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Saturday, February 23, 2019

On Refugees: Remembering The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy

In these churning days of American politics, under scrutiny is the very essence of our nation’s exceptionalism: freedom to escape inhumane conditions and reinvent oneself on America’s soil. President Trump’s order to ban visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries undercuts this historical guarantee and by extension U.S. leadership in the world today.

While there are precedents of such drastic actions—Chinese exclusion in the nineteenth century, Japanese American internment in the 1940s—the legacy of these policies have not fared well in history books. Indeed, such exclusionary measures betray America’s promise as a safe haven for the persecuted.

In the current climate, one would do well to dwell on the words and actions of John F.…

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Where Women Rule! Morning Joe’s Mika Visits A Great Nation

Last week I traveled with my family to Sweden, where my brother Mark is currently honored to serve as US Ambassador. He and his wife Natalia are profoundly grateful for the role they have at the embassy and for the opportunity to work with their talented colleagues to advance the American interest.

Sweden is a beautiful country, as you can see from the photo. Topographically it’s a lot like Maine or the Pacific Northwest (and gets really cold in the winter).

But what fascinates me is to see just how much Sweden, a relatively small country of nine million people, punches above its weight on the world stage.…

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