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Saturday, January 19, 2019

By Doina Chiacu and Alana Wise

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz fired his main spokesman on Monday on the eve of the Nevada caucuses over a video that falsely showed rival Marco Rubio dismissing the Bible.

The spokesman, Rick Tyler, had apologized on Sunday for posting “an inaccurate story” on a video purporting to show Rubio referring to the Bible and saying, “Not many answers in it.”

Cruz, who was campaigning in Nevada for the state’s caucuses on Tuesday, fired Tyler the next day.

The senator from Texas said his campaign did not question the faith of other candidates. “That’s why I’m asking for Rick Tyler’s resignation.”

The apology and firing come amid intense criticism of Cruz’s campaign as dishonest from both Rubio and Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination.

Rubio, a senator from Florida, and Cruz are locked in a battle to become their party’s alternative to the New York billionaire.

Opinion polls show Rubio and Cruz running close in Nevada, the next Republican contest after South Carolina’s primary on Saturday.

In that state, Trump was the big winner, finishing ahead of his nearest challenger by 10 percentage points. Rubio came in second, ahead of Cruz by fewer than 1,000 votes. The result led former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to drop out of the race.

Trump seized the opportunity to pile onto Cruz, whom he has repeatedly bashed as a liar.

“Wow, Ted Cruz falsely suggested Marco Rubio mocked the Bible and was just forced to fire his Communications Director. More dirty tricks!” Trump said on Twitter.

“Ted Cruz has now apologized to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson for fraud and dirty tricks. No wonder he has lost Evangelical support!,” continued Trump, who has derided Cruz for failing to live up to expectations he would enjoy the solid support of evangelical Christians in South Carolina.

Both Rubio and Cruz came out of South Carolina with sharper criticism of Trump and an eye to March 1, when 12 states hold primaries or caucuses. Super Tuesday is the crown jewel in the state-by-state nominating contests to pick the Republican and Democratic candidates in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Rubio assailed the former reality TV star’s credentials on foreign policy and healthcare. He racked up a number of endorsements from party leaders on Monday, including Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah and former presidential candidate Bob Dole, boosting his efforts to become the candidate who can unite Republicans.

Here are some other dirty tricks Ted Cruz has used to fool voters around the country.

(Additional reporting by Alana Wise, Emily Stephenson and Megan Cassella; Writing by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Frances Kerry)

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks at a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada February 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

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60 responses to “Cruz Fires Spokesman After False Rubio Story Posted”

  1. Paul Bass says:

    The GOP establishment, about 100 days late and a billion dollars short…

    • itsfun says:

      at least its not the 19 trillion Obama has increased the national debt to.

      • Robert Eckert says:

        Bush did that. Obama has done his best, reducing the deficit by 60% despite zero cooperation from Republicans in Congress, but the debt won’t go down until the deficit is zero, which means an end to the ridiculous tax giveaways to the rich, an end to deploying our military all over the world, and other things you probably would throw a hissy fit about.

        • itsfun says:

          When Bush left office the national debt was 11 trillion, under Obama it has grown to 19 trillion.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            Bush left a structural deficit of 2 trillion a year. Obama is not responsible for that. If nothing changed, the debt would continue to get bigger by 2 trillion every year, forever, and that would forever be Bush’s responsibility. What Obama is responsible for is how much change he was able to make in the situation Bush left him, which was considerable, despite the absolutely treasonous level of non-cooperation from the Republicans in Congress.

          • itsfun says:

            Obama pledged to cut the national debt in half in his first three years. He also said that Bush allowing the national debt to rise to 11 trillion was unpatriotic and irresponsible. Since he didn’t cut the national debt, and instead allowed it to grow to 19 trillion, does that according to his own words make him unpatriotic and irresponsible?

