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Saturday, October 22, 2016

paul broun

At long last, a Republican congressman is following his conscience and speaking out in opposition to Representative Paul Ryan’s extreme right-wing budget. But Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) doesn’t oppose the Ryan plan for the reasons you might think.

Broun, who is running to replace the retiring Saxby Chambliss in the Senate, penned a New York Times op-ed titled “Ryan’s Ax Isn’t Sharp Enough” Tuesday, in which he slammed Ryan’s plan for not being extreme enough.

“The latest budget proposal by Representative Paul D. Ryan, called ‘The Path to Prosperity,’ is anything but,” Broun wrote. “It fails to seriously address runaway government spending, the most pressing problem facing our nation.”

According to Broun, Ryan’s budget — which would cut over $700 billion from Medicaid by converting it into a block grant to states, shift the cost of Medicare onto seniors by turning it into a voucher, and slash an additional $926 billion from crucial programs including food stamps, Pell grants, and federal job-training programs — is merely “nibbling around the edges.”

“Rather than nibbling around the edges as the Ryan proposal does, we must do all of this and much more now,” Broun wrote. “The only way to protect our nation’s financial future as well as our citizens’ liberty is to stop the outrageous spending in Washington and permanently reduce the size of our overreaching federal government.”

To do so, Broun proposes eradicating the federal government as we know it, eliminating the departments of Energy and Education — “Constitutionally speaking, the federal government should not have a role in K-12 public education anyway,” Broun argues — along with ending the federal highway financing system and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Additionally, given that Broun is a proud member of the House Tea Party Caucus, it comes as no surprise that he demands the repeal of Obamacare.

Broun’s extreme proposals have no chance of passing into law, but they should seriously worry Georgia Republicans. Although Saxby Chambliss’ Senate seat seems like it should be a safe Republican hold, Broun — who has made headlines for labeling evolution and the big bang theory as “lies straight from the pit of Hell,” and for claiming that “the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution” — fits the Todd Akin mold of a fringe candidate who could blow an easy campaign.

Broun’s op-ed may be a blessing in disguise for the state party, however, as it could contribute to stopping him from winning the nomination. Recent polling has already shown the Georgia race to be very competitive, and every controversial comment that Broun makes leaves him with longer odds of prevailing in the Republican primary. If Ryan’s budget helped sink his popularity to 35 percent, then Broun’s endorsement of an even more extreme version of it certainly doesn’t bode well for his political future.

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    Every Democrat in America can only hope he gets a Senate nomination.

  • docb

    He is a indiot and a liar…Get rid of broun for the sanity and security of the Nation!

    • Broun demonstrates a rigidity of perception. His denial of evolution suggests a mentality of the 1500’s.

      • …and some Georgians are eating it up! Let’s not forget that the values embraced by politicians are a reflection of those of their respective constituencies.

      • english_teacher

        I think the 1500s would still be too liberal for Broun as it was in that period that the Renaissance was hitting its peak. I’d say this philistine’s mentality is more reflective of the 10th century at the most.

        • CPAinNewYork

          Go easy on the Philistines. They have a bad reputation because of the disparaging things written about them in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was written by Jews,c who were the sworn enemies of the Philistines.

          • english_teacher

            I had a hard time coming up with something. I wanted to use “neanderthal” but they were more intelligent and liberal than Broun. My apologies to the Philistines.

      • docb

        That recent, grunge?

  • Unfortunately. our own Sen. Reid is not much better than the Tea Party nuts that are destroying the GOP. When he agreed to take assault weapons out of the meaningless gun control legislation that is being negotiated in Congress to ensure Senators from red states running for re-election are not affected, he lost my support forever. He could walk on water and, as far as I am concerned, he would still be a whimp.

    • Senator Reid has also made some interesting accusations that are made up in his head. But no doubt, his packaging of the gun legislation, has assured its defeat.

