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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Make Any DVD Or Video Play On Your Device Your Way — For Only $19.99


You may own a movie on DVD…but do you really OWN the movie? Copyright holders make duplicating videos, even ones you’ve legally purchased, difficult — which is why you need tools like the MacX Media Conversion lifetime license bundle to truly control your video content. Best of all, the package is on sale right now for less than the average price of one of those movies — just $19.99 from The National Memo Store.

Your purchase gets you MacX DVD Ripper Pro, the simplest way imaginable to turn your physical media into video watchable across a host of mobile devices.…

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Start Reading Up To 3 Times Faster With These Online Programs

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt knocked people back in their chairs at a tech conference when he said humanity was currently creating as much new information in two days as the human race generated from the dawn of history through 2003. And once you wrap your head around that fact, consider this — he made that claim in 2010.

Information is being produced at exponential rates. And you can help get your mind in a position to take in as much of that information as possible with the training from this award-winning Speed Reading learning bundle ($19, over 90 percent off) from The National Memo Store.…

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Pick The RFID-Protecting Wallet That Works For You

Crooks are an inventive lot. In fact, if you’ve got a credit card with one of those RFID chips, all an enterprising thief has to do is stand right next to you for a few seconds — and they can electronically swipe your vital information. Thankfully, with the advent of RFID theft has come a new wave of RFID-resistant wallets that can shield your cards from high-tech pilfering. Of course, not everyone is looking for the same thing in their wallet, so The National Memo Store has pulled together five different deals (all at significant discounts) to let you choose which one works best for you.…

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