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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Is Now A Comic Book Hero

Elizabeth Warren might not have made it onto a presidential ballot this year, but her fans will soon have a consolation prize: their very own Elizabeth Warren comic book. The Massachusetts senator plays the title role in “Female Force: Elizabeth Warren,” which chronicles her journey from a working-class upbringing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to becoming Wall……

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Endorse This: Caroline Cruz Embarrasses Dad And The World Smiles

Oh Caroline Cruz. We love you. Never change.

Ted Cruz’s eldest daughter — who turned eight today — has been the most charming of all the Cruzes, squirming and blurting out little nuggets of family lore.

She’s embarrassed her father more than once, too, and it’s her irrepressibility — she’s not going to behave just because her dad is running for president — that’s endeared her to millions of political watchers.

In this clip from a town hall meeting on CNN, as Ted Cruz loftily tells the audience how his daughters have changed him — “There are moments of humility that being the father of daughters instills in you” — Caroline butts in with her own story, completely derailing her father’s.…

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Endorse This: Happy Birthday, Al Green!

Today is soul singer Al Green’s 70th birthday.

And what better way to appreciate him than by having one of his own fans perform a (slight) homage?

President Obama did just that in 2012, on an apparent dare, after Green performed at a fundraising event that Obama attended. To raucous applause, the president sang a line from one of Green’s most well-known songs, “I’m Still in Love With You,” from 1972.

“Don’t worry, Rev., I cannot sing like you, but I just wanted to show my appreciation,” he said.

Obama has sung in front of crowds before – his rendition of “Amazing Grace,” in June last year after the Emanuel AME church shooting in Charleston became a symbol for the resilience of the victims in the wake of a horrific attack.…

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