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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is resorting to dirty tricks to avoid being recalled in today’s election, according to his opponent Tom Barrett’s campaign.

In an email sent to campaign supporters last night, Barrett’s Finance Director Mary Urbina-McCarthy wrote that “Reports coming into our call center have confirmed that Walker’s allies just launched a massive wave of voter suppression calls to recall petition signers.”

The message of the calls was “If you signed the recall petition, your job is done and you don’t need to vote on Tuesday.”

Anti-Walker voter Carol Gibbons independently confirmed the story, telling Salon’s Josh Eidelson that she received a call saying that “if you signed the recall petition, you did not have to vote because that would be your vote.”

Using misleading robocalls to convince even a small portion of the electorate to stay home could swing the entire election. As Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, said on Sunday: “if Democrats turn out in the same numbers that they did in 2008 Tom Barrett will win a surprise victory. And if they don’t Scott Walker will survive.”

Walker spokesperson Ciara Matthews told Eidelson that

Any accusation that our campaign is making those calls is categorically false and unfounded. Once again Mayor Barrett and his campaign are trying to falsely attack Governor Walker with absolutely no evidence. This is a desperate move by Mayor Barrett to avoid addressing his lack of a plan to create jobs in Wisconsin.

This is not the first allegation of dirty tricks against Barrett’s campaign. Last week, many Wisconsin voters reportedly received spam messages imploring them to call Barrett’s campaign headquarters in an effort to shut down his campaign’s phones.

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  • This is not breaking news or even news at all it is an ongoing story from people with neither ethics or honesty.

    • johninPCFL

      Agreed. It seems like Walker will do anything to avoid having this election fairly.

      • ObozoMustGo

        uhhhh…. doofus….. Walker already won in the normal election cycle the way normal elections are won. It’s the union thugs and leftist nutjobs that cannot accept the results of a duly elected governor. And this election will prove that all of those idiots occupying the state house and forcing this recall have accomplished nothing but pitting more people against them.

        Have a nice day!

        • johninPCFL

          Good to see that namecalling is all you have. Normal for Rove and the Koch brothers. Make another nickel today?

        • starofthesea

          Some of my best friends are so-called union thugs. So watch out potty mouth. Your troll teeth are showing.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Star. You need to start hanging out with a better class of people… Like ex convicts! Most of them are at least still democRATS.

            Have a nice day!

          • starofthesea

            But BOZO, convicted felons can’t vote! You are kind of funny but I still think you are either a clever bot or a troll. But I could be wrong–maybe you’re just a coyote trickster who likes the sound of his own voice. I am going to tune into the election returns and say bye bye. But Hey! Do have a great evening! TRULY!!!!

          • metrognome3830

            Ah, you are in rare form today, OMG. I see you have added “union thugs” to your repertoire. It’s good to throw in a little variety now and then. Leftist nut-jobs was getting a bit overused. Useful idiots still retains it zing. I’m going to take my dog for a walk now. Maybe I can think up some new terms to add to your list.

            Have a nice day!

          • 101strac

            Please remember to pick up your dogs obozo. The repubs are spreading enough crap around these days.

          • metrognome3830

            Sorry, I’m not Obozo. But I am picking up after my dogs. I’m saving up a good supply to send to Scott Walker as a token of my esteem. I’m not sure if Obozo has a dog, but if he does, I’m sure he picks up after it, as well. 🙂

          • ObozoMustGo

            metro… I’m all ears, my friend. Any advice you can offer is always welcome.

            See you soon!

          • metrognome3830

            OMG, isn’t that what Ross Perot said? I’ll will wrack my nut-job brain to try and help you out. I expect you are out celebrating Walker’s win today.

            I’m still thinking about those duck fat fried sliders. They sounded even better that Fuzzy’s Fish and Chips.

            See you later!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Yes…. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ROFLMAO!!!! It was what Perot said…. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…. you just made me laugh out loud in the office. Thanks again!

            And yes, happy about Walker’s win, but not gloating. It’s one election and politics is a long term never ending battle.

            By the way, they were Kobe Beef Sliders with Duck Fat fried french fries. They were slammin’ good. But Fuzzy’s sounds pretty good, too. We’ll have to try both.

            Good night. Signing out, metro. Have a wonderful evening!

