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Saturday, January 19, 2019

(Reuters) – Some of Donald Trump’s strongest conservative supporters are voicing anger and disappointment at the president-elect’s comments on Tuesday that he might back off his campaign pledge of pursuing a prosecution of former rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump, in an interview with the New York Times, took a more compassionate tone toward the Democratic presidential nominee than during his campaign, when he talked about a possible criminal investigation of the opponent he dubbed “Crooked Hillary” if he won the White House.

Chants of “Lock her up” echoed throughout his campaign rallies, with Trump supporters angrily alleging corruption related to her use of a private email server while secretary of state and to foreign contributions received by the Clinton Foundation charity.

“She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious,” Trump told the Times, adding that launching an investigation was “not something I feel very strongly about.”

Conservatives who had reveled in the possibility of a Clinton prosecution were not pleased.

Breitbart News, the outlet once led by Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, published a story on Tuesday under the headline, “Broken Promise: Trump ‘Doesn’t Wish to Pursue’ Clinton email charges.”

Writer and commentator Ann Coulter also balked at the news, tweeting: “Whoa! I thought we elected (Trump) president. Did we make him the FBI, & (U.S. Department of Justice)? His job is to pick those guys, not do their jobs.”

She added no president should block “investigators from doing their jobs.”

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh asked the 2 million people who like his Facebook page for reaction and received more than 2,000 responses, many of which were livid.

“Donald J. Trump, I am hearing that you will not be pursuing Hillary email scandal and pay-to-play. If that is the case, you just proved to me and America that laws are for the poor people. That Lady Justice is not blind. That you are no different than the swamp you want to drain. If true, you have just spit in my face and so many others,” Facebook user Donald Marks wrote.

Some Republicans have backed the shift, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a close Trump adviser, who told reporters on Tuesday that while he would have supported an investigation, Trump had to make a “tough choice.”

“There is a tradition in American politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you,” Giuliani told ABC News.

(Reporting by Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; Editing by Peter Cooney)

IMAGE: Florida delegate Henry Allen carries a Lock Her Up sign through the Quicken Loans Arena at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday July 20, 2016. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

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70 responses to “Conservatives Bristle As Trump Backs Off Clinton Prosecution”

  1. Thoughtopsy says:

    And it begins.
    Get used to the phrase: “Broken Promises”, trolls.
    There are many many more to go.

    • dpaano says:

      Definitely…’ve been conned by the ultimate con man, and you’re going to soon see that you voted for someone that hasn’t a care in the world about how the poor and middle class survive in this nation!

    • iamproteus says:

      I wonder how all those Trumpees feel now that their god is showing them that he used them to get what he wanted and is now tossing them aside like so much used toilet paper? The Great Manipulator strikes again!

  2. Jim Stoner says:

    Maybe it is time for America to admit or at least recognize that there has never been any wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton, the Republicans know it, and their mission to lie Clinton out of the way is over. You don’t continue trying to destroy your enemy once your lies and corruption have done the job.

    • dbtheonly says:

      Jim, since when have facts mattered to the RWMO?

      The Clintons have served as the RWMO boogie persons for 25 years. It’s not easy to just let that go.

      • dpaano says:

        I agree, but it’s just sad that Hillary had to go through all the ugliness of this campaign! She maintained as much grace and poise as possible despite all the BS that was thrown at her. I respect her 100%, and it really angers me that she had to go through all that! I know that she’ll come back again some day, and until then, she’ll continue to do good things with the Clinton Foundation.

        • dbtheonly says:

          Indeed, I’m willing to let Hillary retire to her well deserved private life. Away from the vituperation, as much as possible.

    • Blueberry Hill says:

      There was an article on one of the news stories on here that showed that Hillary was the most honest of all the politicians. I passed that on to all I could at the time, but it came out just the week-end before the election. It should have come out the month before. She has never committed a crime, it was all R lies to bring down her numbers, as she was a highly rated SOS, and the Rs couldn’t stand it, had to tell lie after lie and spend Billions on phony investigations that they knew were phony. They should at least have to pay all the costs themselves, instead of the taxpayers paying for their witch hunts. The FBI cleared her and admitted that no crimes were committed. I watched all the hearings, by the way. Shameless Trump should be locked up for all his crimes, but he just skates on REAL crimes.