          • Robert Eckert says:

            He pledged to cut the *deficit* in half, and has more than fulfilled that promise. In order to cut the *debt* at all, the deficit has to be reduced to zero and flipped into a surplus. Clinton managed that, but that was because the Republicans under Gingrich were actually willing to work with the other side to some extent. Bush flipped the surplus into the worst deficit in history by slashing revenues while starting two major wars: NO President had ever started two major wars at once, and NO President had ever slashed revenues while going to war; then Bush capped off his achievement by tanking the whole economy. The Republicans refused to allow reversal of the insane Bush tax cuts, and still do; until you change on that, of course the deficit is never going to be zeroed out, and your complaints about it are total hypocrisy.

          • itsfun says:

            The national debt and deficit spending are 2 different things. Obama pledged to cut the national debt in half, but it has increased to 19 trillion under his administrations.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            No, Obama pledged to cut the DEFICIT in half. He was not so unrealistic as to think he could turn the massive deficit into a massive surplus instantly.

          • itsfun says:

            You will see Obama campaigning about the debt of 9 trillion being unpatriotic and irresponsible. Using his own words does that include him increasing the debt to 19 trillion.:

          • Robert Eckert says:

            Yes. Bush created a structural deficit of 2 trillion a year. It was indeed unpatriotic and irresponsible and will continue to cause the debt to increase forever, until something is done to change that. Obama said ” I pledge to cut the DEFICIT that I inherited in half” (the words are right there on the video that you yourself supply, so you have zero excuse to continue to play stupid about the difference between “deficit” and “debt”). Reducing it to zero and therefore starting to reduce the DEBT would also be good, but he was not unrealistic enough to think he could get that done. He has, however, MORE than fulfilled his pledge to cut the deficit in half. If we could get rid of all the Republicans, we could do more.

          • itsfun says:

            Again you ignore what Obama said about the National Debt. He has increased the national debt to 19 trillion and He did say it was irresponsible and unpatriotic for Bush to allow it to go to 11 trillion. Again you have no idea that there is a difference between the national debt and deficient spending. Obama has not done what he pledged, but you choose to ignore that.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            “Again you ignore what Obama said about the National Debt” He said DEFICIT, repeat DEFICIT, repeat DEFICIT. You are either too stupid to understand, or you are intentionally lying.

          • itsfun says:

            Deficit spending get added to the National debt.


          • Robert Eckert says:

            Yes, that’s what the word “deficit” means: that is the amount that the debt grows by every year. Unless the taxes and spending are changed, the deficit will be basically the same every year as it was the previous year. Bush set it so that the deficit was 2 trillion, every year, and that would continue to add 2 trillion more to the debt, every year forever, unless taxes were raised or spending cut. Republicans have fought every attempt to change that, but Obama did manage to cut the deficit in half, and more. He did not reduce the deficit to zero, let alone convert it to a surplus, which is what would be required for the debt to start going down; and he did not promise to do that, because he knew the Republicans would never let him.

            This is not very difficult to understand. I should not have to explain this same thing to you over and over and over and over as if you were five years old.

          • itsfun says:

            The Democrats were in complete control of both the House and Senate his first 2 years.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            Not true. Republicans employed the filibuster more often against Obama than the sum total of all filibusters in the previous history of this country. A simple majority is not “complete control” if the minority is willing to abuse the system in this way.

          • itsfun says:

            The Democrats held the majority in both the House and Senate in the first 2 years of the Obama administration. They passed Obamacare without even one Republican vote. I call that being in complete control.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            As I said, if the minority is willing to abuse the filibuster process, a majority is not “complete control”. In particular you have hypocritically complained that the deficit has not been reduced to zero, when it is your side which has obstructed every effort to undo the disastrous revenue slashing by the Bush administration.

          • itsfun says:

            I am talking about the National debt and you are talking about the deficit. They are 2 different things.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            I am perfectly aware that they are two different things. Are you?

  2. Leftout says:

    Ted Cruz has spent his integrity he can not recover after the Ben Carson dirty trick . He is a most intelligent man an really began this revolution, the fight must now be left to others and the American Voter, the Fourth unseen branch of Goernment. Unseen until now when www are all have had enough. All traitorous incumbents of congress should resign and let us start over .

