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Friday, January 18, 2019

Pick The RFID-Protecting Wallet That Works For You

Crooks are an inventive lot. In fact, if you’ve got a credit card with one of those RFID chips, all an enterprising thief has to do is stand right next to you for a few seconds — and they can electronically swipe your vital information. Thankfully, with the advent of RFID theft has come a new wave of RFID-resistant wallets that can shield your cards from high-tech pilfering. Of course, not everyone is looking for the same thing in their wallet, so The National Memo Store has pulled together five different deals (all at significant discounts) to let you choose which one works best for you.…

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5 Reasons You Need A VPN When You Travel — and Why You Should Use Disconnect

The message has become so battle-worn that you can probably nearly recite it in your sleep — a virtual private network (VPN) is essential to your security on the web. But after hearing the constant drumbeat of advocates for so many years now, there may be plenty of relatively novice web users who don’t fully understand what a VPN does or how it can serve as a vital line of defense for you, your digital systems, and your precious information.

For those in the know, you can cut right to the chase and get a year of protection from one of the most highly-regarded VPN services on the market — Disconnect — for a ridiculously low $19 (over 60 percent off) from The National Memo Store.…

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Three Everyday Carry Accessories To Add To Your Keychain — Up To 25 Percent Off

Keychains are… well, keychains. You don’t think much about ‘em, really. They hold your keys in place, they slip into your pocket without notice, they serve their role and you go about your day.

But that’s selling the keychain short. That constant traveling companion can offer so much more than life as a simple key sherpa. We thought long and hard about this at The National Memo Store and we’ve come up with some ideas – all accompanied with big discounts, of course – that may make you rethink exactly what your keychain could and should be.

Key Safe

Why should a keychain simply hold keys?…

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