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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In Georgia, Democrats Nominate First Black Woman For Governor

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


Stacey Abrams won the Democratic primary for the governor’s race in Georgia Tuesday night, putting her in position to be the first black woman to become governor in the history of the United States. No major party has ever nominated a black woman to be governor before, and only a handful of black men have ever been elected as state governors.

The former state legislator won with overwhelming support in the primary. She defeated Stacey Evans, also a former state legislator, and early indications suggest that her Republican opponent will have to be decided after the primary election goes to a runoff.…

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Racist Rhetoric Is Trump’s Favorite Trope

Reprinted with permission from Uexpress.


A year and a half into Donald J. Trump’s mean-spirited, vulgar and callous presidency, no one should feign surprise that he referred to some illegal immigrants as “animals.” It is an echo of his campaign rhetoric, in which he branded undocumented border-crossers from Mexico drug dealers and rapists.

As his troubles with Special Counsel Robert Mueller multiply, as his approval rating remains stuck at around 40 percent, as Democrats increase their chances of taking back the House of Representatives in November, Trump turns to a time-honored tactic: rallying his base of aging white voters who resent the nation’s growing diversity.…

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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah Trolls White People For Calling 911 Out Of Racism

On Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spent some time going through White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s problematic views on immigration. Kelly says some of the right things when asked about undocumented Americans. But his statements degrading the families who cross the border illegally betray an insensitivity to ingrained racism.

Perhaps Noah had such bad juju in the front of his mind during commercial breaks. In today’s web-exclusive clip, the comic engages his audience about another troubling trend – whites calling 911 on peaceful people of color. It happened again a few days ago at Lake Merritt in Oakland, when an anonymous white woman called the emergency police hotline to accost a black family for simply grilling food on the bank.…

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