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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Millionaire Paul Ryan Bombs With ‘Joke’ About Entitlements

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) is well-known for his twisted vendetta against the social safety net, but may have outdone even himself with a joke that even bombed with an ultra-conservative audience.

On Saturday, Ryan delivered the keynote speech at the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce’s dinner honoring Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT), the most senior Republican in the Senate, as a “Giant in Our City.”

Ryan made a few jokes about Hatch’s advanced age, but one crack about Ryan’s own impending retirement did not go over so well.

“Truthfully though, I thought that maybe I’d just retire to get my hands on some of these entitlements,” Ryan said.…

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Republicans Promise To Slash Medicare And Social Security — But Keep Tax Cuts

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Congressional Republicans have released an election year proposal targeting massive cuts to government programs that millions of Americans, including the poorest people, have relied upon.

“A Framework for Unified Conservatism,” the proposal from the Republican Study Committee (RSC), a coalition of more than 100 conservative House Republicans, comes as the party faces the prospect of losing seats because of the unpopularity of the Trump administration.

Since Trump’s election, the party has already been forced to defend seats that have overwhelmingly favored Republicans in the past, and has lost statewide elections in Alabama and Virginia.

But still, the new RSC plan pushes for doubling down on many of the party’s least popular ideas, and further associates Republicans and conservatives with proposals that are extremely cruel.…

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How Senior Daddies — Like Donald Trump — Are Eligible For A Social Security Bonus

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How Senior Daddies — Like Donald Trump — Are Eligible For a Social Security Bonus

Would you believe that President Donald Trump is eligible for an extra Social Security benefit of around $15,000 a year because of his 11-year-old son, Barron Trump? Well, you should believe it, because it’s true.

How can this be? Because under Social Security’s rules, anyone like Trump who is old enough to get retirement benefits and still has a child under 18 can get this supplement — without having paid an extra dime in Social Security taxes for it.

The White House declined to tell us whether Trump is taking Social Security benefits, which by our estimate would range from about $47,100 a year (including the Barron bucks) if he began taking them at age 66, to $58,300 if he began at 70, the age at which benefits reach their maximum.

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