Friday, July 3, 2015

Late Night Roundup: Larry Wilmore Meets Bree Newsome

Larry Wilmore interviewed Bree Newsome, the woman who took down the Confederate flag at the South Carolina state Capitol grounds. And yes, as Bree had hinted on her Twitter account, the two of them enjoyed some nice Southern-style mint juleps together.

“Once I got up there and grabbed it,” she said, recounting her experience to the adoring Nightly Show crowd, “it was like, ‘Yes — take me to jail!'”

Jon Stewart paid tribute to a man who has been with him all throughout his run on The Daily Show: Donald Trump, who has provided so much material over the years.…

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Americana, Spelling, And Race: Doing The Right Thing

MADISON, Wisconsin — Americana on the Fourth of July. The ice-cream social, the fair, the quilts at grandmother’s house, along with the village art show, egg toss, bake sale, and bursts of prairie wildflowers wherever you turn.

Midsummer also revives the radically refreshing story of America’s first national spelling bee. It almost got lost, but I found it right here. In President Teddy Roosevelt’s bright time, it became an American parable of race, especially timely now after June’s flood of tears for the Emanuel 9 church murders in South Carolina.

Spelling bees still hold a grip on our American soul. A century ago in Ohio, one became a soul-searching drama on black and white, north and south, on a national stage.…

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This Week In Crazy: Special Marriage Equality Insanity Edition

When five Justices legalized same-sex marriage nationwide last Friday, they released a torrent of unhinged rage from the conservative right wing. For those who appreciate such demented howling from the fire-and-brimstone crowd, this week has just been a buffet of ire, bigotry, unreason, and insanity.

Where to even begin? There’s the Indiana woman who had an apoplectic meltdown, shrieking and yowling, blaming “Islaaaaaaaamic extremlists [sic]” like Obama. There’s the Texas pastor who threatened to set himself on fire if same-sex marriage became legal (and when asked to put up or shut up, he clarified that he was speaking metaphorically).

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