Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catholic Nuns Target Of Violence In Haiti

By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald (TNS)

Even before one of them put a shotgun to her throat screaming “Money, money!” Sister Marie de la Croix knew what the intruders wanted after being awakened by rocks raining down on the house next door.

The noise was soon followed by gunshots, and then the cries for help of Father Louis Marie.

The home invasion robbery last month in the isolated hillside community of Aux Cadets in the mountains above Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was the latest incident in a puzzling crime spree.

Since November, at least 27 religious communities, mostly nuns, have been the target of 39 attacks in six regional departments, Roman Catholic Church officials say.…

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Iran Talks Grind Into Overtime As Top Diplomats Leave

By Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

International talks over Iran’s disputed nuclear program moved into wearying overtime Wednesday, with their future unclear and a shrinking corps of top diplomats taking part.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry and other negotiators, who are seeking a preliminary deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions, failed to meet a self-imposed deadline at midnight Tuesday but kept going in search of a breakthrough.

Diplomats insist the closed-door talks are making progress, and could produce an acceptable outcome at any time that would kick the negotiations into their final phase.…

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French Officials Refute Claims Of Plane Crash Video Recording

By Jessica Camille Aguirre and Sebastian Kunigkeit, dpa (TNS)

PARIS — French prosecutors said they did not possess a cell phone video recording of the final moments of Germanwings flight 4U9525 on Wednesday, telling dpa that remnants of mobile phones found at the crash site were likely too damaged to yield footage.

“In the event that someone has such a video, they should turn it over to police without delay,” Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin told French media on Wednesday, repeating comments he made to dpa late on Tuesday dismissing media reports claiming to have seen footage.

France’s Paris Match and German tabloid Bild published minute-by-minute accounts of the plane’s last minutes late on Tuesday, which they say are based on quotes and information drawn from a video found on a mobile phone at the crash site.…

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