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Monday, June 25, 2018

Royal Wedding Minister Leads Protesters To The White House

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After delivering a stirring sermon at last weekend’s Royal Wedding in London that turned him into an international media star, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was back home in the United States on Thursday night — leading a march to the gates outside the White House to protest “a dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership.”

Adding his voice to the progressive Christian movement in the age of Trump, Curry and an array of clergy members preached defiance against hate, while addressing an overflow crowd of more than 1,000 people at the National City Christian Church.…

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The Beautiful American — And The Ugly One

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Simply, she’s the best of times, the spring sun. He’s the worst of times, the darkness before the dawn.

The world witnessed a walking American Revolution in Meghan “Sparkle” Markle, who marched down the aisle alone to marry the sweet English Prince Harry. He looked dashing in a black frock coat uniform while the bride wore white satin — black and white, get it? The contrast was in plain sight.

Alone, fancy that! Under those fascinators were a sea of raised eyebrows. The biracial Californian actress Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, was a sight to behold in ancient Windsor Castle.…

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A Singular Mother

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At the last minute, with an unfortunate combination of bad news and gratuitous drama, the divorced father was unable to attend his daughter’s wedding.

Who hasn’t heard a version of that story? It’s always something with these broken families, as we love to call them. As if every intact family were not a collection of negotiated crevices and mended cracks. These fairy tales about marriage run deep.

This is where it gets complicated. This particular wedding would be watched by nearly 30 million people in America alone, and the bride was about to become not princess for a day but a princess for real.…

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