Monday, March 30, 2015

Endorse This: The Hoosier State Of Confusion


Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) had a peculiar time defending his state’s new “religious freedom” law on Sunday, when George Stephanopoulos asked him on Sunday whether it would indeed authorize discrimination against gay people — and then asked it again, and again, and again, after Pence just wouldn’t answer.

Click above to watch Pence repeatedly extoll his state’s virtues — while dodging the actual question — then share this video!

Video via This Week/ABC News.

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Dispelling The Myths Of Guantanamo Bay

By Thomas Wilner and Andy Worthington, Chicago Tribune (TNS)

We are confronted every week by stories of the most barbaric crimes committed by Muslim terrorists. We want to do everything we can to protect ourselves and catch and punish these evil people.

In these circumstances, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s recent statement that every last prisoner detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should “rot in hell” seems to make perfect sense — if, as he says, every last prisoner in Guantanamo is in fact a “hardened terrorist.”

But that assumption, by any measure, is both false and dishonest.

It is certainly what we were told in early 2002 when the U.S.…

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Growing CrossFit Program Branches Out To Children

By Kim Lyons, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (TNS)

As fitness crazes go, the workout program CrossFit has some of the most dedicated disciples.

The wildly popular, self-directed program, which puts a focus on core strength training and conditioning, has built a robust online community, where its participants set goals, share routine variations and track their progress. They’ve even developed their own language: the WOD is the workout of the day, AMRAP is “as many reps as possible” and a C&J is what’s better known to weightlifters as a “clean and jerk.” It’s safe to say that for many of its followers, CrossFit is a philosophy, as well as a workout regimen.…

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