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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Not Saving Is The American Way

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

Smart people living in harm’s way of hurricanes know to fortify their homes before the storm hits. In a similar vein, the prudent will shore up their financial position before the next recession bears down — and one surely will. We’re all in harm’s way of an economic downturn.

How prepared are Americans to weather a financial crisis? The answer is that most are not, to a shocking extent.

Some 46 percent of Americans say they could not scratch up $400 in ready cash to meet an emergency. That percentage would be hard to believe had it not come from the Federal Reserve.…

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Donald Trump Is Leading A ‘Cult of Toxic White Masculinity’ That May Destroy Our Institutions And Endanger Our Safety

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


For every lie he tells, every promise he breaks, every newly submitted exhibit in the case proving his corruption, Donald Trump’s base only adores him more. Trump is historically the most unpopular president in modern American history, but polls suggest he may also be among its most fervently supported. If there’s anything Trump’s campaign and presidency have proved, it’s that 35 percent of voters in this country will back him passionately, no matter what he does.

Chauncey DeVegapolitics writer for Salon, is a keen observer of Trump and his supporters. DeVega argues that Trump is less a political figure than the leader of a cult of toxic masculinity, a nearly religious movement deeply infused with the racism, misogyny and nativism that has long been part of this country’s national character.…

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Why Uber And Lyft May Be Bad For The Poor (And The Earth)

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

A 15-minute Uber ride or a 30-minute transit ride? For affluent city dwellers who increasingly prefer comfort and convenience, this choice is a no-brainer. However, this choice is a privilege that remains out of reach for those who live in transit-dependent low-income communities, who face many barriers to accessing ride-hailing services.

Uber competing with taxis is old news, but many now worry that ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft compete with public transit for riders. Not only can ride-hailing service be incredibly convenient, nowadays it can be dirt cheap, increasing the appeal of simply opening the mobile app.…

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