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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is a conservative Republican and foreign policy hawk, but also someone who famously said “deficits don’t matter” at a 2002 economic policy meeting to discuss a second round of the Bush tax cuts, which further-exploded America’s red ink when enacted in 2003.

So it’s jarring to hear him slam Barack Obama for America’s deficit having grown in the two years since he took office, as he did on Fox News Sunday this week:

I disagree with him on a great many issues. I supported John McCain and I did not support Barack Obama when it was time to make that choice in 2008. I think he has been not very effective frankly, especially in the economic arena. I think we are faced with terrible economic problems today and huge long-term debt problem that’ measurably worse on his watch and serious, serious unemployment problem, millions of Americans out of work and in spite of a lot of bold talk, we haven’t seen the kind of action that is required to get the economy moving again and restore growth and hope and prosperity that all of us depend upon.

To be sure, the deficit has increased as Obama enacted a stimulus program to prevent a total collapse of the economy and inject demand into the private sector when it was desperately lacking. But for Cheney to suddenly decide that we have a “huge long-term debt problem” under this Democratic president is alternately puzzling and outrageous.

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  • mamaS

    Dick Ccheney is a malisioux little troll who has no morals, ethics or values – and his daughter, Liz, is his clone. “Don’t do as I did, do as I say.”We all know why the country is in trouble and that’s because of his running (ruling) of Bush and the country.

  • jarhead gene

    This is the same guy who makes WAR policies based on non-existent WMD’s, quick to send troops with sub par equipment; meanwhile, establishes a non ending contract, for his Haliburton/KBR people, with the finest equipment and highest pay. And let us not forget that while many of our youth were dying in Vietnam he sought out 5 or
    6 draft differments. When asked later why, he said he “was too busy”, for Vietnam. I have always despised HAWK type government leaders who never wore a uniform, they have no real idea of what the personal costs are, to those who serve. COLIN POWELL for President…..if only.

  • John

    Only a bona fide member of the Liberal Mob could be so illogical as to be incapable of understanding that in terms of debt size matters. I will try to simplify so that even the Liberal Mob can understand: If I borrow 20 bucks from my neighbor, it is quite different from borrowing a million dollars from the bank. The first debt is manageable. The second is totally beyond the ability of me, my children, and my grandchildren to repay.

    Understand the difference?

  • oungkar

    Former VP does not have a heart.

  • CWis

    John, you’re an idiot. If you compare the debt Bush ran up with the one Obama ran up trying to stimulate the economy Bush and friends tanked, you’ll see you’re way off base in your criticism. Do the research; stop listening to Fox 5 and Tea Party pimps. Grow a brain.

  • RPHickagy1

    He and his puppet tried to fight 2 wars, one needed and one not needed, with out funding them and cut taxes for the rich (now refered to as “the job creators”, who don’t create any jobs) and now the brain dead exVP has the stupidity to remark about how large the debt has growen. The ones to profit from his WARS was his company and cronies at Haliburton and China.

  • peteserb

    Cheney was 100% wrong. Debt does matter. When Obama was in congress(2006) he complained about the national debt. It was Bush’s fault. Yet he’s manage to inflict more debt on this nation since he’s been in office, Than Clinton and Bush combined in over 10 years of spending. Of course this is irrelevant to “Progressives”.

  • ctorres

    Cheney and Bush ran up most of the current debt. Obama is responsible for approx. 7% of the current debt we face. Republican presidents, beginning with Reagan, are responsible for the rest. What an ass Cheney is. The man is a criminal and he and his puppet GWB need to face trial for the crimes they committed leading us into 2 prolonged wars.

  • oogiac

    Of course deficits don’t matter to Cheney – unless they’re Halliburton’s deficits. He couldn’t care less if ( what’s left of ) our democracy goes down the tubes, as long as his political and economic craw is sated. Treason, thy name is Cheney!

  • kadee

    Dick Cheney is pure evil !!! He’s running his mouth now because he’s confident he’ll never be charged with war crimes he’s committed!!! Obama inherited this mess. People

  • jardona1957

    Cheney is a straight up idiot. I agree the deficit didn’t matter when he and bush was in the office. They started a war under false pretenses. Still haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction. They destroyed our country and still are doing so with this senseless war. The economy was destroyed by the bush-cheney regime. They had 8 yrs to tear this country down and they did a damn good job of doing. President Obama has been trying to get the country back on it’s feet but those damn ignorant ass republicans go against everything he has tried to do. The republicans are only interested in hurting Obama not helping the country. They need to realize they’re not hurting Obama he has money. He had money before he became president. So who are the republicans really hurting, US the American people. They are so being stupid while thinking their being smart. If I were president I would do what I thought was best for the people in my country and if the damn republicans don’t like it they can always go find another country to live in. The republicans act as though they don’t have any family members on welfare, homeless, jobless or without healthcare. They act as though only Democrats are in those situations. Republicans are all a bunch of freaking stooges. If you’re not rich and republican you’re not important to them. If you can’t grease their palms you’re of no use to them. They need to go find their own island to live on. President Obama needs to stop trying to keep the peace between the 2 parties and do what he feels is best for the people. To Hell with those damn idiotic republicans they don’t need anything their families are taken care of. No republican lost their jobs or anything else according to the way they act.

  • Makaainana

    Obama said if there was clear evidence of torture the persons would be prosecuted, but he wanted to look forward not backwards.

    Well Cheney has admitted he authorized it so how clear do you need to get?

    Come on Mr. Chief Law Enforcement officer do your job. No man is above the law, right?????????????