  3. secondclassguy says:

    Is it any wonder we see less and less candidates to choose from. Who among any of us would risk being put through this sick gauntlet.

    As for these these brain dead mass of people screaming lock her up, who are filled with hate, because hate merchants have filled their empty heads with their product, we will see them lead to our downfall. The donald has a big task ahead of him, not only does he have to reverse the foaming at the mouth mutants he created, he also has to hold together an economy who will be at the mercy of trickle down fools, who proved before that only screws everything up.

    That added to the newly formed nut jobs out there should make for a lovely time we are in for. At first i believe things will look like they are improving, but when the same enormous debt is added to the debt we already have it will get ugly, and make no mistake republicans will do it to us all over again, it’s what they do, and americans seem to have no ability to remember

    • r young says:

      Your words are my thoughts as well. It is possible we have already lost our democracy and may be on the way to even worse.

    • dpaano says:

      It’s amazing that every time we have a Republican president, the nation’s debt soars and the deficit goes up considerably. And these were ALL the things they were trying to put on President Obama, who did the exact opposite when it comes to the deficit (which, by the way, was high because he was left with Bush’s non-payment for the war he caused and the pharmacy bill he didn’t pay for). Should be interesting when his followers see that the deficit is going to go through the roof!!! It’s the way of every Republican president that we’ve had….and it took a Democratic president to clean it up.

      • secondclassguy says:

        i think we already used our last chance to recover from republican fantasy economics the last time. II can’t see them doing the same thing again and being able to survive it

      • iamproteus says:

        “Should be interesting when his followers see that the deficit is going to go through the roof!!!”

        Some will scream perhaps. There will many more, though, who will fall all over themselves in the effort to justify it.

        • dpaano says:

          I can bet that most of Trump’s “followers” don’t actually know or understand what the deficit even is! If they did, they’d be screaming already because his tax plan and his other big grandiose plans are going to drive the deficit through the roof!!!

  4. michelebenson says:

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  5. dbtheonly says:

    Trump learns that the djinn of hate, which he released, is not so easily returned to the bottle.

    Perhaps he might get President Obama to do him a favor and issue a blanket pardon? If nothing else, it’d save millions on Congressional investigations.

  6. The Old Testament conservatives are forever thirsting for blood, even though they live in the 21st Century. The lust to exact punishment, even for something as trivial as an email server, is a clear sign of a people who are inflicted with a devastating sort of cancer that destroys the soul and subsequently arrests any further acquisition of spiritual qualities which will be essential in the next world. (A careful examination of “Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah” will affirm this in much more elegant and powerful terms).

    And so, we have an electorate of “Conservatives” who are just modern-day versions of a lynch mob, intent on stringing anyone up on the flimsiest of evidence for any crime committed, no matter how insignificant the crime.

  7. If anyone should be locked up, it’s Donald Trump for crimes against women, minorities, for tax evasion(which deserves extreme investigation and disclosure), and for being the descendant of a grandfather who illegally immigrated to America after being told he would be booted out of Germany for avoiding military service. New evidence shows that grandfather Trump(Friedrich Drumpf) avoided military service, and Friedrich decided to leave for the US without notifying the German authorities.
    And now, the grandson of an illegal immigrant father wants to build a wall, and repeatedly called for locking someone up. What irony we have daily unfolding surrounding Donald on every level.

    • marriea says:

      and everything that Trump was pointing at about others, applied to himself in spandes.
      But his supporters believed him.
      Can’t wait to see how they will react when they finally accept the fact that they have been conned and it started with that ‘bither movement’
      His methods are right out of his ‘text’book.
      One didn’t even have to read the entire book.
      It’s called The Art of the Deal.
      It should be called The Art Of The Con.