      • lana ward

        Remember how he LIED about Romney. He’s a small man. A lying, coward little buzzard!!! 🙂

    • lana ward

      I told you he was a little coward, lying buzzard, look how he lied about Romney

    • johninPCFL

      Dom, We agree on many things, but the effects of the “ban” they are talking about is questionable and the effects would take decades to be seen. There were no declines in gun deaths after the last ban was enacted, the variations could not statistically be linked to the weapons that were banned, and the rates of gun deaths are flat after the ban was lifted. The weapons banned continued to be used at the pre-ban levels in crimes and suicides dring the ban period. (gunpolicyDOTorg/firearms/region/united-states has an excellant rundown)
      Most guns used in crimes are purchased, and there is no support for confiscation of previously bought weapons. Therefore the availability of the banned weapons starts to decline at the start of the ban, but certainly is not zero. After years of person-to-person sales, the price will increase (smaller quantities generally makes for higher prices) and the main supply for crime will fall to stolen guns (an even smaller supply.) As I said, decades.

  • WhutHeSaid

    Yet another vile and despicable nut-bag to remind America what it doesn’t need. Let’s start shrinking government by throwing the rest of these Tea Bigots out of office. As tempted as we might be to allow these nut-balls to stay on board and sabotage GOP chances of winning future elections, we must not encourage wacky, lying, bigoted redneck goobers by allowing them to believe that their behavior is in any way acceptable.

    • lana ward

      That is a great post about Harry Reid!! He’s a lying, coward buzzard

      • Ken Walker

        lana ward, Are you obsessed with Harry Reid? This is the 3rd post from you saying the same thing. I don’t care for Harry either, but you must broaden your horizan.

        • lana ward

          I have to take turns with these God awful commies, I mean dems

        • plc97477

          It probably wouldn’t hurt if she got a life also

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    If there’s one thing the GOP male bullies are expert at, it’s got to be their ability to slit throats to get ahead. They will say and do anything in the extreme to do the oneupmanship baloney no one but the GOP is falling for.

    So now the budget isn’t austere enough? Oh really? And is this GOP austerity aimed at ALL Americans? Or is this another GOP gaming of the system to stack cards against the paying Middle Class? These guys are a joke and a half.

    Attack SS, Medicare and Medicaid but let’s hand out another tax cut …the 4th since 2004 so the hoochie coochies on Wall Street have ample funds to play more reckless high risk games. Can anyone remind these loonies of the right that when YOU play risk YOU not the rest of the country bails YOU out?

    So now we have the Daycare Generation brats all chomping at the bit to get what’s left of their parents 4 or more decades of payroll tax deductions. In the minds of these twerps, all payroll deductions should become the sole domain of privatized Wall Street high risk investors who dump their risk on everyone but themselves. Grow up Little Bois…Moving out of the McMansions at age 35 isn’t going to allow you to retire on your McParents SS and Medicare in 5 years. Work those butts off like your parents had to for the things they earned in this life. Stop trying to slime past the dirty work so you can text all day long and earn 6 figures for 15 minutes worth of keyboarding on the computers.

  • Lee Trevino

    As their own party report concluded, another white old molded Republican. He has the mentality not of the 1960s but rather 1860s. Although I’m a Texan, I’m embarrassed to see that the South still has these anachronistic politicians who actually think they’re great Americans, when in real life, they represent the past, 200 years past.

  • midway54

    This guy is the worst rightwing lunatic in the House, and that is going some because of all the scoundrels in it who qualify for the designation stumbling all over themselves to serve the plutocrats. His presence is obscene and disgraceful and speaks volumes about the pure ignorance of his vacuous constituents.

  • roguerunners

    Yes, they need to cut deeper. Cut their pay, retirement, and medical benefits.

  • CPAinNewYork

    Another redneck idiot. Do they grow them in hothouses down there?

    • oldtack

      More than redneck idiots. This Congressman and his ilk are the “Deep South” “Bible Belt” Evangelical Fundamentalist “Christians” that masquerade under the Auspices of the “Tea Party” faction of the GOP.

      Under the “guise” of GOD and “Jesus Christ and him crucified” and the “Holy Bible” they espouse their ignorance, venom and hatred. These misguided Bigots are more of a threat to our Country than the Radical factions of the Islamic (Muslim) faith. We are alert to Radical Muslims but we are lulled into acceptance of people like this Idiot because they emulate our basic beliefs.

