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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New NRA Chief Oliver North Struggles In Santa Fe Aftermath

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After the gun massacre at Santa Fe High School this week, National Rifle Association president Oliver North found himself being challenged even on friendly ground.

On this week’s edition of “Fox News Sunday,” North was promoting the NRA’s philosophy of essentially turning our schools into armed fortresses, when host Chris Wallace stopped him.

“Let’s just talk about that,” Wallace said. “This school had two policeman, armed, roaming the halls. The school administrator said yesterday they considered Santa Fe a hardened school.”

“There was no way to detect a firearm being brought into the building” North said.…

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Texas Pol Says Santa Fe Massacre Caused By Abortion Rights

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The massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas this week was the 22nd school shooting this year alone. But rather than address the proliferation of guns, Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants to blame abortion.

On Sunday’s “This Week,” Patrick initially blamed the shooting on a surplus of entrance and exit doors in the school.

And when host George Stephanopoulos asked him about the disturbing fact that “more students (have been) killed by gun violence in schools than active duty military deaths in 2018,” Patrick’s response was absurd, if all too predictable.

“George, should we be surprised in this nation?” he asked.…

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Houston Top Cop Slams Lawmakers Who ‘Do Absolutely Nothing’ On Guns

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After the shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, Houston police chief Art Acevedo called out politicians who “do absolutely nothing” to reduce gun violence.

Ten people were killed, most of them children, in the 22nd campus shooting of 2018.

Acevedo, writing on Facebook, was blunt in his appraisal of the refusal to pass gun safety measures.

“I know some have strong feelings about gun rights but I want you to know I’ve hit rock bottom and I am not interested in your views as it pertains to this issue. Please do not post anything about guns aren’t the problem and there’s little we can do,” he wrote.…

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