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Saturday, March 23, 2019

For Change.Org, A Better World Is Clicks Away

Everyone remembers how fast EBay, Facebook, YouTube and other websites that have changed our world grew.

It’s almost six years since Twitter was founded. What’s the next web tool poised for explosive growth? It may be, which boasts almost 10 million active users and is adding more than a million users a month. The big question is not whether its investors and about 100 employees will get rich off social entrepreneurship. It’s whether will change the world.

That URL went through several lame incarnations in recent years before becoming, in its own words, “a social action platform that empowers anyone, anywhere, to start, join and win campaigns for social change.” The site is neutral — think YouTube — and hosts about 10,000 campaigns a month from more than 150 countries. Some of them are sponsored by organizations such as Amnesty International and the Humane Society that pay the site to host their petitions; most, however, are homegrown efforts focused on local issues.

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One response to “For Change.Org, A Better World Is Clicks Away”

  1. Common Sense Patriot says:

    This is some of the best news I’ve read in years. American has radicalized and the radicals have taken over not only the party machinery (and thus politics and elections and government) but they’ve taken over corporations, news organizations, turned the internet into a way to spread lies and vicious attacks, twisted radio into radical talk radio, turned off people in general on politics, created class divisions, and spawned an ever increasing amount of disillusionment in the fundamental principle behind our Constittion — that the power in the hands of the mamority of the people, not a few rich and powerful ideologues or corrupt, selfish people. This kind of website is exactly what we need. That and people to use it and read it. I’m signing up today. Moderate, reasonable Americans need to speak out and demand that we unite again to solve the many problems facing our country. I hope this netowrk/website can be the answer.

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