        • rothgar

          It sure sounds like its more than just thugs and nutjobs when there were a million or more signatures submitted.

          • ObozoMustGo

            pssssstt… Roger…… did you look at the election results? I’m just askin…

            Have a nice day!

          • rothgar

            Well it was a tough night but I just received a message from the new DEMOCRATIC Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader. Despite being outspent 8 to 1 Walker has been neutered. Saved but neutered.

            And as of now in polling Obama leads Romney in Wisconsin by 12 points.

          • ObozoMustGo

            gar… 2 points:

            1) The WI senate is very temporary
            2) Obozo leads Romney by 12 points………………………… (amongst all DemocRAT voters)

            Have a nice day!

    • as you can see from the doubters it is WORKING . ALL THE MORE REASON TO EXPOSE IT AND COUNTER IT

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    This is just a smoke screen put up by Democrats to justify crying foul is they are defeated.

    No one is so stupid to believe you don’t have to cast your vote, although if they are Democrats, I suppose it’s possible??

    • johninPCFL

      If you cast an early ballot do you also have to vote on Tuesday? Is it possible for the dishonest to claim that the petition is your early vote? Does the wording suggest that?

      Yes, the Koch money is playing with democracy again.

    • awakenaustin

      Unfortunately, we are not all as smart as you believe yourself to be. How could Democrats, who are supposed to be as stupid as you suggest they are, come up with such a strategy. Wouldn’t it be beyond our abilities? So which is it? Are we devilishly brilliant or dumb as a box of dirt?
      I know of course you will opt for the insult,because you are nothing if not completely predictable.

      • ObozoMustGo

        awake…. I’ve gotta hand it to you, buddy. You’re pretty good at insulting yourself. Have you been taking lessons from me????? 🙂

        Way I figure, if your adversary is beating himself with a hammer, don’t bother taking it from him. 🙂

        Have a nice day!

    • don’t bet you serfdom on that stupidity these kochsuckers will stop at nothing to regain control

    • ObozoMustGo

      Yo! MCT.. nice to see you around here some more spouting off common sense in this sea of leftist insanity.

      Have a nice day!

      • starofthesea

        OMG MCT, could they be the same entity? Gotta admit it has nice alliteration. I thnk we may have run into each other on Common Dreams back when. Gotten any raises, or is this so much fun, you do it for free? And BTW, have a nice day!

  • scareygary

    Seems a little early to be ‘casting votes’ on this, Folks. IF it’s true, it’s despicable; if it is NOT true, that, too, is a crappy game to play. Good grief, why not wait to see what’s up before calling names….again….?

    • you have to assume it is true when you see the other dirty tricks the kochsuckers have played on the voters.

  • What? I can hardly believe that the party of Donald Segretti and Karl Rove would stoop to such tactics just to win an election. There must be some mistake, surely.

    • I doubt it, you obviously don’t know them for the pigs they are!!!!!

    • 101strac

      There is not a level, beneath which, they (repubs of course) will not slink.

    • lazycs

      Or the likes of Al Gore, Leo Panetta, Al Frankin wouldn’t some how be the authors of this plan

      • PJD219

        I’m surprised that the Dems didn’t bus in the Black Panther’s again to supress the Republican votes. I’m sure they are doing something dirty behind the scenes to guarantee a win!

      • No.

        • lazycs

          Guees dirty tricks are only a problem when Republicans do it but fine whe the dems do it

    • Well…If you’re gonna remind us of Segretti…then you can’t leave out G. Gordan Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, Chuck ‘Outa My Way Granny’ Colson, Bob Haldeman, John Erlichman, Spiro T. Agnew, Roger ‘Crazy Like A Faux News Boss’ Ailes, Lee Atwater(Rove’s mentor?), Ralph Reed…etc.

    • you’re all upset by a lie of a story , but assuming the story were true and the Republicans for once decided to do it Dem style what worrie you Libs about that is , you all know your voters will fall for it …You can hear me laughing from Illinois where we have enjoyed our Tax Increas to placate Dem Unions and seen our Credit rating drop to lower then Iraq . In the meantime the 82 bil in Pension Liabilty hasn’t been addressed and they want to borrow more . We are laying off teachers and have vented 62,000 jobs and you paople don’t like Walker ?????

      • Perhaps if you’d have stayed in school beyond the 4th grade you could write an intelligent comment.

