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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Trump ‘Faithful’ Get the Budget Cuts They Voted For

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Kentucky has become a favored dateline for many of President Donald Trump’s fervent critics. They collect evidence there of betrayal, such as the ABC News item featuring a coal truck driver, “one of the Trump faithful,” attached to a breathing tube and weeping over his expected loss of coverage for deadly black lung disease.

“Look what that mean man is doing to you,” the critics would seem to say.

But a more appropriate message would be, “Look at what you did to yourselves.” On that there’s no greater authority than Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney.

The president, Mulvaney said, “wrote a budget based upon his campaign promises … We took his words and turned them into numbers.”

Putting the onus back on Trump’s voters is not only more honest; it is less patronizing.

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Is Purple America Vanishing As Americans Take More Fervent Partisan Stands?

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Is purple America really disappearing? A recent analysis of how America’s 3,113 counties voted in 2016 suggest it may be, revealing deepening electoral majorities of people with similar political beliefs than past presidential elections.

This polarization seems to confirm the anecdotal experiences of many people, who report they are increasingly living among like-minded neighbors. Indeed, in the months since the November election, political viewpoints appear only to have solidified, further erasing the prospect of a “purple” middle ground between a “blue” left and a “red” right.

When’s David Wasserman compared county voting patterns from 2016 to past elections, he concluded that purple America has all but disappeared.

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