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Friday, August 18, 2017

9 Responses to Congress Realizes That Anyone Can Now Carry A Gun In D.C.

  1. I do not advocate the “Second Amendment” solution to America’s problems, but I could see it coming if the GOP continues to “govern” as they have been. And it would be ironic if one of THEIR people were the first to suffer under the rhetoric that THEY started several years ago (one of them, I believe it was Sarah Palin, or maybe that nutcase lady in Nevada, actually coined that phrase). How many of us know that Dr. Guillotin and Robespierre, originators of the infamous beheading device, were eventually among its victims?

    Save a GOP Congressman’s life. Vote Democratic in November.

    • That is terrible! You just gave everyone on this site the perfect reason to vote Republican in November. Are you some sort of shill or troll?

      • On the contrary, my intent was to give people a reason to vote for Democrats in November, by pointing out that the victims of such violence often include the people who first instigated it. If the GOP Congressmen are not re-elected, there is no reason for fanatics to try to assassinate them. OUR candidates know they are targets already (one has already survived a head shot, which, fortunately for our country, was not politically motivated). They are to be admired for running in states and districts where potential political assassins have made threats, and the President can provide them with Secret Service protection. I can, unfortunately, see a possible future in which candidates for the House and Senate, like candidates for President, are given such protection, but if that is what it takes to stop the insanity of fanatics who want to nullify the votes of millions with a bullet, that is what may have to happen.

        But no, I would NOT advocate voting Republicans (back) into office just to save Democrats from being threatened. Potential candidates who fear being shot (such as myself, which is one reason I would never qualify) will not run for office; those who do run will know the risk and have the courage to run anyway. And that may improve the moral fiber of our politics, since crooks are not noted for risking their lives for the sake of a “heist.”

        • Allan, I have read enough of your posts to know where you stand. I was being facetious. However, with the proliferation of firearms AND crazies, the killing of people with whom the crazies disagree just seems like a short walk down the street. Thank God Gabby Giffords is still alive, but she was unable to return to her post. Since the shooting and her erstwhile recovery, she has been prominent in her public demands for change, as has been Reagan’s Press Secretary, Brady. Again facetiously, it would end a lot of our problems (in two ways) if Republicans took over. First, they would most likely be weeded out through assassination, and, second, the country would see for real what an America under Republican rule would look like, and that would shut that book for generations.

  2. With their approval rating as low as it is, I’ll bet they will start looking over their shoulders now.

  3. And Republicans want to reduce the size of the government? Let’s see, now, 100 senators plus 435 Representatives plus 9 Supreme Court Justices and how many federal district and appeals judges and a dozen or so Cabinet Secretaries and thousands of other government employees within the beltway at four Secret Service agents per comes out to how many NEW government employees? And we thought Defense had a lock on spending.

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