  8. Dorothy Clear says:

    To Trump’s supporters, you’ve been played. Trump encouraged all that hatred and violence at his rallies and you loved it! There has never been any proof of Hillary Clinton’s breaking the law in spite of Gowdy’s and the FBI’s investigations. These investigations were a waste of taxpayer money, money that should be reclaimed from Congress.

  9. itsfun says:

    President-elect Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor. If he doesn’t so this, then get ready for politics as usual. It doesn’t take long to get the Washington attitude.

    • The lucky one says:

      Not quite as usual. Trump has already demonstrated he will use the office as a means of self-aggrandizement. He is better poised to do that than any president in modern history.

      • dpaano says:

        I wonder how many “business deals” he’s going to make with his foreign government contacts, using his office as the means of getting “great” deals! He’ll give this country away if it meant he would get more money!

    • Zengo says:

      I am interested to know which of trumps promises you are willing to hold him to and which you don’t care about – because, I hope you realize, that practically none of his promises during the campaign will be pursued

      • itsfun says:

        I am willing to hold him to all of his promises. I know that as President there Is only so much he can do. I expect him to push for every one of his promises. He was elected by people that expect him to stand by his word. I am one of those people. Not standing by his word is the main reason I lost respect for Obama as a President and a man. If President elect Trump shows the same lack of character he will lose my support and respect also. That is one reason having both the House and Senate controlled by the Republicans is so important for him.

        • Ladyred497 says:

          You’ve been had. Others tried to tell you he was nothing but a conman. There will be no wall. There will be no prosecution. There will be no jobs. There will be no Muslim Registry. There will be no Millions of deportations. Sadly, there will be no Taco Stands on every corner since he won either.

          • itsfun says:

            I don’t think so. He hasn’t been in office for even one day and already is being attacked for not doing what he promised. He never said there would be a Muslim Registry. That was proposed by someone on his staff, not him. There will be deportations of illegal immigrants that are rapists, robbers, gang members, etc. Border security will be greatly improved, either by a wall, more guards, or using technology. My thoughts are there will be some kind of program that will give illegal immigrants that have families and are hard working people a path to become citizens. The media just loves to run anything they can to try and destroy the President Elect. I find it strange that the same media that was calling him names for wanting to prosecute Hillary and how she never committed any kind of crime, now is mad because he may not prosecute Hillary.

          • iamproteus says:

            Already making excuses for him, I see. Can’t wait to see how low you are willing to go to excuse the other promises he will break in the future. BTW, you seem to have not noticed but the only ones who are mad about him changing his mind on prosecuting Hillary are his rabble-rousing “supporters”. The rest of us are not surprised since Hillary hasn’t done anything that warrants prosecution. Just ask Comey…or the republicans that have mounted investigations into her actions on innumerable occasions and come up empty handed.

          • itsfun says:

            nope. Like I said he hasn’t been in office for even 1 hour yet. Hillary is the most corrupt and biggest liar ever to run for President. No doubt in my mind she has broken several laws and belongs in prison. Politicians won’t do that though as how many of them belong in the cell next to her.

    • Zengo says:

      And, while the Trump situation may not be “politics as usual,” you may as well prepare your self for what the rest of us here realize – trump’s “business as usual”!

  10. Dan S says:

    Honestly did anyone actually think that Trump would actually appoint a special prosecutor as he claimed in the debate ? I knew then that he was just blowing hot air & smoke probably thinking to himself that he wasn’t actually going to win. Some of these so called broken promises don’t surprise me. Keeping an open mind on climate change is a refreshing change from saying it’s a Chinese hoax. Let’s all hope he’ll continue to disappoint his most ardent supporters looking at such hardline positions as deporting people that Nazis want gone.

    • Jon says:

      While no reasonable person would believe it as the president doesn’t actually have the power to do that anyway, can you imagine the hours of laughter Trump and his coterie of cullions got listening to his sheeple bleat “Lock her up”? That was hilarious and they knew it.

