Friday, April 24, 2015

Endorse This: Race To The Bottom


The typically dignified world of horse racing just saw an entertaining blooper — coming straight from Down Under — as this jockey very nearly managed to win from behind, and clearly gained a lot of career exposure. Best of all, the announcers remained entirely serious, and weren’t even the least bit cheeky.

Click above to watch this determined pair come in a proud second — appropriately finishing ahead of the third-place horse, “Modesty.” Then share this video!

Video via Sky Racing.

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Fashionable Bashing: ‘New York’ Columnist Knows Little But Talks Big

Jonathan Chait of New York magazine has done no small damage to his own reputation as a liberal intellectual over the past year or so, but apparently feels he can rehabilitate himself by attacking the reputation of the Clintons — always a fashionable media pastime, especially during an election cycle.

So today, Chait describes the Clinton post-presidency as “disastrous.”

Certainly the work of the former president Clinton hasn’t been “disastrous” for the millions of people across the world aided by the work of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, including vast numbers whose lives have been saved over the past dozen years or so thanks to the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (which Chait doesn’t deem worth mentioning).…

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Late Night Roundup: The Clinton Paranoia Industry

Seth Meyers examined the big new anti-Hillary Clinton book, Clinton Cash — and that even by the author’s admission, it doesn’t actually prove its allegations of corruption. But beyond that, Seth realized there are only a few kinds of books that ever sell these days — and the cottage industry of anti-Clinton writing is one of them.

Jon Stewart sat down with Neil deGrasse Tyson, who spoke about the increased public interest in science — and the rise of the geek in modern culture.

Larry Wilmore looked at the latest antics of money-grubbing televangelist Creflo Dollar (yes, really).…

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