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Saturday, February 23, 2019


Representative Robert Pittenger (R-NC), a Congressman whose district includes parts of Charlotte, where Keith Lamont Scott was killed by police, told BBC Newsnight this week that protesters “hate white people, because white people are successful and they’re not.”

According to Pittenger, it’s this – and not the unjust killings of black Americans at the hands of police – that is driving the protests in Charlotte.

Pittenger continued his tone-deaf comments, adding, “It is a welfare state. We have spent trillions of dollars on welfare, and we’ve put people in bondage, so they can’t be all that they’re capable of being.”

North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds called Pittenger’s comments “inexcusable.”

“At a time when we need calm and understanding while we learn more about the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, Congressman Pittenger is fanning the flames of hate with his racist rhetoric. This sort of bigotry has become all too common under the party of Donald Trump. Our great state should not be represented by someone who would make such hateful comments.”

After receiving criticism from all sides, Pittenger posted a response to the controversy on his website and apologized through a series of tweets.

He also appeared on CNN with host Don Lemon and tried to explain away his comments by stating they “weren’t meant in the context of how many viewed them.”

“Let’s walk through what you said,” Lemon pressed Pittenger. “You said, ‘They hate us — they hate us because we’re successful, they hate white people because we’re successful.’ How is that taken out of context, with all due respect?”


Pittenger responded, “I’ve come on the air to apologize in every way I can.”

Photo: Protesters walk in the streets downtown during another night of protests over the police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 22, 2016.  REUTERS/Mike Blake

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34 responses to “Congressman: Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People Because White People Are Successful’”

  1. I of John says:

    The sheer ignorance of these statements from the far right lately is astounding not to mention brutally blatant.

    • Daniel Jones says:

      Vaas Montenegro would be all over this moron. They have always tried to promote that fallacy, but to keep on doing this in the last four months of a black President’s second term is nothing short if the Far Cry 3 character’s infamous rant on the definition of insanity.

  2. RED says:

    Sick puke!!! Does anyone think Paul Ryan thinks any different? Or any the sick Cons? Nope! If you don’t recognize this as part of their ideology, you’re a moron. And as ugly and disgusting as their sick racism is, it doesn’t end there. They feel the same way and look down on everyone who isn’t a soulless, bloodsucking thief like themselves, what they refer to as “successful.” Personally I’m considering opening a guillotine business, I think there is gonna huge growth in sales of that product soon.

  3. AgLander says:

    She didn’t need to specify white successful people as the target of the rioters anger. A significant portion of them are driven simply by blind hate directed at anyone who is leading a productive American life, including members of their own race, sometimes ESPECIALLY targeted towards their own race. It is vividly demonstrated even by comments made at this site by commenters…”Aaron of Portsmouth” being a particularly sad, pathetic example. He is on record in his numerous comments posted here in condemning his fellow backs who have merged successfully into the American economy by verbally isolating and dismissing them as (his words) “uncle tom’s, “sell outs”, and “step-‘n-fetch”. As long as we have that type of bigoted, and ethnocentrist racism widespread and growing within the A/A community we will have no chance to progress and live up to MLK’s vision.

    • Daniel Jones says:

      With apologies to Christmas Carollers:

      Stupid, flaming baiter moron; hAg-a-hAg-a-hAg-a-sLander tool.

      Tries to incite pain and so on; hAg-a-hAg-a-hAg-a-sLander fool.

      Flames fly faster than a comet; hAg-a-hAg, hAg-a-hAg, hAg A hAg!

      It just makes me want to vomit; hAg-a-hAg, hAg-a-hAg, please feel schooled.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      No surprise to find you here defending racism. It must be awful being such an impotent failure, but I’m sure there are more effective solutions that soiling yourself in public.

    • Independent1 says:

      And just more worthless ramblings from another right-wing worthless human being. You really do need to get a life there moron!!!

