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Saturday, March 17, 2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat from Delaware, said on Friday that he will support the nuclear deal with Iran.

“This is a good deal for America and our allies, including Israel, one of our closest allies. And, oh yes. It beats the likely alternative – war with Iran – hands down,” Carper wrote in an opinion piece published in The News Journal of Delaware on Friday.

(Reporting by Lisa Lambert; Editing by Susan Heavey)

Photo: Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), official photo.

23 Responses to Democratic Senator Carper Pledges Support For Iran Nuclear Deal

    • Sure. We just didn’t have Russia, China, or Europe on board to even continue the existing sanctions. More sanctions? Not even a small chance.

    • The sanctions were not keeping them from building a bomb. It got them to the negotiating table. You have no leverage to negotiate a better deal without the other 5 countries. Take the deal and keep them from the bomb for at least 15 years or expect a major ground war. The choice is simple.

      • Yep simple just give them 150 billion, let them do as they please, let them police their selves, let them keep 4 Americans in prison. and have the gull to call that negotiating a deal.

        • The rest of the world knows this is a good deal. They will not do what they please and they will not have a bomb and that is the most important thing. Let’s avert a war and try peace and diplomacy first. A major ground offensive will require a draft and a war tax. Are you ready pay for this war and send your kids over? Didn’t think so.

        • Looks like you listened to what Trump said during his fund raiser, that was not a fund raiser. I am talking about the $150B. That’s the figure the opponents of this deal have come up with to support Netanyahu’s claim that if the sanctions are lifted Iran will not use the estimated $150B in oil revenues to improve their infrastructure and raise their standard of living and that, instead, they will spend on terrorism. Looks like paranoia is spreading at leaps and bounds.

          • Inside information? The desire of every nation on Earth to use revenues from the sale of their natural resources to improve their standard of living can be found almost everywhere we go. Iran, the old Persia, is an old civilization with a great history of achievements. The fact that Islamic radicals over reacted to the removal of Mossadegh from power, and paved the way for Ayatollahs and Mullahs to take control of their government using the pervasive influence of religion does not mean that most Iranians are devoid from common sense. It means they have lived under the rule and control of a ruthless dictatorship, supported by radicals. Providing them with the means to transition to freedom and democracy is a better option that placing them on a corner and preventing them pursue the goals that every civilized person seeks.
            The real question is where do you get all the inside information regarding the evil plans the Ayatollahs have for us? Building a bomb within 2 months, investing oil revenues on terrorism, etc. Netanyahu?

          • From listening to the Ayatollahs speeches, particularly Kommani’s. Your sunflower concept of life on this planet is hilarious.

          • I forgot more about what life is like around the world, than you will ever learn about what the rest of the world thinks, hopes for, and wants. I do agree on one thing, our planet is anything about Nirvana. Unfortunately, you seem to be unaware of who or what is behind much of the turmoil.

          • Based on what, your arm chair deductions. What is behind the turmoil please tell me, I am chomping at the bit. If I should just happen to know what difference would it make?

            Since you are so enlightened why don’t you do something about it and turn our planet into Nirvana, what ever that is??? You think Hilary Is honest and competent. That sure is a big black mark on your pompous mental prowess. I bet you know things nobody else knows cause you have done your research, all from your arm chair.

      • Keep them from the bomb??????????????????. I would bet they already have it. Why wouldn’t they? North Korea are their buddies and they have it. Iran needs sanctions lifted so they can pay off the people who helped them get it. We have no real statesmen left in our government . You are worried about a ground war where we could easily prevail. How about a nuke war that would leave us devastated for the next 100 years.

          • The main war was over quickly with minimal casualties. I believe what you are referring to is the occupation. The way Bremmer handled the occupation was god awful. He could not have done things any worse if he had tried. Bremmer alternat

          • Those so called occupations lasted decades and costed trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. You are a complete idiot.

  1. Considering the fact that the discussions before this deal was reached were focused on bombing Iran and which type of bombs would do the best job to destroy their underground nuclear facilities, opposing this deal is so bizarre it defies logic. That is, unless the goal is to preserve the regional instability that has allowed some countries and corporations to benefit from the status quo.
    The reasons presented by the opponents to this deal, which are limited to unsubstantiated flaws in the scope and effectiveness of the inspections, the fact that four Iranian-Americans are being held in Iran for espionage (as opposed to the Americans that were being held in the Soviet Union and China when we negotiated nuclear non-proliferation agreements with them), and the fact that lifting the sanctions will provide Iran with oil revenues to spend on terrorism are worthy of elementary school children, people inhabiting asylums for the mentally ill, Israel’s servants, or greedy arms merchants willing to sacrifice the lives of our young, and millions of lives in the Persian Gulf region, to pursue their material goals.

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