  3. Insinnergy says:

    It’s amusing to watch the GOP bottom feeders duke it out for who can display the least ethics or morals.
    Ironically… or perhaps “inevitably”… Ted Cruz the Evangelical candidate appears to be the hands-down winner.

  4. Lynda Groom says:

    Well somebody had to fall upon their sword and we’ve got the man. I find it hard to believe that the boss had no idea what was being done in his name.

    • bobnstuff says:

      It’s easy to believe the Eduardo doesn’t know what his people are doing. Leadership is not his strong suit. He isn’t a team player so why would you expect him to understand what team work is. This is a senator who is running as an outsider. He has spent his life in the government but is still an outsider because no one likes him and no one follows him.

    • itsfun says:

      White House spokesman and Obama said Obama learned about the IRS scandal by watching TV. He also said he learned of the VA scandal, fast and furious, and the DOJ seizing the phone records of the AP by watching TV news. You believe that, why can’t you believe Cruz didn’t know everything that has happened in his Presidential campaign?

      • Jinmichigan says:

        Comparing the actual job of being President to the job of running? Sure.

        • itsfun says:

          Its ok for Obama to ignore issues or be ignorant, but not Cruz?

          • Jinmichigan says:

            Did I say that? I think Obama got a hell of a lot more to worry about than cruz.

          • itsfun says:

            Obama has a whole lot of advisers and staff and daily briefings on what is going on. Do you actually believe that none of them ever told him a word about the scandals?

          • Robert Eckert says:

            There are no real scandals going on.

          • itsfun says:

            And I have ocean front property for you in North Dakota.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            No you don’t, and you don’t have any scandal to describe either.

          • itsfun says:

            Just Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ tapping phones of the Associated Press. fast and furious.

          • Robert Eckert says:

            A diplomatic outpost was attacked, as happened 13 times under the Bush administration with far greater loss of life (and has happened under all recent administrations). The diplomatic outpost had requested greater security, as all outposts in dangerous countries need, but Republicans in Congress cut the funding. A video was used by a terrorist group as a recruiting device for the attack. Statements immediately afterwards both characterized it as a terrorist attack and correctly mentioned the role of the video. Republicans have spent years telling lies and exaggerations.
            Several political groups, mostly right-wing but some left-wing, attempted to claim tax-exempt status as if they were charitable. No political group is entitled to tax-exempt status. The IRS investigated, as is their job. More right-wing groups were targeted because right-wingers have more frequently attempted to evade the law.
            The Department of Justice investigated leaks of classified information, as is their job.
            The Bush Administration set up a program to watch the purchase of guns from Arizona gun shops by strawman purchasers for the Mexican cartels. Unfortunately, the laws are such that as long as the strawmen claim to be buying all the guns for themselves, they can walk out with them and then “change their mind” and resell them; Republicans have for years resisted any change in these laws, and prosecutors never caught any strawmen making a mistake about the rules. Obama continued watching this. One of the strawmen was finally arrested, by the Mexicans, and Republicans started howling that he was innocent and that Obama should invade Mexico to spring him.

          • itsfun says:

            Here is what happened recently with fast and furious:

            Yikes! District Court Demands Obama Administration Unseal Fast & Furious Records!

            By Tim Brown / 24 February 2016 / 104 Comments

            DC Circuit court has reversed a decision that would have kept certain records sealed about Operation Fast and Furious.

            Government Watchdog Group Judicial Watch sued the DOJ after Congress found then Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt and after District Judge Amy Jackson ordered the Justice Department to provide certain documents.

            The Hill reported:

            federal judge on Tuesday ruled President Obama cannot use executive
            privilege to keep records on the “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program
            from Congress.

