Saturday, September 5, 2015

How To Take Wine Just Seriously Enough

By Mike Austin, Chicago Tribune (TNS)

The day that I really tasted wine for the first time was a Thursday, and I was in junior high.

I can hear you thinking, ‘Wow, superhuman recall.’ Yeah. I’m not even going to feign modesty because the fact is I will never, ever forget that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday.

The year of that first taste? I have no idea, but who could remember something like that? That is the distant past and this is now, and from today forward I will be writing a weekly wine column in this spot.

While I don’t remember much about that childhood wine gulp, except that it wasn’t awesome, I do remember that it was a white tablecloth experience.…

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The Urgent National Crisis That Presidential Candidates Aren’t Talking About

It’s visible on the streets of most major U.S. cities, has been for decades, and costs the government billions of dollars a year. But none of the people running for president seem to be speaking about it. Politicians and pundits don’t talk about homelessness like they talk about Donald Trump’s insults or Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The Obama administration prioritized veterans, one group within the U.S. homeless population, in its plan to end chronic homelessness nationally by 2017. In August, federal and Connecticut officials announced that the state had become the first to do so among U.S. veterans.

With 14 months to go until the 2016 presidential election, candidates are regularly referring to the United States’ dwindling middle class and income and wealth inequality, while others continue to rail against the financial elite and the 1 percent.…

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Black-On-Black Violence Demands Our Attention

Black lives matter.

That’s the powerful and relevant message that a loosely organized group of young activists have used as a clarion call to bring attention to the crisis of police violence against black citizens, usually unarmed black men. And its mere utterance is a scathing commentary on the current state of race in America, a reminder that it must be said. Shouldn’t it be obvious that black lives matter as much as white ones?

That’s true, by the way, no matter how those black lives are snuffed out, whether by powerful figures acting under the color of law, or by other black men who are angry, violent and unrestrained.…

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