Saturday, March 28, 2015

TV Review: HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ Details Scientology’s Theater Of The Surreal

By Sara Smith, The Kansas City Star (TNS)

Scientology won’t be destroyed when Going Clear, filmmaker Alex Gibney’s documentary, airs on Sunday.

Unlike another recent HBO documentary project, The Jinx, Going Clear probably won’t lead to the high-profile arrest of an eccentric millionaire.

And that’s too bad.

The movie version of Going Clear does manage to distill Scientology — the celebrity-infused, money-driven spiritual movement founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1950 — down to its most objectionable practices. Aided by its source material (New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright’s 2011 article and 2013 book), Gibney’s film explains a bit, too, about the movement’s appeal, mostly by speaking with former believers.…

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Endorse This: Obama And ‘The Wire’


President Obama sat down on Thursday for a talk on criminal justice reform with a special guest: David Simon, creator of the hit TV show The Wire.

Click above to watch a discussion of such important topics as the War on Drugs and excessive sentencing — plus Obama’s favorite character on the show — then share this video.

Video via The White House.

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Late Night Roundup: Farewell To Jason Jones

The Daily Show gave a sendoff to the one and only Jason Jones, for his last appearance on the show, after 10 years of service as their foreign correspondent — with experiences ranging from talking to Indian voters about politics, to getting threatened by the retired Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Larry Wilmore looked at a variety of topics, ranging from young Americans joining ISIS to other Americans shooting up places right here at home.

Seth Meyers went over “This Week in Numbers” with a very special guest: Sesame Street’s own Count von Count!…

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