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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trump’s Tariffs Are Self-Impoverishing

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

Perfection is a rare achievement in Washington, so give Donald Trump credit for the trade policy he unveiled last week to put new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. It is perversely flawless in its disregard for factual reality, U.S. trade law and economic logic. It is all flies and no ointment.

The policy has two rationales, one official and one unofficial, which are alike in being either terribly misguided or consciously fraudulent. In reality, it is classic special-interest pandering, fleecing the many to enrich a favored few.

The official White House justification is that slapping new duties on these foreign metals is essential for our national security.…

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Trump Threatens Auto Industry That Obama Saved

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Trump took to Twitter Saturday to threaten a trade war with the European Union after his proposalto hike tariffs on steel and aluminum was blasted by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and in multiple countries, as well as trade groupseconomists, and major U.S. employers.

Besides embarrassing the nation, Trump’s infantile Twitter tantrum threatens to sink the auto industry after President Barack Obama saved it from collapsing.

Trump announced his proposal to impose massive new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum on Thursday. The announcement was followed by an immediate drop in the stock market, and sharp rejection from other world leaders.…

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Danziger: Putin’s Blown Brain, Russia’s Ruined Roots

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