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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump Team Ignored Warning That Immigration Policy Posed ‘Significant Risk’ To Children

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.


As Trump’s cruel policies continue to keep families apart, many children are suffering psychological harm that could last a lifetime.

And now we know that the administration was warned about the harm to kids for a year before the family separation policy took effect.

At a Senate hearing Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) asked a panel of Trump administration witnesses if any of them had raised concerns about the “zero tolerance” policy that caused the family separation crisis.

Trump Department of Health and Human Services official Commander Jonathan D. White told Blumenthal that “over the previous year, we raised a number of concerns … about any policy which would result in family separation due to concerns we had about the best interest of the child.”

“You told the administration that kids would suffer as a result, that pain would be inflicted, correct?” Blumenthal asked.…

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Sexual Predators Stalk Immigrant Youth Shelters

Reprinted with permission from ProPublica.


Immigrant Youth Shelters: “If You’re a Predator, It’s a Gold Mine”

Just five days after he reached the United States, the 15-year-old Honduran boy awoke in his Tucson, Arizona, immigrant shelter one morning in 2015 to find a youth care worker in his room, tickling his chest and stomach.

When he asked the man, who was 46, what he was doing, the man left. But he returned two more times, rubbing the teen’s penis through his clothing and then trying to reach under his boxers. “I know what you want, I can give you anything you need,” said the worker, who was later convicted of molestation.

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A Teenager’s Visit To The Border — And The Mile That Changed Her

Reprinted with permission from Creators.


If she wanted to, 17-year-old Mary Grace Geise could pretend that what is happening to migrants at our southern border has nothing to do with her lucky life.

She lives with both parents and her younger sister in Bay Village, a predominantly white, affluent suburb of Cleveland. She is a rising senior at Magnificat High School, an all-girls Catholic prep school. Every imaginable material need can be found within a few miles of her house. Outside of her drives to school, she’d seldom have to leave the confines of her cozy suburb.

Except that isn’t who Mary Grace was raised to be, and it isn’t who she is.…

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