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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Did Colin Powell suggest that Hillary Clinton should use her private email account as secretary of state—as he had admittedly done in that same job several years earlier? Last week, The New York Times confirmed that Powell did offer her precisely that advice, based on an account in my forthcoming book on Bill Clinton’s post-presidency. Yet…

Photo: Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (R) takes part in an onstage interview with Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson (L) at the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, September 30, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

76 Responses to Did Colin Powell Advise Clinton To Use A Private Email?

  1. It’s always weird when you think you find a rare exception in the ignorant Con world. I mean Colin Powell seems to be a very intelligent decent human being, generally. And yet he is a member of the ignorant Con Party. How does this happen? How do seemingly rational human beings become involved and dedicated to an ignorant cult? A couple of possibilities, one Colin Powell may be intelligent, very intelligent but he may lack a human soul, like all Cons. In Powell’s case evidence of such a possibility can found in his conduct leading up to the illegal war he participated in and arranged. Another possibility is that Colin Powell believes in the worn out “good Republican” myth, the one that proclaims that somewhere out there is a bunch of good decent Republicans who aren’t ignorant racist scum bags. No one has yet found these mythical Cons.

    • The point is more that using private email is unwise, and against the rules, but not criminal as long as you do it carefully.

      Powell is a nice guy… but the GOP Hyperbolic outrage machine needs to keep pretending Hillary is a criminal for using private email.

      This means that they also have to do the whole willful ignorance thing when it comes to Condi Rice and Powell… pretending that what they did was somehow “not the same” or better… when in fact it was much worse…

      We can’t even see if Rice and Powell transferred any classified documents improperly…. or traded favors… or whatever the latest bullsh1t is… because they deleted them ALL and supplied nothing to the State Dept.

      The most laughable thing, as with most GOP double standards, is it’s fine for their own people to do whatever… in fact usually it’s considered unquestionable through being f**king “Patriotic”…
      But the second a Democrat does the same thing… especially if they happen to be running for president… then its Treason. Obviously.

      But historically their guys are still “Patriots”.
      Because logic.

  2. Colin Powell failed to heed the history of what happens to anyone and everyone who decides to enter that circle of association with the Clintons……

    “You will eventually be thrown under the bus by the Clintons”.

    They use people and discard them as easily, and with lack of thought, as you and I would when we toss away a candy wrapper. However, Powell should feel lucky that he was only tossed under the bus because many a poor soul close to the Clintons has ended up dead under suspicious circumstances. Lesson learned, Colin, now keep your distance from those two soulless vessels of evil if you want to live out your natural life!

    • Let’s recap for the slowbie… The main points of the article were that Powell:
      – Is obviously more culpable of breaking any laws relating to email. It’s a matter of fact.
      – Was actually hacked… not just in Aglanderp’s imagination. Again: fact.
      – Did not provide ANY of his emails at all to the Government after his term as StateSec… and some of us would really like to know what was said between him, Cheney and Bush in the lead up to the clusterf**k that was Iraq… Also a fact.
      – And gave, as his BEST piece of advice to a new StateSec, that wise counsel that she use private email because it worked so well for him…Apparently also a fact confirmed by his own assistant. Now being lied about by the man himself…

      Watch carefully as AgLanderp totally avoids all the main points of the article and magically diverts the topic into some tired old Clinton trope about buses that imagines some incredible friendship between the two that was sullied by “stating what Powell actually said at a public dinner.”… and avoids anything actually real.

      Well done, sad troll.
      It appears your ability to stay focused on any actual points is far less than a 4 year old with ADHD.

      • Actually, you are so right. Colin Powell was too much the coward to stand up to Cheney who ruled for 8 years from the GOP’s back room.

        Colin Powell should have known better than to pretend he didn’t know about the 6 memos of the 9/11 attack about to happen.

        As for Ag Lander, that pathetic bag of tripe can’t wipe his own butt without McMommy’s help. Geezer Disease is like that…rofl.

      • Agreed fully, but you’re going to end with that? I would have continued on if I were you, in the only way that you know how…by calling him “weird” and a “conspiracy theorist”. Then finish him off with, “sorry you’re like that”, or “get better soon”, or “I hope that helps.”

        I understand you Tourette boy, and I’m here to help. We’re on the same team.

      • Hey asshat! When many people board a plane, that small space is usually always the first thing that causes someone to trip. I should know, it happened to me boarding a flight three times.

          • When you are in the gate area of the airport waiting room, your flight is called and you walk down a long, enclosed ramp at EWR or any NY airport. That enclosed ramp is not level with the door of the plane. There’s a funny space and the attendants keep repeating, “watch your step” to all passengers so they won’t trip.