    • Cher says:

      You are completely wrong. There are millions of successful black people and we enjoy excellent relationships with those who are less fortunate. Those people that get labeled as Uncle Tom’s, etc., are usually those who announce their superiority to other black people and enjoy demeaning the black race, totally ignoring the institutionalized struggles in the history to the delight of white bigots.

      • AgLander says:

        Please point out where I made any claim that the entire A/A community was infected with the type of separatist ethnocentric racism as displayed by a significant part of the BLM movement and also individual A/A intra-racial racists like “Aaron of Portsmouth” who often comments here and viciously attacks his fellow black brothers whom he accuses of selling out to their culture when they simply lead an industrious and successful life within society as a whole. .

        • The lucky one says:

          “Please point out where I made any claim that the entire A/A community was infected with the type of separatist ethnocentric racism” Technically correct but you did say the “infection”, to use the moronic term you did, is “appearing to be widespread and growing”. Just admit you’re a dyed in the wool hater and let it go at that.

          • AgLander says:

            And please acknowledge that you and your fellow wing nut leftist at this site have no tolerance for views other than those that are in lock step with your strict orthodoxical political and social radicalism, not to mention the absurd display of closed minded authoritarianism masquerading as liberalism! Sorry, but if you expect a one way dialogue, you will not get it here from me, no matter how much discomfort it causes you!

          • The lucky one says:

            I can’t speak for anyone but myself. True enough that there is a lot of authoritarianism on the left but certainly the right is no different in that regard. Your hero Trump is worse than most on either side. In Trump’s America criticism of the rich and powerful would be prohibited except by other rich and powerful people. Having a good lawyer will become a prerequisite for public criticism.

            Don’t worry about any discomfort you cause me. It’s at the level of a mosquito buzzing around that is easily shooed away or swatted. Swatting pests like you is fun actually though it quickly becomes boring with the witless like you and most of your fellow Trumpsters.

            I wouldn’t accuse you of being orthodox unless consistent stupidity, crudeness and a generally clueless understanding are seen as orthodoxy.

          • dtgraham says:

            I wouldn’t give in to this narrative from the right about left wing authoritarianism. It’s mostly just the right thing to do in a 21st century civilized culture, but it’s authoritarian to them. The condemnation of racialized hate speech is simply the right thing to do, but it’s authoritarian to them. Insisting that gay people have equal rights to everyone else is simply the right thing to do, but it’s authoritarian to them. Etc, etc…

            You know, please let me act like an A-hole or you’re being authoritarian.

        • Cher says:

          I have no idea who this Aaron of Portsmouth is that you believe speaks for a significant portion of the black population. I have not followed the BLM movement so can not speak to their membership. I don’t know how many members they have or what their leadership hierarchy is, nor do I know anyone who knows anything about them. Is this Aaron person an officer of the organization? I don’t know why you put so much credence in what he says?

          • Oddworld says:

            He’s presumably an African American who frequently posts here. As a matter of fact one of his comments is above. He doesn’t hate, he just speaks a different truth then those of the right-wing.

          • dpaano says:

            Aaron is a poster on this website….he’s very knowledgeable and a lot of people agree with his posts. As for Aglander….he’s a Trump troll, and we generally ignore him/her completely!

  4. dtgraham says:

    I’ve made the observation a couple of times that race plays a greater role in American politics than many want to admit to. It took me a while to catch onto it. I had previously thought that it was largely an anachronism of the past. However, these comments from Robert Pittenger are also emblematic of something else that occurred to me during the primaries. That something else is class.

    I started noticing the number of comments here about the type of people who these posters imagined must support Bernie Sanders. The thinking was that they must be mostly poorly educated financial losers irrespective of race, or why would they support such a political philosophy? One of these posters was just beside himself one time wanting to know my personal background, because he strongly suspected that I was his intellectual and financial inferior…and said so in those exact words. I must be. After all, why else would I like Bernie Sanders?

    Race and class are very often intertwined in U.S. politics where one is virtually seen as the other, but class can surprisingly stand by itself too. I found that out.

  5. njguy54 says:

    Oh well… So much for Trump’s “I’m not racist” initiative.

