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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Can America Afford To Underwrite Universal Child Care?

Reprinted with permission from The American Prospect.

When Senator Elizabeth Warren issued a bold plan for universal child care last week, the question some people asked was the usual one: How will she pay for it? Warren has a good answer to that question, which I’ll come to. But there’s a second question that is actually more difficult: How will child care get the necessary public and media attention to make it a top priority?

In 2016, Hillary Clinton issued a proposal for universal access to child care that was similar to Warren’s, though not as extensive. Clinton called for federal subsidies to cap child care costs at 10 percent of family income, whereas Warren proposes to cap those costs at 7 percent.…

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Grief, Revisited And Revised

One autumn evening in 1999, I was driving with my 12-year-old daughter in the front passenger seat, when she asked me something about my childhood.

I don’t remember her question, but I doubt I’ll ever forget my answer.

“I don’t know, honey,” I told her. “We’ll have to ask Grandma.”

I slowed the car. My daughter grabbed my hand. “It’s OK, Mom,” she said.

My mom had died a month earlier. In that moment, I was forced to acknowledge that the first waves of loss were just the beginning of my grief. It was that undertow, merciless and unpredictable, that would pull me under.

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