  • you mean wait until it works and then warn people????????????? when it is too late for them to vote. When it comes to sneaky voter suppression tatctics the gop/bagger KOCHsuckers will stop at nothing you have to assume it is true if you do not want to fall victim to their nastiness

  • shows you how low the republican party will go

  • You know what I love about reading these “National Memo” headlines? You all sound like cry babies….

    • ObozoMustGo

      Isn’t that the truth? You know, the funny thing is that most of the leftist nutjobs on this site still have this fantasy that they are the majority in America and most people agree with their proletariat vs. bourgeois, Marxist mentality. I supp0se when you live in a bubble, you think there’s nothing outside that bubble. I am the pin that pops that bubble regularly. Nice to have another here once in a while.

      Have a nice day!

      • AdamMos

        Desperate people will do desperate things. How desperate is that? Even if they win this one it is all over for the Republicants in about 10 years. They will not be able to surpress the overwhelming majority by then. You are witnessing the last gasp of the GOP. GOP RIP YEHaaaaaaaaw! Did you see Bill Clinton today completely destroy Romney . WOW.
        By the way which Mitt Romney are you voting for? I understand there will be three of him on the ballot. Obama wins by landslide because Romney will split his own vote! Ha ha ha ha, Na na na na say hey hey Goodbye!

      • starofthesea

        I’m sorry you cannot post an intelligent comment. Perhaps you’re just a bot. Name calling is a second grade tactic. Is that really giving this your best shot? No wait, I see down this thread you’re just brimming with ignorant remarks. Troll alert! Troll alert!

        • bigspender7

          Only egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash resort to name calling.

      • Still keeping Democracy safe for the wealthy, huh, bozo?

        • ObozoMustGo

          Go proletariat! Go proletariat! Go proletariat! Go proletariat! Go proletariat!

          Kill the bourgeois! Kill the bourgeois! Kill the bourgeois! Kill the bourgeois!


          Have a nice day, Roger!

    • Dave
      I guess that means you endorse dirty tricks, outright lies, and fraud the Republicans are engaging in? Your personal behavior most likely follows along the same lines…

      • desertstorm1vet

        Paul don’t just acuse the repubs for being liars and behind dirty tricks if you think the dems aren’t doing the same thing then you still believe the world is flat . Just like one of the earlier post said they ALL policticians no matter what party your in their all crooks liars and cheats BOTTOM LINE !!!!

        • rothgar

          How about backing that claim up with any data?

          Come on if you can make the accusation – back it up
          S T F U ???

          Come on evidence any evidence.

    • Well if one’s pocketbook is been sucked out dry, and is been left out to dry and you KNOW the culprits, have seen their tricks, AND know that they are hiding behind lies, then YES one should shout WOLFS in SHEEP clothing, until it’s corrected.

  • aquinus

    The field of politics has hit a new low for both parties, more so for the republicans but it still exist in both parties. woe is me…………………? what to do?

  • republicKKKans = cheats liars and double talk.

  • Politics is so ugly and dirty that now days no politician can be trusted. Politicians don’t care about anyone they are in politics for themseleves and how much they can make and how they are going to benefit. They are all crooks.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Distractions….. Distractions…..

    This is all just nonsense to make us forget about what a failure Obozo really is. He has had one considerable social success, though…. like Newt called him: The Food Stamp President.

    Now we have proof. Here it is…

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • starofthesea

      Anyone else think it might be time to call a “TROLL ALERT?”

  • Dirty tricks in a close election. I’m shocked I tell you…shocked! This country deserves the leadership we have since again and again we send those to Washington who serve only special and moneyed interest. Pathetic.

  • What a dolt Ciara Matthews is, it was an independent voter who received one of those calls that confirmed them. She must think we believe Scott Walker is an upstanding citizen instead of the criminal he is. What are the Wisconsinites going to do when he goes to jail for his criminal activities? He is gonna get caught, just you wait and see!!!!!! And now he’s diverting campaign money to his personal account to pay his legal fees, you can’t do that!!!!!

    • starofthesea

      Apparently in our fair state, he can. But hopefully he’s history after today’s election. If not, there is also the ongoing investigation which look pretty damned… well damning. There’s more than one way to dispose of the trash in WI.