    • iamproteus says:

      “……probably thinking to himself that he wasn’t actually going to win.”
      No one was more surprised than he when it became obvious that he was going to win the electoral vote. BTW, they are still counting popular votes, aren’t they?

      • dpaano says:

        Hillary is now up 2.5M popular votes. And, now, they’re recounting the 3 major states because the vote was so close. Trump is screaming “scam” and threatening to do whatever he can, but there’s nothing he can do because anyone with the money can order a recount and Stein was able to get enough people to donate. You can bet your first born that if Trump had lost, he’d be the FIRST one screaming “recount,” but when the Democrats do it….it’s a scam! He’s also saying that he actually won the popular vote and that the so-called popular votes that Clinton has received are because of “illegal voters.”

  11. Blueberry Hill says:

    The entire charade against Hillary was all fake in the first place. There was no law against using her own server that she had set up just for her job, and all those preceding her did the same thing. They didn’t mandate using a State one until after she left office. John Kerry was the first one required to use it and does. All Confidential emails were sent from her directly to the State Dept. That is why they didn’t find any in her server, they were never there. The entire rantings by Trump were phony to begin with and she had already been cleared a few times before he made up his gigantic lie about her. I watched all the hearings. Even the Benghazi one was fake and they admitted that it was just to bring her numbers down. The only crimes committed were by Trump himself and he is still waiting for 73 more trials, after just settling 3 of them. This shameless POS lied about everything he said.


    • dpaano says:

      Just finished reading a great book called “The Benghazi Hoax,” and it fully explained all the BS that the people were fed about the Benghazi attacks. Hillary and her State Department did nothing wrong, nor did she lie to anyone. In fact, most of the lies were from the Committee themselves! Unfortunately, the rest of the nation wasn’t deeply involved in the investigations or they would have seen that there was nothing there! Anyway, the book is great, highly recommend it.

      • marriea says:

        But dpanno

        • dpaano says:

          You’re right…..his followers don’t read, much less understand, anything about our government or how it’s run! They believed every word the Trumpster had to say. As for the book, I thought maybe someone on this site might find it interesting to find out the whole truth rather than the BS that the nation was fed!

          • marriea says:

            Saw the Daily Show with Trevor Noah ast night.
            He had such an interesting take on Trump and his ability to do personal business while ‘president at the American’s people’s expense and I mean ‘expense’ in a very literal sense…

    • Jon says:

      I am sure that Trump and his band of brigands got hours of laughs watching and listening to his sheeple bleat “Lock her up.” They knew a president didn’t have that power but they also knew that not one of those sheep would fact check him on that. As Trump once bragged about his lemmings, he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose a vote. He knew them even if they didn’t know him.

  12. towercam says:

    Awww…the poor fear steered herd of selfish dummies does it again. Lol.
    The joys of thoughtless team loyalty.
    The GOP brought this stinking mess, and we working folks have to suffer for it.
    All hail, President Grabber.

  13. The lucky one says:

    If Trump ever had any real intention of prosecuting Clinton, very doubtful, someone no doubt reminded him that someday he will be an ex-president. Not a good idea to set that kind of precedent. That’s why no president seeks prosecution of his electoral rivals or predecessor. Bush/Cheney knew they were safe from being held accountable for their treason.

    • marriea says:

      So true, so true.

    • Jon says:

      Trump and his cullion club knew that a president doesn’t have the power to appoint or order an investigation and prosecution. I am sure after each rally, appearance, and the Republican National Convention, they laughed hysterically at his sheeple who had bleated “Lock her up.” His word to them was truth and nothing they would have found if they had bothered fact checking him would have dissuaded them.

      • marriea says:

        Oh , no doubt what you are saying is true.
        But that was before Trump ‘won’, something I don’t think that even they dreamed would happen.
        And to have control of the entire package.
        Stupid American public must be proud.
        I hope many of them get caught up in there own trap.

    • marriea says:

      True and good point.
      But we are talking about a different hybrid with Trump. He changes his focus on a dime.
      And with the current GOP in charge of both houses and there’s more than a chance of a GOP court, if I were Clinton, I wouldn’t take any chances.

