacles. The Slippery Slope is in aerial view — you watch the goat from above and help……

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