      • peteserb

        Spoken like a true union thug!

        • starofthesea

          Ah at last, a genuine compliment! Thank you!

        • metrognome3830

          Replied to like a true idiot!

      • Edsanjuan

        Sorrrrrry !!!!

  • I’m still a little worried. God forbid the organized crime family known as the GOP wins.

    • PJD219

      Johnny Boy….I think you have it backwards. Organized crime belongs to the Chicago thugs also known as the Obama Administration.

  • AlfredSonny

    All hospitals in Wisconsin should be ready to treat people who shot in their own feet for voting for Walker

    • lazycs

      Those voting for Barrett should have their heads examined knowing full well their state taxes are going up as pay back to the union thugs

      • AlfredSonny

        Last time I checked, those who are willing to negotiate and compromise only their way are known as dictators like Saddam et al.

        • lazycs

          or barak obama

  • And the Unions did not perform any dirty tricks to obtain the recall????????
    Anyway how is this a dirty trick, if you are too stupid not to vote, when you know that you must vote.

  • dondaniel

    You obamaites just keep drinking the “Jim Jones” cool aid… will all be in the welfare line with your hand out for your entitlement that I am paying for……Walker is really a bad dude “don’t spend more than you take in… cool aid drinkers go get you hand outs form the union “MOB” bosses….the bus loads that they are shipping in will get back on their buses and return to Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, etc. and you will just keep drink the cool aid…..

  • lazycs

    More than likely it was the Dem’s doing the calling looking for free media coverage

    • starofthesea

      Oh yeah, they’ll do anything for some free coverage. Guess it even bears repeating, right? or did your trigger finger slip? I got a robo call last night from the Walker campaign but fortunately it was so garbled, I couldn’t understand it. Maybe it was the call mentioned in this article since I did sign the recall petition. Hmmmmm! Wish I hadn’t deleted it. It was on my voice mail. Has anyone heard of Karl Rove?

      • lazycs

        no different than ABC, NBC and CBS calling the election in 2000 and hour before the polls closed. Has anyone hear of Dan Rather or Al Gore or Al Frankin??

  • Well they voted for them, we usually reap what we planted, and that is why we shoul stop judge by one’s outward looks, the inner man and his principles will always come out in the light , and the Republicans are loaded with wolves in sheep clothing!

  • starofthesea

    Anyone else sense the presence of a TROLL” attack on this thread? Oh wait, all leftists are paranoid….nevermind. I’ll just shut up. 😉

  • We all know Walker wouldn’t sanction this type of activity as he has ethics . I live in Chicago and find it interesting that someone on the Republican side ( if this is true ) has finally decided to fight Democrat style …The funny thing is that when they try these tactics in Illinois no Conservative falls for it EVER, as we know election rules . I find it totally amusing that all the Libs and Dems have their panties in a bunch over this and can only assume it is because they know that if the story were true ( and I highly doubt this story ) that they know their voters WILL fall for it every time

    • Walker does have ethics but not the kind anyone brags about. BTW, is there an atmosphere on your planet?

  • peteserb

    I’m glad you described them truthfully.

  • Kathy Chiappetta

    LOL The Masters of Dirty tricks can’t stand the thought of the tables being turned on them. Poor Cry Babies!!!

  • Would you expect any more than this out of Walker he already has stooped to the lowest level that anyone could..I think Walker will do anything to win and that show’s where the country is going..
    Joel Litaker

  • baja1963

    This sounds like a set up! This is more of a Liberal trick…..underestimating the intelligence of people. I would not be surprised to hear, if investigated, that some over zealous union person hatched this little scenario to cast dirt, in a last ditch effort to save the union cause. Unions do have a history of unfair tactics.

  • SHEEEESH What next?

  • Edsanjuan

    Oh, come ON guys !! You really want people to believe that if Gov. Walker is NOT recalled it would be because of Republicans’ dirty tricks and NOT because a MAJORITY want him to REMAIN in his post ??!! BUT you really want people to believe that if the Governor loses this election THEN it would be because a MAJORITY want him to LEAVE his post ??!!
    Wow, how naive and BLIND can people become !!
    And, by the way, can somebody explain to me (without calling me a “pig” like Debbie Kiesel does – she should be BANNED from this kind of forum):
    1) What’s WRONG with having a governor that is balancing the state budget without raising taxes?
    2) Why should the REST of the state’s taxpayers foot the bill for union employees’ retirement plans when these same employees REJECT the notion of having to pay for a PART of their retirement plans??
    Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody???
    DUH !!!!!