      • The lucky one says:

        I don’t think there are many in congress that would want to set a precedent of prosecuting others for malfeasance while in office. You know, the people in glass houses thing.

        • marriea says:

          I know, and that is also a good point, but you know those Republicans, always pushing the bar, just so they can point at, ‘look what I did for you’ to their constituants.
          Right now however, if Trump appoints some ultra conservative to the Supreme Court and other conservatives to the lower courts, I read that there are at least about 500 vaculties in the country. if not more, that Congress wouldn’t allow Obama to fill, so I just wouldn’t take the chance.
          Better safe than sorry, other she could end up being like those many people who have spent years in jail, although I doubt she would ever get jail time, unless she can point and out reps and senators who have the same server issues.
          I suspect there are many.

      • dpaano says:

        He changes his focus based on the last person who talked to him……unfortunately, the ones that are advising him are clueless as to how this government runs! It’s a case of the blind leading the blind!

        • marriea says:

          Good Lord,
          we’re replaying the Bush years.
          Remember when Bush said even a “C” student can grown up to become president.
          Maybe there was something we didn’t do back then that we should have done, and now with Trump, what we didn’t do before has revisited us.

  14. marriea says:

    Just in case, I can only hope that President Obama shields her from the malace anyways and grant her a blanket pardon from anything that Trump can use to exploit her..

    • elw says:

      He cannot pardon someone who has not been charged for anything. At the same time, neither can a “President Trump” demand someone be indicted. He can ask for an investigation and the DOJ can refuse or agree. Trump cannot interfere with what they do. That kind of behavior was what ended Nixon’s Presidency,

      • marriea says:

        Although what you say is true, I said what I said because it’s obvious that the GOP would/might go along with such a charge should Trump later demand such a thing or change his mind because of the political backlash that is sure to come as he backs away from promises made to his bloodthirsy supporters.
        And remember there is another election coming up in 24 months.
        Nixon’s presidency was already in grave jeopardy.
        His own party was getting ready to impeach him and he would have been found guilty and probably imprisoned.
        Charges had not yet been brought against him at that point which is why Ford gave a blanket pardon to him even as he officially resigned from office.
        With the GOP controlling both houses, and quite possibly the Courts all the way up from the bottom, it does pay to use whatever means have at their disposal to protect oneself.
        In the meantime, she could work to show that she was railroaded.
        As the winkilinks hacks show, there were no emails that proved that she did anything wrong other than using a private server.
        I’d bet that most members of Congress uses a private server also.
        But bear in mind, there have been many people who were charged and convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit.
        Some spent years in prison for no reason other than being railroaded.

        • elw says:

          No doubt there is many gray areas with this, as with most things. In Nixon’s case he resigned because there was a well evidenced case against him for impeachment and he was given the option of resigning rather than facing the charges. I remember very clearly the uproar over Ford’s pardon, something that Obama would likely rather avoid. Here is what I think – Trump is not the brightest, he will trip over his own feet enough times to make he own troubles – he will quit before his term is over. The next four years will be a very strange and crazy. No one is going to have time to go after the Clintons, which is how it should be.

          • marriea says:

            Well the dofference between Ford and Obama is that Ford became president after Noxon had submittef his resignation. Remember that Spiro Agnew was the original vice president and something he did caused him to resign so Nixon tapped Ford and I think Ford tapped Rockefeller to be his vice.
            The uproar was because Ford had pardoned Nixon against charges. He became the first predident chosen not ‘by the people ‘per se’, but by appointment.
            When time came up for election however, because of the way the Nixon case was handled, Jimmy arter defeated him.
            With President Obama, he is leaving office forever.

          • elw says:

            Get your facts straight. Ford was chosen by the people when they voted for Nixon who picked him, same as he did Spiro as was his right under the Constitution. There is no such thing as an election for a VP. In addition, no charges had been filed when Nixon resigned – that was part of the deal. The big difference between this situation and that one is that Hillary has been investigated and no legal case found – unlike Nixon where there was solid legal proof of impeachable and criminal charges.

