Sunday, March 29, 2015

Displaced Wrigley Field Bleacher Season Ticket Holders Complain, Adjust

By Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune (TNS)

With opening day on the horizon and the Wrigley Field bleachers resembling an erector set, some denizens of the most famous seats in sports are wondering if life will ever be the same.

The bleacher season ticket holders are temporarily without a home, and some blame the Cubs for catering to a younger crowd that drinks more and pays more attention to its smartphones than the game itself.

“It’s all about the party,” veteran bleacherite Linda Eisenberg said.

The Wrigley bleachers have been gutted this offseason to add lucrative patio sections, two jumbo-sized video boards and advertising signage as part of the Ricketts family’s $575 million renovation plan.…

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I’ve Got Your Back, Ashley Judd!

Dear Ashley Judd:

I guess this is a fan letter, though it is not written in praise of your work in movies like Insurgent, Divergent, or Tooth Fairy. Rather, it’s in response to the headlines you made last week when you called out Internet trolls who defamed you as a “b—h,” a “whore,” and a “c—” and threatened you with rape after you tweeted an opinion about an SEC basketball tournament.

Specifically, you accused the University of Arkansas Razorbacks of playing dirty against your University of Kentucky Wildcats and suggested they kiss your team’s backside.

Not particularly polite, no, but not out of bounds, either.…

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Playoff Snubs Ate At Dodgers’ Paco Rodriguez, So Now He Eats Better

By Kevin Baxter, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

PHOENIX — Paco Rodriguez would like to apologize to his grandmother. But it’s really Don Mattingly’s fault.

Last fall Mattingly, the Dodgers manager, kept the left-handed reliever off a playoff roster for the second time in as many seasons. And for Rodriguez that was a sign that changes had to be made.

Gone was his grandmother’s homemade Cuban food, which Rodriguez had eaten for 23 years. In its place was an organic diet recommended by Brandon McDaniel, the Dodgers’ strength and conditioning coach. And given the results this spring, grandma may have had a hard time getting back into the game.…

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