            U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman
            Jackson ordered the administration to release documents that it has
            been attempting to withhold by asserting executive privilege.

            ruling also requires the administration to release to Congress all
            “segregable portions” of records they are withholding that are
            considered “attorney-client privileged material, attorney work product,
            private information, law enforcement sensitive material, or foreign
            policy sensitive material.”

            Department itself has already publicly revealed the sum and substance
            of the very material it is now seeking to withhold. Since any harm that
            would flow from the disclosures sought here would be merely incremental,
            the records must be produced,” Jackson wrote, referencing a report from the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General regarding Operation Fast and Furious.

            Now, US District Judge Richard Leon, though saying the evidence led him to grant a ruling in the DOJ’s favor, instead reversed the decision on February 12.

            According to Courthouse News:

            Jackson’s statement, ‘I don’t want to know,’ clearly bars the parties
            from divulging the contents of their settlement discussions only to her;
            a broader bar, if any, would have to be inferred for it is not
            explicit,” Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote for a three-judge panel.

            statement does not clearly refer to third parties, let alone protect
            responsive records from a Freedom of Information Act request, the court

            “The Department offers a good reason Judge
            Jackson might have wanted to prohibit disclosure to third-parties –
            because protection from disclosure promotes more open dialogue during
            settlement – but there is no extrinsic evidence that was what the judge
            intended; indeed, that concern is nowhere mentioned in the record in
            this case, and it is equally plausible that Judge Jackson wanted simply
            to preserve her objectivity in case she ultimately were to preside over a
            trial,” Ginsburg continued.

            On remand, Judge Jackson must clarify what she intended by her statement.

            There is no question that the Justice Department and Eric Holder knew exactly what they were doing when they trafficked thousands of weapons into Mexico. That criminal action has cost the lives of hundreds of Mexicans, two US federal agents
            and no telling how many more that we have yet to discover. Even as
            recently as January, we discovered that one of the guns from Fast and
            Furious, a .50-caliber rifle, made its way into the hands of drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman.

            We know that there has been at least one drug cartel member that said the Obama administration was using Fast and Furious to supply guns to a Mexican drug cartel against a rival cartel.

            investigation into Fast and Furious has been met with roadblocks by the
            Obama administration as they are attempting to hide their crimes.
            Remember, it was Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah who said, “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” It appears, he still has much to hide!

          • Robert Eckert says:

            “There is no question that the Justice Department and Eric Holder knew exactly what they were doing when they trafficked thousands of weapons into Mexico. ” No, THEY didn’t traffic any weapons to Mexico. Arizona gun shops and the private middlemen did so. The Justice Department watched, hoping one of them would make a mistake making it possible to prosecute.
            “That criminal action has cost the lives of hundreds of Mexicans, two US federal agents and no telling how many more that we have yet to discover.” But the thing is, however wrong this massive gun business is, it is not “criminal” because the gun laws in our country permit it– and the gun laws remain protective of this massive gun business because the NRA and its captive politicians, including practically the entire Republican part as well as some Democrats, make certain that there will never be anything “criminal” about buying tons of guns and re-selling them to whoever.

          • Jinmichigan says:

            cruz has a whole lot of paid advisors too, but it’s ok in your mind for him to be ignorant? Good luck with that.

          • itsfun says:

            Its no more okay for Cruz to be ignorant than it is for Obama. They are ones in charge of their business and need to be completely involved in everyday activities.

      • Lynda Groom says:

        Last time I checked the daily work load of the President of the United States trying to oversee the workings of millions of people is a tad more difficult than monitoring a few in your staff.

  5. FireBaron says:

    This probably should read “Cruz fires spokesman after he got caught”. Considering that the Worthy Gentleman from Canada’s campaign has been culled from the classic Karl Rover/Lee Atwater “Dirty Campaign Tricks Book”, every week we hear about a new one. And unlike Rove and his flunkys, Cruz’ devoted band of followers don know how to pin stuff like this on outside agencies.