          • marriea says:

            I think maybe you should check your facts again.
            I remember because I was there.
            On the original ticket, there was Richard Nixon with his pick, Spiro Ashew.
            Awhew did something, I forgot what, that caused him to resign the vice presidency.
            Nixon then chose Gerald Ford to succeed Ashew.
            Nixon then found himself under fire because of Watergate, and when the evidence made clear that he was subject to being impeached and convicted, he choose to resign,
            Ford the became president, making him, I believe the first person to become a non elected president of the United States.
            He then picked a Rockefellow as his vice president.
            Both Ford and Rockefellow were not picked by the verture of an election by the people.
            Ford, when he ran for president on his own merit, was defeated by Jimmy Carter, who became president.

          • elw says:

            You may have there, but you still do not have you facts right. There is no separate election for VP – that person is the President choice. Nixon picked Spiro as his running mate -and the right to pick the VP remains the Presidents if his VP should die or leave for some other reason. Pushing a bunch of unrelated facts into the mix does not change that simple fact. BTW – I was there too.

          • marriea says:

            I’m sorry that my worded statement was taken out of context.
            What I was trying to relay was that Ford and his vice were the first and only president and vice NOT chosen by the public in a general election.
            I didn’t mean to imply that there were separate elections.

          • elw says:

            Which mean nothing because everything about was perfectly legal and what had to be done, according to the law of the land.

          • marriea says:

            OK, ….there’s no disagreement with that assessment.

  15. Roger says:

    LOL These idiots believed him and vote for him. ROFL

    he won’t build a wall either nor will he tear up the Iran deal.


    hey, but at least you guys will have an immigrant stripper, ex-escort in the White House.

  16. elw says:

    HA, too funny, but hey, the guy could change his mind again tomorrow.

  17. dpaano says:

    Wait until they find out that he’s backing down on climate change too… in the LA Times, it said that he was thinking hard about staying with the Climate Change Agreement that President Obama made with 200 other countries. If he keeps backing down, he’s going to prove what I’ve said all along……that his followers are going to realize that they’ve been conned by the ultimate con man!
    As for the Hillary prosecution…..he’s probably been made aware that he can’t “appointment a special prosecutor” to go after her, especially when the FBI, etc., have already proven that there’s nothing to investigate and nothing to indict her on! As for the “pay to play,” Trump seems to be doing a lot of that himself with his businesses with foreign countries. If he continues doing that during his presidency, there’s going to be a BIG question as to ethics and his dabbling in “pay to play” himself! Unfortunately, his uninformed followers didn’t seem to see that before they voted for him! He’s more involved with this than Hillary and Bill EVER were!

  18. Zengo says:

    What these rubes fail to understand is that for Trump it was all about winning by any means necessary. He would have said (and did say) ANYTHING at ANY MOMENT as long as he perceived it would get him what he wanted. There was, and is, no plan going forward, he is going to take everything day to day because he is incapable of thinking strategically

    • Jon says:

      Trump’s sheeple gave him and his misfits hours of entertainment. They knew that a president cannot order an investigation and prosecution and there was never any need for an expensive big beautiful wall. Yet Trump could get his sheeple bleating “Lock her up” and “Build the wall.” Trump must have been rolling on the floor laughing at his lemmings after his rallies and appearances.

  19. stsintl says:

    I have said all along that DJT was selling “snake oil” to cure all ills of the nation. Only the idiots, like those in the 18th century, bought it. Now they and the nation is stuck with “Snake Oil” salesman.

    BTW, POTUS doesn’t have any authority to order investigstions against anyone or to order Attorney General/FBI to carry it on. Otherwise, we would have White Robert Mugabe as President of White Zimbabwe of North America.

    The US Congress has already investigated to death the e-mail and Benghazi matters of Clinton. And, who can forget the Kenneth Starr’s investigations of “Whitewater” case which went nowhere.

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