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Friday, July 20, 2018

DeVos Refused To Visit Public Schools During New York Trip

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wrapped up her two-day trip to New York City, refusing to visit a single public school in the largest public school system in the country.

With over 1,200 schools, the New York public school system would have presented DeVos with an up-close look at the vibrant challenges, and successes, associated with public education in a major American city.

Instead, DeVos, a charter school advocate, stiffed the students, teachers and administrators who are part of the public system.

Instead, she only visited two private, religious schools. There, she offered support — via bizarre comments — for the government funding of religious schools.…

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Billion-Dollar Blessings: Falwell Jr’s Online Education Empire

Reprinted with permission from ProPublica.

It was the start of the 2017 Fall Family Weekend at Liberty University, the school founded by Jerry Falwell Sr. 47 years ago in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the lines were especially long to get into the basketball arena for the mandatory thrice-weekly student convocation. There was a festive feel in the air — as usual, a live band kicked things off with some Christian rock.

Penny Nance, a newly named Liberty trustee who is the head of the socially conservative group Concerned Women for America, took the stage to say that with Donald Trump in the White House, the country was much closer to overturning Roe v.

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For Teachers, Red States Resemble Underdeveloped Countries

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

2018 may very well go down in history as the year in which public-school teachers in Republican-controlled states finally became fed up and rebelled. So far this year, statewide teachers strikes have taken place in Oklahoma and West Virginia. Teachers have been protesting in Kentucky as well, and a statewide walkout is being considered in Arizona.

When Oklahoma’s teachers strike entered its second week on April 9, teachers in that very Republican state had a long list of grievances. The minimum starting salary for teachers in Oklahoma is only $31,600 (the lowest in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), they haven’t had a raise in ten years, many teachers must take a second or third job in order to make ends meet, classrooms are overcrowded, and striking teachers have been using Facebook to post photos of everything from crumbling textbooks to broken chairs in classrooms.

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