  6. itsfun says:

    Probability too little too late for Cruz to fire him.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Tyler had nothing to do with the recording other than tweeting about it. He showed class by admitting it was false as soon as he knew and apologizing for tweeting about it.
      Cruz just needs to bully somebody to show how “strong” he is (channeling his inner Donald), and Tyler got it in the back for daring to apologize.

  7. Jinmichigan says:

    Tyler was the sacrificial lamb to show what a leader cruz would be. LOL. When we all know cruz is cheating liar.

  8. oldtack says:

    Truth always wins. Lies result in ruin. Funny that the Slizard never learned this basic lesson.

    Slizard? Well – he’s a slimy character with reptilian actions and appearance. Look at his slicked back hair, his ski shaped long nose, his slithery walk, his dead pan eyes, his no smile no lips mouth and listen to that high nasal twang sound from his mouth.

    He is a slimy nefarious character and he reminds me of a lizard – thus Slizard.

    On top of that – don’t wave the Bible in my face and lie to me at the same time.

    • Paul Bass says:

      Please you do enormous disservice to all the actual reptiles out here! Actual Lizards are never disingenuous liars!

      • oldtack says:

        Paul, my apologies to all the good lizards out there like the horned lizard and the sand lizard and all the good reptiles. Cruz reminds me more of the Komodo lizard – and I can get turned off by that one. Have a good day as this political melodrama continues to unfold.

  9. pmbalele says:

    This is a joke to fool Repubs and TPs – not me. Actually Cruz should hang-up and go home to Canada after firing this guy. Cruz, like all Repubs and TPs are immature people. although they look old. Immature people usually lie, are corrupt, hypocrites, insecure and think of themselves more important than the rest of us. That is what we are getting in the GOP line-up now except Don Trump. Just imagine what Rubio and the non-citizen Cruz calling each other-liar. That shows they are immature. That is why Trump is trumping them out. Now we have Kasich disparaging women and poor white male as dumb campaigning for him. Republicans do not respect women, poor Whites and Blacks as regular people. Remember what Mitt Romney said about 4 years ago. “I do not care about 47% poor people. That is their problem.” This is after shipping his money to foreign countries – leaving people here jobless. Also look what Dr. Carson is behaving. He does not respect Black people although he looks Black to me. Carson hates Obamacare which enables poor Blacks have access preventive medicine. He thinks he is GOP rich white male. How can anybody in proper mind vote for these Repubs and TPs? Not me. We are better off with Hillary to take over from President Obama.

  10. FT66 says:

    Cruz is behaving exactly like what Chris Christie did on bridgegate. Their workers (for Christie and Cruz) acted on behalf of their bosses. Both Christie and Cruz pretended not to be aware of what was going on. Both fired their workers to make themselves look clean. Voters got it right on Christie and we know where he is now. It is my sincere hope, voters have to get it right as well about Cruz and send him where they sent Christie.

  11. pjm19606 says:

    Gotta love what the American people will swallow. Cruz’s firing of his campaign manager still won’t get him into heaven. He KNEW about the activity and did nothing until it was discovered by the press. I want to see what other dirt is lying under his fingernails. Same goes for EVERY other candidate. What’s worse is that the American people are too stupid to make changes to the “system” which has allowed this.

  12. Paul Bass says:

    Cruz only has the ashhat vote. Mainly evangelical christians, those folks who KNOW better for all of us.

    Most intelligent folks don’t like other people telling them what is right, but a lot of religious fellows approve and endorse this “judgement” over “others”.

    Christian ashhats are becoming fewer and fewer, one would hope most Americans won’t choose such a “flaming ashhat”, ALL the Senators, Dems and GOP hate him, surely Americans are as intelligent as the average Senator?

  13. greenlantern1 says:

    Cruz is a Republican!!
    He belongs in Nixon’s party of dirty tricks!!

  14. Eden Keel says:

    cruz is a liar a slime ball a shill a turd a piece of sheet a gigantic hemorrhoid and a stupis arse wipe

  15. Bren Frowick says:

    And so the Cruz campaign begins to collapse…

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