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Friday, January 18, 2019

This Week In Crazy: God Re-Elects Trump, Romneys And Netflix Implode

God keeps an eye out for Trump, Stratcom’s New Year’s tweet bombs, and the Romney Family Reunion implodes. This cast of characters put the ass in asylum. It’s This Week in Crazy!

5. Katt Kerr
Prophetess with the mostest Katt Kerr plans to grace Capitol Hill with her presence several times during 2019. Kerr, whose YouTube page says she’s “commissioned by God to see and share Heaven,” proclaimed the Lord will see Trump win the 2020 election. Really? Must be all those doorway anointings the White House ordered.

Kerr rambled on a Facebook post:


Oops, sorry:

The Grease castoff urged, “If you’re not behind [Trump], get behind him and be on the winning side, on God’s team.” Or he’ll grab ‘em by the pussy.…

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This Week In Crazy: Grandpa Steve King Is Upset Over Google’s iPhone

Grandpa King needs help with his phone, David Horowitz proves he’s not being racist, and Russia’s coming for your guns! This can only mean one thing. It’s This Week in Crazy!

5. David Horowitz

In a world full of crooked politicians, David Horowitz lambasted Colorado Republican lawmakers: “You’re too damn nice.” This proclamation was in reference to the sweeping losses Rocky Mountain Republicans suffered in the midterm elections.

The right-wing activist warned Colorado’s GOP to defend their party when Democrats label them “racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes, and Nazis.”

According to Horowitz, the word “liberal” doesn’t inflict enough damage as a rebuttal to those accusations.

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This Week In Crazy: Ross Douthat’s WASP Sting, Scott Walker’s Whining, And More

Janitors conjuring the powers of God, the end of democracy as we know it, and Trump lovers make love in the name of hate. No, this isn’t a night on the town with the Proud Boys. It’s This Week in Crazy!

5. Ross Douthat

The New York Times is usually President Trump’s favorite brand of toilet paper, but he may want to actually read Ross Douthat’s column before he wipes. The columnist claims that White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) leaders are more successful than their “more meritocratic, diverse and secular successors.” Oh yeah, Douthat DID that.

Douthat’s buzzing about WASPs was inspired by the passing of the Episcopalian Caucasian superman, George H.W.

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