    • rothgar

      There are some inaccuracies in your statements. Your strawman is burning.

      Did or did not Walker create the budget problem by signing corporate tax breaks that matched or exceeded the deficit he has now so nobly solved?
      He did!

      Did or did not the unions agree to increased retirement cost sharing?
      They did!

      Did they complain when their FIRST AMENDMENT rights were uncut by Walker and his allies? YES. The right to assemble/associate is in the FIRST Amendment.

      When state workers accepted lower salaries (documented that based on experience and education state workers were making 7-10% less than there privately employed compadres) in trade for generous retirements the contract was struck.

      If you don’t like not getting a decent retirement is it the State workers union fault that you got suckered into a system where you get shafted? No.

      All I have got to say about the trickery is if the GOP felt they had a good argument they wouldn’t need to resort to tricks or deceptive strategies. Win or lose.

      How do you plan to react when Walker is indicted? If you complain and call it dirty tricks, you are a hypocrite.

      • Edsanjuan

        Indicted??!! Indicted??!! Indicted for WHAT ??!!!!!!!!!!!

        • rothgar

          According to reports:

          “This criminal probe involves Walker’s office “stealing money that was supposed to go to veterans and using that money for personal purposes and political purposes,” reports Shuster.”

          Ther may also be a Federal probe going on but precious little has been reported about that.

          • Edsanjuan

            Oh, come on !! And Obama was financed by the convicted Tony Rezco and Obama was actually born in Pluto, …. but “precious little has been reported about that.”
            By the way, you liberal leftists LOST in Wisconsin by a LANDSLIDE and the state’s name has just been changed to “Wise-consin” !!!!
            Sorrrrrry !!

          • rothgar

            Interesting despite what I had expected, the salvation of Walker from losing the Recall election did not extend to his allies in the Wisconsin Senate. Balance has been restored and Walker can become a Conservative Super star now that he won’t be able to do anything!

            That is until the DA or the Feds catch up with him.

            I live in a proudly Blue state and last I looked our roads are better, job growth is better and our Governor isn’t out there making us sound like idiots. This is compared to Virginia where once Tim Kaine’s legacy faded (along with the BRAC changes) the roads are clogged, fees are rising (not taxes on the rich mind you; but if you have the timerity to save the Commonwealth money by using Ez-Pass they want you to pay for the privilege) and job growth is faltering and has fallen behind that liberal bastion MD.

            Wise -consin. Cute, but where are the jobs? Where’s the beef?
            Last I heard, WI was one of the biggest net losers on the Jobs front in 2011-12.

            I will reiterate my prediction from 2008. If the GOP wins in 2010 (they did) they’ll win in 2012 and be history by 2020. The math does not work for their economic policies once enough people have been dispossessed they will finally see. Now, how to survive this mess. Still working on that.

            Gotta fly I’m late for work.

          • Edsanjuan

            Cheers to you too ! So now I get it: you are one of the believers in Big Government who actually believe the lie (by repeating it to yourself over and over again !) that you can make enough poor people rich by making enough rich people poor …
            Do I want to argue with you about that fallacy?

          • rothgar

            I don’t repeat any lies to myself, I simply look at the data and plots in “A Financial History of America: 1876 to 1960” and I can see what a genuine mixed economy with an effective counterbalance to the interests of the wealthy can do – enrich everyone.

            Of course you don’t want to argue the point. Which is good, because I don’t have time to waste on an ideologue.

            However, we were doing pretty well as a country from 1935 to 1975 using the Keynesian model that even Mitt Romney says he wouldn’t defy. His comment about how taking 1 Trillion in spending would cut GDP by 5% – that’s Keynesian reality. It is reality !!!

            BTW: TARP proved Dr. Friedmann is correct that interveining in a banking crisis can avert said crisis but at the same time it completely eviscerates the GOP argument that Government policies can do nothing good. That bit of myth is based on Dr. Friedmann’s comments in the above tome that because in the 1920s’ and 30’s the FED refused to supply “High powered money” to the banking sector leading to the banking crisis of 1933. He then claims that the government is powerless to do positive things in economic terms.

