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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Here In Cleveland, You Gotta Respect The Scars

We all have things we try to avoid in life. My top three are large sports crowds (frightening), long waits (infuriating) and standing in the hot sun (dehydrating).

On Wednesday, I joined an estimated 1 million sports fans in downtown Cleveland to stand in the hot sun and wait five hours to welcome home our NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I didn’t care that I couldn’t even see the stage at the rally. I didn’t care that the sun turned my face into an animated version of a beefsteak tomato. I didn’t even care, much, that the team took so long to wind its way through the streets of Cleveland that it was more than two hours late for its own rally.…

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Muhammad Ali Feted By The Famous And Fans In Final Farewell

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Muhammad Ali was extolled on Friday as a boxer of incomparable grace, a magnetic entertainer and a man of conviction who gave a voice to the oppressed, as a two-day celebration of “The Greatest” came to a rousing end in his Kentucky hometown.

At an emotional memorial service at a Louisville sports arena, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, comedian Billy Crystal, Ali’s wife Lonnie and leaders of many of the world’s religious traditions delivered powerful tributes to the man who Clinton called a “universal soldier for our common humanity.”

“He decided at a very young age to write his own life story,” the former president said.…

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12 Things You Should Know About Ken Starr’s Baylor Rape Scandal

Reposted with permission from Alternet.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but Ken Starr is accused of ignoring sexual violence at Baylor University mostly because doing something about it would have jeopardized a cash cow. In his near six years as president of the school, Starr led an administration that law firm Pepper Hamilton concluded“as a whole failed” on every front to adequately address or attempt to investigate sexual assaults carried out by student athletes. Last week, the school’s Board of Regents issued a statement that it was “shocked and outraged” by the gross “mishandling of [sexual abuse] reports,” and announced it was firing head football coach Art Briles, sanctioning and placing on probation athletic director Ian McCaw and demoting Starr from president to chancellor.…

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