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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Election 2016: Candidate Strategies Diverge Dramatically Leading Up To November

The election 2016 cycle has been a campaign season unlike any other: on one hand, Hillary Clinton is the first woman ever to win the presidential nomination of a major party. On the other, Donald Trump is a reality star with no qualifications of any kind for the presidency. And with just over two months until election day, the candidates’ strategies have diverged dramatically, due largely to the tone each of their campaigns has struck with voters thus far.

Donald Trump’s efforts have been riddled with xenophobic, racist, bigoted, misogynistic and generally hateful comments towards anyone he disagrees with, and anyone that may dare criticize him.…

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California Moves To Extend Climate Program Despite Weak Auction Results

By Rory Carroll

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The California Assembly on Tuesday passed a bill to extend the state’s ambitious program to fight climate change beyond 2020, but minutes later it posted disappointing results from an auction of carbon permits that is key to the plan.

California’s program to cap emissions and trade carbon permits is a crucial component of a broader effort to reduce the state’s output of heat-trapping greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by the end of the decade.

But it has come under fire from critics who have said the program suffers from a glut of permits, reducing the incentive for businesses to cut emissions and curtailing revenue from a program that funds key low-carbon initiatives such as the state’s high-speed rail project.…

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Gunmen Attack American University In Kabul, Students Trapped

This story was updated at 3:19pm.

KABUL (Reuters) – Suspected militants stormed the Kabul campus of the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday with some students jumping from second floor windows to escape the gunfire and explosions, witnesses and officials said.

Foreign staff and dozens of pupils were trapped in the compound hours after the attack began at about 6:30 p.m. (10 a.m. ET).

News of casualties was sketchy, but the head of hospitals in the Afghan capital said at least one person had been killed and 14 students wounded in the assault.

“Many students jumped from the second floor, some broke their legs and some hurt their head trying to escape,” Abdullah Fahimi, a student who escaped, told Reuters.…

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