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Saturday, March 17, 2018

5 Responses to Coral Reefs Threatened By Trump Policies

  1. All of the save the planet policies initiated and started by wiser and smarter people are being stopped.
    How else will he fund his wall. Ooops, now he has a bigger problem there as some company, organization, just bought part of the land his wall is to be built on, with no desire to sell it.
    Wonder if the same process could be applied to other parts.

  2. There are several solutions to the Trump Problem, one of which wouldn’t be countenanced in polite circles. However, one alternative would be to maroon him on a small island mass in the middle of the Pacific when enough land for him to erect a castle. And when the sea level rises too high for him, we’ll toss him a life jacket, and hope the sharks don’t get him.

    In the meantime, Congress just sits idly by while Trump and his gangster Administration slowly destroy the planet. all for short-term profits.

    • Congress sits idly by while Trump does his thing because the majority in both houses agrees with Trump’s destructive policies in ALL areas. His unqualified judges skate through confirmation, the “health care” and tax “reform” bills are both designed to yield huge financial and other benefits to billionaires and corporations by directly abusing the poor and middle classes, his appointees selected to destroy the agencies they head were approved without a hitch..

  3. Unfortunately, Trump will not change his mind about Climate Change…..anything that President Obama supported, no matter what it was, he will flight to change. He has absolutely NO knowledge of what climate change will cause in the future….and he really doesn’t care. If it has President Obama’s name on it or if it’s something Democrats feel strongly about…..he’ll vote it down. Until we get him and his Republican cronies out of the White House, we can expect more of the same……consequences be damned!

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