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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • Ann

    The GOP want to go back to the kings, the king has everything, the people starve. That is what happened in France before the revolution, then it was off with the kings heads. That is the future of the GOP.

    • And soon if they don’t stop there crap !!

    • SaneJane

      Their followers want a king. I have been thinking about this but not sure I can articulate my thoughts. Conservatives love to say that liberals want to be attached to the government teat. However, I think the Republican minions want a sovereign leader that will protect them and provide a clear course for them to follow. They are more comfortable with the lord and surf setup. Their constant demand for independence, self-reliance and state’s rights is questionable when they blindly and obediently adhere to lock-set ideals that do not benefit them. They fear change, progress, foreigners, and weak members of the village that might drag them down too. Provide a focus for their fear and hatred and they will fall at the feet of the provider. Why would they vote against their own self interests unless they valued the interests of the King more than their own?