            Smart guy, spewing well constructed circular logic that you and way too many GOP partisans have bought hook line and sinker.

            I’m guessing you don’t even understand what marginal tax rates mean. I am certain you don’t understand how lowering the top marginal rates changed behavior in ways that has lead to the job and income losses of the last 3 decades.

          • Edsanjuan

            The reason I do not care to argue the point is precisely that you people from the Liberal Left call people “ideologues” when we disagree with you. You call me “ideologue”; you then tell me you cannot waste your time on me, and then you proceed with a long tirade that you previously had told me you would spare me from. Oh boy!
            FYI, the “Dr. Friedmann” name you throw around to try to impress me with your erudition is really Dr. Milton Friedman (NOT Friedmann), whose economic philosophy you use and quote when it is beneficial to the point of view (and that is ALL your and my ideas are: points of view !) you are belaboring, but you ridicule when it becomes a little uncomfortable.
            Your last paragraph to the effect that “I’m guessing you don’t even understand what marginal tax rates mean. I am certain you don’t understand how lowering the top marginal rates changed behavior in ways that has lead to the job and income losses of the last 3 decades.”, PROVES to me 3 things:
            1) That, contrary to Dr. Milton Friedman’s thoughts and beliefs to the effect that what government should strive for is “equality of OPPORTUNITY”, you actually believe that it should strive for “equality of OUTCOMES”. That, dear sir, is MINDLESS !!
            2) That you actually believe that we should take MORE (more than what we ALREADY take in Federal Income Taxes – look it up on the IRS site) from the “rich” and productive and give it to the “poor”. In other words, that you actually believe that you can make “poor” people rich by making “rich” people poor. I also get the impression that you confuse “having money” with being “rich”, and “being broke” with being “poor”, but that is a more philosophical and esoteric level that I am not sure you can fathom.
            3) That you, dear sir, are a condescending snob who has no idea what my academic and intellectual background is.

          • rothgar

            You do realize that Felons are allowed to contribute to campaigns provided they are US citizens or corporations. Oh yeah that’s right Corporations have the rights of people according to the Right wingers on the SCOTUS but no criminal liability – ever!!


          • Edsanjuan

            Wow, now I understand !! You are saying that to actually defend Rezco’s relationship with Obama ….
            Wow !

      • Edsanjuan, Your somebody has arrived! rothgar, you should consider running for office!!!??? Our country needs informed representation. And he will be indicted!

        • Yeah, he should consider running for President in 2012; I’m sure he would be better than Bozo Obummer !!

    • Justin Napolitano

      OK, Ed here is an explanation that I think you can understand. Public workers generally and historically have received a much lower wage than those working in the private sector. They accepted this lower wage because they received a guaranteed pension and some job security. I have worked as a contractor for state and local governments and can confirm that public workers do indeed make less money. As a part of my work I had direct access to workers earnings and often wondered why people would work for so little money. I was told over and over again by these workers that is was for the pension they would receive and because of job security.
      Does that answer your question?

      • Edsanjuan

        Thanks, Justin, for taking the time to give me your answer without any insults.
        I do not necessarily agree that this was (is) the reason for the recall election but your answer/opinion seems reasonable.

  • GOP said their # 1 Goal was to Crush Obama ,make hima one term Pres They have been doing that since day 1 – stalling blocking lying filibusters – holding US hostage – spreading misinformation Rove Dick Armey gutless Mitt who will not stand up for anything for fear of upsetting Tea baggers Paul Ryan Cantor & crybaby Boehner are a disgrace Wis Gov Walker V Labor unions Fact Unions gave in to ALL of Walkers demands – concessions- wage & pension cuts -everything ! That was NOT enough for Walker He then made collective bargaining illegal . Thats where Walker went over the line of fairness. Power went to Walkers head . Overpaid Corp run media has never told the complete Walker v Unions story .
    SO voters go to polls UN informed

  • Nothing about these overbearing old white men surprises me anymore. I grew up in a Republican family and used to be a Republican. But I don’t even recognize these people anymore.

  • Bob

    I got three calls that were all similar, if I was Walker I would look out

  • Breaking news; you got your a____ kicked. A real old fashioned a____ kicking.