          • but what does that have to do with my post? I think you meant to reply to someone else, hence the confusion.

      • Cheney is an evil SOB and so are the men who to this very day refuse to hold him accountable. When you refuse to hold someone accountable, you are as much a crook and corrupt as Cheney.

      • Otto has GEEZER Disease…you know? The same one that McCain, Guiliani, McConnell, Gohmert, Cornyn and Dominici all have.

        These guys have no balls when it comes to facing down women. They just think all have they have to do is degrade, deny and debase and women will just take it. They best think again.

        Their little campaign to keep their male dominance in government, business and religion is over. We’ve had enough of them acting like Grand Pubbahs of Upper Butt Crack.

    • Hey asshat…She tripped. Remember how often President Ford did that? Why didn’t we try to get rid of Ford for his dippy tripping over everything in public?

      Hey woman hater…your ball in a bunch because you men really need to have lobotomies if you if think you are pulling one over on educated women with your BS.

  3. I lost trust completely in Colin Powell since that time when he went to UN and lied with a straight face to the entire world, why the country must go to war in Iraq. It was a big shame that he can’t wash it away forever, even by using clean water like rain water.

    • Powell said this at least twice already that he, Rice and Cheney ALL used private servers.

      Remember when you kids were little and they kept up their tantrums hoping we’d give in to their demands? Sound familiar?

      What you have right now are right winger men and women and Republicans who are pulling tantrums. They know it’s long past time to concede defeat, but so long as they can waste more of our tax dollars and not EVER be held accountable for anything THEY do, their “Get Away with It” game is still in their favor.

      When, not if, Hillary wins the election, the first thing she will do is what all leaders do to people who have tried to frame them…She’ll take her revenge and you can bet it will be big.

  4. Depends on whether you believe Hillary or Colin. Who is the most trustworthy? There are differences in what they did also. Powell told her to use a private account except for classified documents She used private account to conduct State Dept. business, he didn’t. She had a private email server in her house he didn’t. Powell used State Dept servers.

    AOL is just a internet provider, not a server. If Powell relied on AOL for security that was a huge mistake.

    Remember a internet account and a server are two different worlds.

    • Powell was the one who said he advised her. He said this on the Charlie Rose program not two weeks ago. Try not to overload your hummingbird bird with facts that make that cow’s butt mouth go into strain mode.

      • He did say that, he also said he advised her a year after she had been using her private account and server. He also did not use a private server or tell her to use one. He also told her not to send classified email on her private account, which according to the FBI she did. He did not tell her to use a personal private server in her house.
        Which of the two has a proven record of lying?

        • Playing time games here are you? As always just to prove YOU are right? Do you NEVER stop trying to be the only living thing on planet earth with ALL the answers?

          What the hell difference does it make what he said one year later?

          She didn’t send classified mail moron. Comey already admitted that. What he said was she was “careless.”

          So, Geezer tell us. What do you call a Secy of State who ignores 6 memos of an attack by al Qaeda? Fun and Games? Rice’s ass belongs in jail and the 9/11 Committee reminded her of HER “Gross negligence.”

          She caused the deaths of 3300 people on 9/11. But do keep up your campaign of Petty BS and see who will care.

          • The difference was she was already using her private server. Another difference is she lied to the FBI about when Powell talked to her. She tried to throw Powell under the bus to defend her incompetence, and traitorous acts.

            You left out the word extremely when trying to lie about being careless. The FBI director said he did find classified email on her private server. Not only is that true, but its part of the SOS job description to be able to identify what should be classified. What is the difference between “extreme careless: and “gross negligence” I am NOT talking about a ex SOS that is not running for any office. I am talking about an ex SOS that is running for President.

          • So why do your throw in Bill Clinton (in past post) and his extra marital affairs, when we bring up Trumps RAPE cases. He is not running for President. Yes you parrot what is convenient to your story line.

          • I realize you have your head in the sand when it comes to Hillary, but haven’t you read any news stories the last week.

          • I’ve read lots of news stories this week. None from any reputable journalists have made the outrageously false claim you just made, however.

          • Yeah you’re right, people who just make up stuff should be accorded as much respect as those actual reporters who rely on “facts” and “evidence”.

            You tool.

          • Eleanore arguing with “itsfun” is a total waste of your time. She recently claimed that President Obama had a horrible job creation record even though during his 7 1/2 years the net job creation # is over 11 million. Itsfun will simply ignore the provable facts and repeat whatever itsfun heard on right wing media, She repeats these comments so frequently that she should change her alias to Polly and respond only to “Want a cracker?”

        • The Albright dinner was in June… He did use a private server which he destroyed when he left..Your are mistaken or just willfully ignorant. Either way, take your lies where they are needed …to breity-drumpf’s CEO’s white supremacist site or the dcaller! They appreciate your blind loyalty to the lies and propaganda.

