Thursday, July 2, 2015

Labor Department Proposes Extending Overtime Pay

It’s common for American workers to stay later than their hours suggest – “face time” being seen as a measure of one’s commitment to the job. According to a Gallup survey released last November, the average full-time American worker now works 47 hours a week, nearly a full day longer than the standard 40-hour week. And most of those workers don’t get paid anything extra for those additional hours.

President Obama is hoping to change that. In a proposal announced Tuesday, the Department of Labor would extend overtime pay to nearly 5 million Americans. The plan would simplify and update rules so that millions of workers can determine if they are eligible for overtime pay.…

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Polls: Americans Like SCOTUS’ Obamacare Ruling — But Opponents Are Stubborn

Two new polls show that Americans overwhelmingly approve of the Supreme Court’s decisive ruling last week on the Affordable Care Act.

The court ruled 6-3 in King v. Burwell that the federal government can continue to provide subsidies to help pay for insurance policies in states where it (rather than the states) has set up the exchange marketplace. The case could possibly be the last significant legal challenge to President Obama’s signature health care law.

The Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Wednesday found that 62 percent of Americans approve of this decision, against only 32 percent of respondents who disapproved.

In addition, a CNN poll released Tuesday found that Americans favored the ruling by a similar margin, with 63 percent in favor versus only 34 percent against it.…

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What Retirement Without Savings Looks Like

By Paul Sisolak, (TNS)

In a perfect world, the perfect retirement is where life begins. But for people like Debra Leigh Scott, there’s the very bleak possibility that retirement is where life might end.

“Suicide is my retirement plan,” Scott, a 60-year-old adjunct professor, said in an interview with Vitae, an online career hub operated by The Chronicle of Higher Education. “Unless you have a spouse or partner, you’re looking at dire poverty in old age. In addition to poverty, you’re looking at getting no additional work because of your age, or you’re looking at dropping dead in the classroom.”

Scott, a divorced mother of two grown children, has been teaching for over a quarter century but never received the tenured position she hoped for.…

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