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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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31 responses to “Closing Time At The GOP”

  1. Swedishone says:

    Get together Congrees and save America, what the hell is the matter with you anway ?

    • southpaw91244 says:

      Swedishone, you and I both know what is the matter with congress! Too many “Tea Partiers” who do not realize that their stupid strategy will drag us back close to where we were in 2008!

    • Progressive Patriot says:

      What do you mean, Swedishone? Please educate us.

  2. capn_america_2 says:

    The GOP is running scared. Still, one has to admit that they are putting on one heck of a Bravado Act, with Boehner, Saxby and the rest side stepping questions on compromise. Apparently, they think that no concessions is almost the same as keeping tax breaks for the rich.

    When the Titanic sank, it was basically First Class that got to the boats. The lesson to be learned is that, with a little sacrifice and planning, we all, or most, can make it even in this economy.

    Congress-both sides, please try to act as adults and work with the rest of the country.

    • Progressive Patriot says:


      I’m sure the Pol’s are scared, as their future with the electorate is in question. I don’t think that their corporate masters are scared though. They are too arrogant, and have been playing the “long game,” for more than 40 years. They believe that they have too much at stake and they greedily push to extend their corporate and aristocratic entitlements for themselves and their future generations. They have no intention to step aside, and allow the average american access to the lifeboat.

      We will have to fight for it.

    • Boehner has nothing to lose by getting a compromise deal done by the end of December. He suspects that both Kantor and Ryan are going to try for his job. Dang – that’ll be scary. Can you imagine either of those two reactionary mooks as the number 3 in our government?

      • a80a says:

        BARON, PLEASE PERISH THE THOUGHT . lets hope ryan loses his job in the next election.

        • Hillbilly says:

          Even if we don’t live in Wisconsin we can do like outside money did in the recall election of Walker and Ryan’s election start sending money now to The Democrats for the specific purpose of defeating Ryan. Also start a letter writing campaign to all the newspapers in his district reminding people that he isn’t representing them just himself, his wife and the rest of the rich in their district and the United States. That Ryan had rather see this Country destroyed than have him and the rest of the rich in this Country pay their fair share in taxes and close loopholes that allows him and the rest of the rich pay less in taxes on their millions earned each year in portion to what people making less than $40,000 ,00 pay. It would also be a way to remind Ryan that the only reason the Republican still has control of the House of Representatives is the way Republicans Controlled states like Tennessee redrew their districts(Tennessee has one district that covers counties in three divisions of the state, goes from the east through of the middle to the western division of the state, the division that reelected the Doctor that slept with women patients and did drugs with them District 4) If we start now we can give who ever runs against Ryan a very big war chest.

          • Julie Conner says:

            I find that running for two jobs simultaneously is very unethical, seems like Ryan had not much faith in his running mate or himself. Surely the GOP must have learned something?! To elect him to the No. 3 position is unthinkable.

          • capn_america_2 says:

            Unfortunately, the Wisc elections board required Ryan to run in both races. Something about the timing of the convention prohibited another candidate from qualifying. Their rule, our loss.

            I dont see him as Speaker. Too many Tea Party members were defeated. Yeah!

            Heard an interesting point recently about states with higher unemployment and welfare rates. States with GOP/Tea Party gov’ts who laid off govt workers, teachers, etc. and lower taxes for the wealthy. The exact plans that the GOP wants.

  3. Fubom says:

    Hmmmmm. Where have all the trolls gone. Guess the repubs quit paying them to post.

    • Progressive Patriot says:

      I was wondering the same thing, Fubom. 🙂

    • Bill says:

      Bozo showed up yesterday with his usual quote. I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned that he predicted a landslide victory but it was for Romney. Bozo is the all-knowing one who claimed that FEMA and the President were ignoring all of the white in Long Island, Staten Island and Coney Island, I don’t think he has ever been to these places. Coney Island is hardly populated with white people and the other 2 areas are not white strongholds either.

    • northroader1775 says:

      they are on townhall plotting the revolution…it’s pretty scary overthere…serious wackos

  4. ObozoMustGo says:

    And now…. the REAL Cartoon Of The Day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “When Obozo called the SEALs, they got Bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obozo, they got denied.” – Navy SEAL’s Facebook posting that was censored and then later uncensored

    “Based on information that we — our initial information — we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack; that we saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video.” – Jay Carney on Sept 17th responding to questions about what caused the Benghazi attacks on our consulate on 9/11, despite email evidence that shows Obozo knew it was a terrorist attack moments after it started.