      Before anyone brands me as an Atheist or a “Communist” – I am a practicing Christian. There is a definite difference in a Christian and these misguided self-righteous Idiots just as there is between those of the Faith of Islam and the Radical Muslim movement. Both are very dangerous and both should be stifled in our Government before they destroy our way of life.

      • Nor is there connect to a real redneck either. None of these idots ever worked in a coal mines like the rednecks did. Redneck comes from the red scarf that they wore around their necks to cover their nose and mouth with to try to keep the coal dust out of their lungs and so they won’t get black lung. There are other names to call these idots with being disrespected to men who literally worked themselves in the coal mines before there were air breathing appartus and equipment. Paul Broun is not a christian nor is Paul Ryan or most Republicans if they were they would remember that God said to help the poor, the weak and the sick and to hate the greedy.

        • plc97477

          He also said a camel would have an easier time trying to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man into heaven

        • oldtack

          You are right on the redneck part. We are guilty as a whole in using this term. Not many people are aware of the early part of the 20th Century when many of these miners were ambushed and murdered solely because they were seeking better wages and working conditions. It is a good possibility we will face this same situation in the near future. The miners wore their red scarfs for purpose of identity when they were seeking reform. They had their red scarfs on when they were ambushed.
          I agree – none of this Ilk are practicing believing followers of the Faith. To use a GOP acronym – they are CINO;s (Christians in name only)..
          Sorry if I offended you – I will be cognizant and avoid that term in the future.

    • Do not insult rednecks by calling this idot and others like him a redneck. A redneck is a miner who worked in the coal miners before there was air breathing appartus and wore red scarfs around their neck to use as a mask when the coal dust made it hard to breathe in the mines and to try and protect their lungs against black lung disease. I as sure there are names that these idots can be called without insulting the men who literally worked themselves to death in the coal mines.

      • CPAinNewYork

        That’s interesting. i thought that the term “redneck” referred to the color of their necks from working all day in the hot sun.

        • roguerunners

          So did I…Guess you learn something new every day. 😉

  • Yes cause you didn’t lose the election from being TOO extremely stingy to Americans hurting from mismanagement of surplus- pissed it away, now expect us to cover Bush and his cronies’ ass. Make them pay back some of their war profits!

  • Ed

    Nothing new here. The repubs announced long ago they want to destroy the government. But nobody believes them! Regardless of the evidence.

    • plc97477

      Some of us believe them. More and more all the time

  • tobyspeeks

    “…and permanently reduce the size of our overreaching federal government.” This from a man who is currently applying for a cushy do nothing federal job with gold standard benefits for life. Hypocrite!

  • grannyk8

    I see this as a great plan! They can kill off the sick and poor faster and have more money for themselves. But, beware of that line that will gradually come creeping toward you as the criteria narrow.

  • sleeprn01

    The only thing straight from the pits of hell is Broun!!!!

  • Why do so many morons come from the South?

    • There just as many morons from the north as there are from the south, Romney, Ryan, Bohemner, Canter, and many others. No one section of the country has more morons than others do. That is one of the problems with this Country insteading realizing that all states have the same types of people, people want to point to just one section have more of this type or that type when all states have the same types of people, the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright dumb.

    • plc97477

      I wonder if the heat causes their brains to fry

    • Sand_Cat

      Pull out the list of the states that spend the least per capita on education: the deep south leads the list.

  • Pamby50

    What a wimp. So glad the states are getting their acts together. Colorado just passed a background check law. They also limited the clips to 15 bullets. The federal government always seems to come late to the issue. I just wish for once, they would lead.

  • Just amazing how runaway spending was not an issue for these republicans when Bush was in office. Which gave away our money to the very wealthy – entered us into 2 unpaid wars, school-no child left behind also unpaid and the donut hole , also unpaid, but it is okay, a white republican is doing it! Something fundamentally wrong with this picture!

  • jakenhyde

    Well, Mr. Rich Bitch has spoken.

  • Anna Drake

    Put them all on Unemployment.