  • Jim Mueller


    Nice job on calling out John for his idiotic analogy. I’ve seen some real stupid stuff written on the internet but John’s is probably the worst. Don’t dumb it down for me John – OK??

    Cheney is unbelievable. While I did not agree with much of what Geo Bush did as president at least he has taken the high road like so many before him and has kept his opinions to himself. Cheney is the architect who drove us into this ditch (get the analogy John? are you still with me?) has no shame.

  • kadee

    Cheney wants attention. His statement that he didn’t vote for Obama was a waste of time, it’s obvious he didn’t. Dick Chaney is going to hell!! It has been enlarged to make room for him and his kind

  • Ginico

    According to a chart published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Office of Management and Budget the Obama debt is $2.4 trillion from Oct. 2009-July 2011 – covers stimulous spending,tax cuts and effects of 2007-09 recession in lost revenues and in automatic spending, like unemployment. It appears to me that no matter who was President, this spending would have occurred given the shape of the economy when Bush left office and the unemployment snowballing down the hill at a rate of 700,000 jobs a month. Until our politicians decide to do something about the trade deficit, this will not change. You can’t let 300M jobs leave the country, give incentives to companies to do this and expect that our unemployment problem will rebound. Other Industrial countries are also trading globally, but they have protected their labor forces . . . why can’t we do the same? Answer, the Republicans are in the pockets of the multinationals and will refuse to let the status quo change. They are destroying our country!

  • zip cortese

    cheney and his daughter liz are the most Arrogant,Felfcentered,e’goistical things in my life time.

  • noreasterbybirth

    Ginico, you need to recheck your numbers. The national debt was $5.6 trillion in 2000, $10.0 trillion in 2008 and $14.7 trillion today. I am not defending Cheney, Bush, Clinton, Reagan or Obama. Deficits and surpluses were realized during all administrations. The cold hard fact that is unavoidable is that Mr. Obama has added $4.7 trillion to our national debt in 2 and 3/4 years. Left unchecked it would translate into $13.7 trillion additional dollars in debt in 8 years, the same amount of time that Bush accumulated $4.4 trillion dollars.
    Are either leadership models worry of emulating? No! But our current course is untenable.
    As far as Cheney is concerned, I really think that we can do without any further words of wisdom from him. He had his time and history will write his legacy. He really need not bother.

  • Ginico

    Numbers came from a chart published by the Denver Post on July 11,2011 showing a total debt of $14.3 trillions broken down as follows: Obama $2.4 T, Bush, $6.1T, Clinton $1.4 trillion, Bush I 1.5T, Reagan $1.9T, before Reagan $1.0. It also gave a breakdown of to whom we owe the money: $1.5T the Public, 1.4T China, 0.9T Japan, Britain, Oil exporting countries, 1.9T Other Countries, $1.6T Federal Reserve System, $2.7T Social Security, 1.5T Other Government Trust Funds. The source listed is Department of the Treasury, Fianacial Management Service, Bureau of the Public Works, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Office of Management and Budget. A breakdown of the GW Bush $6.1 Trillion, run up between Oct. 2001-Sept. 2009: tax cuts, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, economic downturn in 2001 and recession starting in 2007. This was originally published by the New York Times. So you tell me where you got your figures?

  • Ginico

    Besides that, a great deal of Obama debt is dealing with the hand that was left to him by Bush, and the resulting costs of unemployment and lost revenues. If we get our employment numbers back up, some of that will be resolved, but when you have the other party stonewalling, filibustering everything, to accomplish their #1 goal to make Obama a one term President – how can anything get done. I hoping for some straight talk from Obama on the situation tomorrow night. This didn’t start with Bush, it goes back 30 years with Reagan policies. We can’t lose 300M jobs overseas and not protect our workers. The rich don’t lose a thing, they keep investing in the big multi-national companies and hedge funds, running up the price of food and oil, and their money keeps pouring in, which is the biggest cause of the disparity of income wealth in this nation, along with the 180 tax breaks that Alan Simpson of the Simpson-Bowles said that they identified in the tax code. Time for some big time changes to level out the playing field for the other 90% of the people!

  • noreasterbybirth

    The numbers were obtained from the National Treasury website and from Our National Debt website.
    The only other question I have is how can “the other party” be stonewalling the president when for the first 2 years of his term he had control of all 3 branches of the legislature and currently has control of 2 out of the 3? At what point in time does he need to start taking responsibility for the lack of direction in this country economically? Is it next year, next term, or never? I just want to know so I can start the clock on Obama’s policies and close the book on Bush’s policies. I also enjoy the blame game this administration provides for it’s failed policies including, but not limited to, the Japan tsunami, the Arab Spring and flooding on the East coast.
    Luckily Bush dud not have to deal with the Dot Com bust, 9/11 attacks, Katrina and Ike, overseas wars sanctioned by Congress and the collapse of the housing market thanks to Freddie and Fannie……Oh wait. He did!

  • Chaucerguy

    There is little doubt that the hypocritical Dick Cheney is the epitome of the recent Republican Party, the party that I have renamed the “2% Party,” as the only people they are interested in are the highest earning two percent of our population who now control over 70% of the national wealth. One previous writer commented correctly that the tax breaks to the rich certainly did not create any new jobs during the Bush Administration and since, and, unfortunately, there are few like Warren Buffet in that group who think they should be paying more taxes. Significantly, President Obama’s recent call for a further stimulus for jobs removes many tax deductions for those making more than $200,000 per year, about the starting salary of our Congress members. See how well your Congressman/woman reacts to paying more taxes, and then you will know better what I mean about the 2% Party. Spread the news to Dick Cheney: we remember what you did!