  5. bpai99 says:

    Get real – there is no problem the GOP has with winning over the next few election cycles that cannot be solved simply by making it much harder for non-whites to vote. Do that successfully and bingo- the demographics issue goes away.

  6. Jim Lou says:

    I guess that they need a drink or 2 to drown their sorrows..,.

  7. Ford Truck says:

    I happen to be an “Old Fat White Guy” but I am also a very proud and loud Democrat in a ridiculously Republican state (Nebraska). I have white, black, and brown friends, I defend women’s rights to make their own health decisions, I support the Affordable Health Care act, I oppose cuts to social assistance, I oppose increases in military spending, and I think the rich should pay the same tax percentage as I do to help pay for all these things!!

    Knowing full well that my state of Nebraska would go Republican, I have still PROUDLY voted for Obama twice. What I am saying is that I am living proof that not all of us “Old Fat White Guys” belong to Republican Club the cartoon refers to.

    • northroader1775 says:

      I am middle aged white guy who is putting on weight but still hasn’t admitted he’s fat, living and loudly talking in Alaska. The difference is up here everyone is already armed even at the gas station…so you do have to be a little careful who you antagonize.

      but voted Obama..Obama..and even Kerry and Gore….

  8. Plznnn says:

    It is not that White People are in the Republican Party, it is that recently almost all minorities join the Democrat Party, and are the Party of Division. Not very long ago, Whites voted for Obama, and many Democrats were White as well. A prosperous country of low unemployment, debt and spending will help ALL, no matter their color, race, gender or wealth.

    • northroader1775 says:

      So start leaning on tea baggers to work toward that end Plznnn…we are all already working toward that goal why not get on board the reality train and stop pretending trickle down works…it has been completely debunked as a concept and has failed three times miserably as a practice. Let’s let it die, stop the CPR…let it go. We need new solutions to real problems not fake solutions to conspiracy theories.

    • Hillbilly says:

      I know trickle down doesn’t work having been a victim of it twice. Reagan had the courage to admit trickle down didn’t work and raised taxes on the rich including himself at least 6 or more times. So why don’t you stop with the lies and saying trickle down works it doesn’t all it does is make people like your heroes Romney, Ryan and the rest of the richer. When a billionaire like Warren Buffet says trickle down doesn’t work that is who you should listen to not tea party members like the Koch brothers, Anniston, Murray, Romney and Ryan and the rest especially since Buffet is richer than most of them. Ryan and the Rest of the Rich Republicans were informed by Buffet and 40 other millionaires and billionaires they did not want their Bush 2 tax cuts extended in 2010-2011. As usual the Republicans didn’t listen to any one but the ones that wanted the cuts extended of course they listen to the extenders because they were the loudest ones calling for the extendtion then and now.

  9. northroader1775 says:

    oh and btw millions of “Whites” voted for Obama…MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS went with “the party of division” and multiplication and geometry and science in general WHY YOU GASP…Because it true the earth is getting warmer we are adding to the problem and no amount of bullshit and denial is going to solve our issues.

    If you want the GOP to matter at all in 8 years you had best git rid of your teabaggers and get back to the business of governing.

  10. say it as the truth the fat white guys club. They were the elite but now they are the scum.

  11. Butch says:

    ALL republicans OUT 2014.

  12. Newborn says:

    We’ll see now how patriotic the GOP/Tea really are. Before this election they risked sinking the nation with their prospect of making this President a one term President. This time, having lost the election it doesn’t make sense to stop the 4 year’s second term of the President with suicidal actions. Unless their hatred is abyssal.

  13. TitanPaul says:

    LOL.They did it to themselves these right wing nut gobs to the bitter end!

  14. Gilbert says:

    These guys are stupid! First of all, George Bush never intended for his tax cuts to be permanent. There was a hefty surplus in place, and so he decided to spread the joy around… he did, however, put a sunset date on the tax cuts. Somehow, the spoiled bunch of whiners in Congress now, can’t grasp that. The two wars should have given them pause to re-think the tax cuts, but they are too self-centered and greedy to care about the damage done. They think they can simply blame President Obama for “wanting” to raise taxes, and that by repeating this allegation we are supposed to vote for them. If this country crashes down into another depression… they wont have to worry about their grandchildren being saddled with debt… they need to think about their children, grandchildren, wives, etc., being kidnapped, held for ransom, and possibly murdered… like they do in Mexico.

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