  6. Oddworld says:

    Pittenger responded, “I’ve come on the air to apologize in every way I can”. In other words he isn’t sorry for what he said because he spoke his true feelings the first time and it is beyond him to respond any differently. I notice too racists tend to use the “my comments were taken out of context” card whenever they say something offensive. In an odd way PC has given them a cover, one that has forced them into using vague and coded phrases so that decent people aren’t sure of the meaning. So I say let them speak the way they truly think and feel. If we allow them to just be themselves then they will be exposed to all Americans for the scum they are.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      FYI, it’s so commonplace for dim-witted bigots to do this that “nonpology” is in danger of becoming an actual dictionary word.

    • Jon says:

      You are right to encourage them to speak the way they truly think and feel. The 1st Amendment gives everyone the right to express their opinion without regard to its stupidity. By speaking the way he thinks and feels, Pittenger leaves nothing to guess about. You don’t have to wonder whether or not you are supporting a racist when you vote for him. You know you are.

      • Oddworld says:

        Thanks for understanding. Why give them a shield they can hide behind? For all the right-wing blustering going on about Political Correctness, the right-wing has tremendously benefited from it. It’s given them the ability to re-brand themselves in order to appeal to people who don’t see what they really stand for.

  7. Another Republican feels the uncontrollable urge to let the genie of Ignorance within to escape into the open.
    This idiotic view of the history and development of American values as the Congressman vainly imagines is a direct consequence of having led a sheltered life with no interaction with black people, no intellectual curiosity to read and reflect on America’s past, and a mental stupor that defies an explanation that can be summed up in less than a page.

    This is a perfect exemplar of the decadence and incurious nature of the segment of America called “Conservatives”. Intellectual torpor begets intellectual torpor, and like the opening in Genesis, the Republicans have been doing a lot of begetting.

  8. Just a follow-up on what I wrote concerning the theme of “anti-Christ”.
    There are innumerable examples of bestial behavior since America’s founding, proceeding further during the westward expansion of the country, reaching a plateau during the appalling era of mass lynchings in America, and today with rising tensions between conservatives and the police, and the black community.

    The atrocities committed in the past and again today outnumber what the Taliban and other Muslim terrorists have committed. In both instances of atrocities here and abroad, the main underlying cause has been the condition called “Anti-Christ”.

    Below are samples of descriptions of this condition:

    Antichrist in the Bahá’í Writings

    1) “We do not believe in the Anti-Christ in the sense the Christians do. Anyone who violently and determinedly sought to oppose the Manifestation could be called an ‘anti-Christ’, such as the Vazir in the Bab’s day, Haji Mirza Aqasi.” (Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance [hereafter LOG] #987, pp. 366-67.

    2) Shoghi Effendi gives examples of the Biblical definition of the “antichrist” by citing
    a couple of individuals who displayed such qualities:

    “Siyyid Muhammad, the Antichrist of the Bahá’í Revelation … the Antichrist of the Babi Revelation, Haji Mirza Aqasi …” (Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, [hereafter GPB] 164)

    3) Abdu’l-Bahá broadened the definition of the antichrist to not only include anyone who opposes the Manifestation, but also anyone who goes against Their teachings and laws:
    “These wars and cruelties, this bloodshed and sorrow are Antichrist.” (Abdu’l-Bahá, Promulgation of Univ. Peace [hereafter PUP] 6)
    “Whenever discord prevails instead of unity, whenever hatred and antagonism take the place of love and fellowship, Antichrist reigns instead of Christ.” (Abdu’l-Bahá, PUP 6)

    So, from these few citations, it should be clear how the likes of the committers of atrocities in the past, and where bigots in America, and religious fanatics in the East stand today in regards to the implication of the term “anti-Christ”.

    Just my perceptions and attempt to relate the social/spiritual climate today with what is expected of us by Baha’u’llah.

  9. eucarist3 says:

    I’m confused by Representative Pittenger’s logic:

  10. dpaano says:

    Pittenger is pitiful!!!

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