    What next, you’ll have to work like the rest of us? Now that won’t be easy – trust me its not; which is the message Wisconsin’s middle class delivered with a dump truck tonight.

  • Great point; where is Jimmy Hoffa anyway?

  • Brings to mind the old saw; “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”…. The Libs got their recall; and the nation got an eyefull and a jolt of courage to deal with those who think they deserve more than the rest of us.

  • The “Ed” show just came on; and is claiming there should be “no embarassment” …. how more embarrassing can it be to pick a fight and get a____ kicked across back and forth across the street.

  • This is the same typical GOP behavior. They used the same dirty shit during GW Bush initial election in Florida.

  • Even if this was true, which is not proven, how STUPID would you have to be to fall for it?

  • Teachertool

    American rise up and be fair for America. We will go nowhere fighting against ourselves with unfairness. If this report is correct, it will not help America.

  • another election bought & paid for by the GOP &n Tea Party
    Another election bought by “Citizen’s United”

  • stonesandglasshouses

    Stephen Harper must have gave him some advice

  • oldtrojanwarhorse

    Victocrates = cry babies The kings of voter fraud are crying foul ?

  • Republican’ts need to play fair. Of coarse, you guys see, playing fair, as a chump bet. You are so corrupt and arrogant; you THINK you have won, the recall election, but in reality; you have exposed, clearly, your evil, lying, and coniving character. Gullible people and voter fraud bought, this recall. Thank you, CARL ROVE, you stellar American, you…People, use your heads. They work, just fine, without Rove & his Co-Traitors telling tthem what to think.

  • Did Rove, or one of his commercials tell you , that little fact. If, “The Black Panthers, ever, went to a pole; it was for protecting those, who wish to vote, from the republican’ts’ thugs…Just because you FEEL something, it does NOT make it so. Your crowd needs to learn a few dictionary terms, such as conservative, liberal, bigot, and especially truth & facts. If you people fear Black PEOPLE; you more than likely have a guilty concience. I am a direct desendant, of Virginia slave owners and I know, for a fact, that all people have their good and bad traits. Our workers were taught to read, write, and respect others’ rights, so they could stand tall, against the world. We were benelent bosses. When our plantation were shut down, everyone that worked for us was given land and livestock. Most, still work for and WITH our family. You republican’ts need to take care of yourself, and not try to run, everyone, else’s lives. You speak of small government, yet you operate in the opposite fashion. My local government is republican’t and they’ve dug up, old agriculture laws to us with. They make unnesessary laws, which inhibit commercial growth and business. Just look at your response. Instead of talking about how your crowd won fair and square, you retailiate with false assertion, which I THINK YOU THINK are corrct. Again, find the definition, of a fact.

  • Your, ONLY, argument is to try reversing the characters (or, lack thereof), of the two parties. Republican’ts have a long history, of lying, and blameing what they do on others. Lie enough and gullible unread people will take it as truth. Scumbags, since Hamilton. Liars and strong armed thugs. The Democrates that lost their lives fighting the company store mentality are rolling in their graves. Walker has returned the work climate in Wisconsin (Now, I believe, MOST, are CHEESEHEADS…) to the ninetenth century. Good going, way to show how, lol, conservative, you think you are. When your crowd gets “called-out, on something; you merely cry that it is the other guy that did it, or make something up , entirely, believing the lies you perpitrate, on the American people.

  • He cut the funding, so the poor people of Wisconsin will have to suffer, ninetenth century style; like all good republican’ts.

  • Walker removed funding…ALL, the nurses quit…

  • Be afraid; the truth will expose you, republican’ts, as the small, insecure crowd, you are. No matter, how many times, one repeats a lie; it’s still, a lie…duh. Work, for America. Are you, so easily lead, by partisan money & the commercials. All, paid for, by TRAITORS like Carl Rove, The “Crotch Bros.”, “Flush Limp-paw”,et al …vote, for what is Right for ALL , not a few, who run your company store. REMEMBER, ” THE MORAL MAJORITY, THE NEW MAJORITY, or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CAL IT, IS STILL, neither…
    Also, you have to love how, you repubs, are brought out front, into the light to speak. The more you say (or, regurgitate, from Limp-paw’s daily rant…lol), the more you help, the American cause, to back PRESIDENT OBAMA

  • Where’s your sentence structure? lol