          • He did not have a private server and he did not have a meeting with Hillary until after she had a year in office. She lied to the FBI about him. How can you possibly believe the proven liar Hillary over a trusted American Hero.

    • Who is the most trustworthy? It was Colin Powell that said we had weapons of mass destruction and went to war over it. Yes Hillary is still more trustworthy!

    • You ask who is more trustworthy? Colin Powell is a war criminal who escaped prosecution and deleted all his emails to avoid their being used in the trial he had every reason to expect,

  5. He said HE did. He’s suffering from the same kind of Geezer Disease that Guilani, McCain and Trump suffer from: convenient memory and oh gee…isn’t that something the boys always do? After all, boys will be boys and owning your own words isn’t really that big a deal for the boys is it?

    When you ladies get fed up with these men pulling their BS denial fests, maybe you will understand just why, now more than ever, it is long past time to put these guys back in THEIR places.

  6. Remember how often President Ford tripped? People in the US thought it was due to some bizarre imbalance in his ears. He tripped so often in public places, many referred to him as “President Clumsy.” And let’s recall WHY Ford became president…WATERGATE?

    Right wingers hate hate hate when you shove facts in their faces. For me, it’s fun fun fun to make them post more BS to make fools of themselves.

    • Thanks, thanks Eleanor. I had a very good laugh watching this video. It was quite refreshing to me after working the whole night on pressing issues. But, but, but we have to cut “W” a bit of slack, he really knows how to interract with other people of different kinds.

  7. Speaking of missing emails and private servers…here is something for the “gander”
    Congress requested document from the Bush Administration in 2007 and discovered 22 million emails were missing. The administration was using a private internet domain with off-site servers. 88 off-ste email accounts were used by WH administration officials. Emails for 51 of these officials were not preserved or ever recovered.

  8. Why should we believe Powell? He was an integral part of an Administration that lied us into the stupidest war ever. Hillary says she had a conversation with him about his email. He doesn’t remember. But he admits he sent her an email…about his email use.

    So. How did this come about? Was he sitting home and decided…out of he blue…to send her this info? Its total bullshit. Whether he ‘recalls’ or not….they obviously had prior communication about it.

  9. Gee, great spin. Just enough facts to be convincing while you ignore the other facts.
    Powell used a government e-mail for business and an AOL account for personal emails.
    Clinton used a personal email account for ALL of her correspondence, and it wasn’t even as secure as an AOL account.
    But, you don’t see any difference, do you?

        • Well if that’s your standard, how do you know that Clinton wasn’t replaced by a North Korean spy in disguise? How do you know she’s not a reptile?

          “Something might be true so it MUST be true” is the kind of lazy thinking that leads to becoming a 9/11 Truther.

        • How do we know you’re not an obnoxious 10-year old?
          Does the lack of knowledge you suppose justify your presenting what you want to believe as the truth, because that’s what you’re obviously doing.

    • Powell used the AOL account for business emails as well. Why should anyone believe his denials? One need only remeber his appearance before the United Nations to talk about Iraq. It was plain he didn’t believe what he was saying then, and felt uncomfortable about it. I’m sure he’s a much more polished liar now.

      • Simple. His work emails were on a government server. Why do you chose to believe he used his personal account for work? He HAD a government email account, Hillary didn’t.

        • How do you know his private email didn’t contain work emails? Why do you keep making these sweeping absolute claims?

        • Not what the article says, nor what I’ve read elsewhere. You’re just trying to “spin” things yourself, and – it sounds like – simply making up lies as you go.
          If you have some reliable source – I guess they would know more about what Powell did than he apparently does – all you say is just more “conservative” pathological lies.

        • I “choose” to believe what is true, as best I can determine it. I gather you didn’t read the article, or simply dismiss it with no evidence, but this is not the only source saying Powell and others in the previous Administration used private accounts for “business.” Why would he delete them all if not? Seems to me it was a wise, if likely illegal decision, in light of the fact that he should have expected to be tried as a war criminal. But of course, I’m sure you dismiss that, too.

  10. Well what we do know is that the only Gov’t area that has not been hacked is Clinton’s private server. Even NSA has been hacked…Pretty good advice from Powell.

    By the By the current emails found ..Are not between Hillary and others but between Huma Abiden and others…The press is not doing their job playing the drumpf lie, again!

    Hardly a surprise when this is lightly reported about the broke business failure and crook, drumpf !

  11. Colin Powell has good reason not discuss his emails and his use of a private server. He deleted them all, no doubt to avoid their use as evidence in the war crimes trial he and so many others in the Bush Administration deserved. I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING he says on that or related topics.

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