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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Did you forget about “Bridgegate?” The Democratic National Committee (DNC) certainly hasn’t. It’s been exactly one year since the Bridgegate scandal launched, and Democrats are celebrating the occasion by holding a press conference and bombarding people who live near the George Washington Bridge with anti-Chris Christie ads.

On September 9, 2013, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey shut down lanes on the George Washington Bridge, causing a large traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) administration is currently under investigation, as members of his staff may have ordered the lanes closed in retaliation against Democratic Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie’s re-election campaign.

DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) went straight to Fort Lee on Monday, to deliver a “Bridgegate Anniversary Press Conference.”

“One year ago, Chris Christie was running for re-election on his so-called ‘New Jersey Comeback’ and on promises that he was a consensus builder — someone who worked across the aisle, who championed compromise and who could get things done,” she said. “One year later, we know that those promises were false. They were a sham. What has Chris Christie delivered instead? Gridlock.”

She went on to draw a connection between Bridgegate and the way Christie runs his entire government. Christie has denied that he knew anything about the lane closures.

“What Bridgegate did was raise the curtain on his culture of intimidation, bullying, and the incompetence that pervades the Christie administration,” she said.

Wasserman Schultz also noted that Christie cut funding for the New Jersey pension fund, vetoed a minimum-wage increase, and gave taxpayer dollars “to big corporations for jobs that haven’t materialized.”

On Monday, people living in or driving through Fort Lee or uptown Manhattan will see ads on their cellphones, courtesy of the DNC, that read “Gov. Chris Bridgegate Christie.” People in the area listening to Pandora will be treated to an ad that states, “Gridlock. That’s what happened one year ago in Fort Lee, when the Christie administration shut down lanes to the George Washington Bridge. But it’s also what Chris Christie has brought to New Jersey — wrecking our economy and losing our trust.”

DNC press secretary Michael Czin told MSNBC that thousands of people would see or hear the ads on Monday.

“We want to remind folks that there are still a lot of unanswered questions, including why the lanes were shut down in the first place,” he said. “What we do know is the lanes were shut, and Christie created a culture where something like this happened.”

Before the scandal occurred, Christie was a serious presidential contender for 2016. But he still seems to think he has a shot. He recently went to Mexico to meet with business leaders, a trip that has fueled speculation that he’s still seriously considering running.

Photo: Peter Stevens via Flickr

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  • Dominick Vila

    This marks a lot more than the first anniversary of Christie’s bridge-gate, it marks the obituary of a man that should have learned a lesson from Nixon’s downfall. The same applies to Perry and other arrogant and greedy politicians. Unfortunately, it looks like some will continue to enjoy the adulation of an electorate that only sees wrongdoing when it involves anything that challenges their political convictions or goals, rather than actual violations of the law.

  • FT66

    Happy Birthday Bridgegate! It is our hope you are still well and alive!

    • Benghazi, Bergdahl, IRS, NSA, immigration reform.

      • BillP

        So liar all you can do is write names or acronyms but never any provable facts. All you do is waste space on this site with your usual comments that add no value. Good to see you are at least consistent in your ineptness.

      • Bob Eddy

        All been investigate, re-investigated, obsessed about and all ended up the same. What looked like smoke was only steam rising from a big ole pile of right wing bull sh it!

        • Yeah, all cover-ups from a fully transparent regime. Lies, upon lies, upon lies. This is what our government has become, especially under this communist tyrant.

          • Bob Eddy

            You’re right! Lie upon lie upon lie — and all from the right wing propaganda machine….Has it EVER occurred to you that if any of this nonsense was true they could come up with at least ONE proveable fact? Either the right wing is lying or they are the worst “investigators” ever. Everything they present seems to be just one email or just one witness short of being proveable, doesn’t it? Of course the “communist tyrant” line show just how ignorant and mind numbingly stupid you really are. Do a little homework. Find out what Communism is and then find me just one act that this president has done that is in any way “Communistic.” Until you manage to do that, just keep your ignorance to yourself. It is utterly useless in a serious discussion.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    I’ve lived in NJ all my life. Christie is doing the typical GOP “Hope it will go away” routine. Christie’s template produced Wildstein and the rest of the boils on the butt of humanity. Christie took office thinking he’d run NJ like he did his law office…all offense and no defense…ever.

    However, what Christie didn’t bargain for was that people in NJ are unwilling to allow him to throw his own under a bus to make himself look good.

    Christie rose to fame as a Bush-appointed US attorney. Like everything else Bush did, the results fester into cancers that require surgical removal.

  • howa4x

    It strains credibility that only he didn’t know about the scandal brewing in his administration. So is we take him at face value he is either incompetent for not knowing who was doing what in his own office, or terrible judge of character since he appointed all the protagonists in this mini series, or both. His office is small in comparison to the Federal government, so if he can’t manage a tiny office how can we expect him to oversee a vast government bureaucracy. Let’s add to all this that the taxpayers on the hook for upwards of 8.5 million in legal fees. This is why he wants to run all over the country and not stay here. The US attorney’s office is methodically going through testimony and interviews so Big boy’s troubles are far from over, and add to that a separate Manhattan’s DA investigation is ongoing into the diversion of funds from the Arc tunnel project. The major threat to Christie is that a number of his staff and appointments are trying to make deals with the Feds, and a deal is not given unless something big is gotten in return. Sampson the former head of the PA has more to loose than anyone if he goes down, and he is a smart man who was a former AG of the state, so if he starts talking if will spell big trouble for Christie.
    Mostly he will be damaged goods, if not indicted, when this concludes. If this doesn’t help the democratic contender, then maybe the fact that the state’s bond rating has been downgraded on his watch 7 times on his watch, the most of an governor in the state’s history. As they say, he is more blow than show.

    • rkief

      Your first few lines tell it all!

  • tntlimited

    Why is it taking so long for the authorities bring this scandal into the courtroom? Why is the National media now giving this bridgegate scandal a rest from reporting? It seems atrocious to me that something this important to National politics, and possibly to the presidency of the United States…is being swept under the rug! We need to question the New Jersey and Federal authorities on what the holdup is here!

    • Independent1

      I’m hoping that it’s taking the feds time because they’re really onto something that will really put Christie away for a long time. He began his political career on a big lie (that his opponent was being investigated for wrong doing when he/she wasn’t); And hopefully he’ll be sent away because of another BIG LIE!!

      • tntlimited

        Hey Independent, I hope you are right. Christie has gotten away lies and crimes for far too long!

        • Independent1

          I’m hoping Christie gets an indictment like Perry. See this article from Salon on Perry:

          Rick Perry might go away for a long, long time: What even the liberal media isn’t reporting about his indictment

          New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today brush felony charges aside. They’re not telling you everything


          • tntlimited

            Hey Independent1, thanks for the very informative article. It is utterly amazing what politicians can get away with…most of the time. Rethuglican’ts have brainwashed so many mentally challenged Americans, that it is good to see the truth emerge from time to time…

  • Todd Nelson

    The democrat dreamland of a phony scandal is just there to cover up the criminal wrongdoings of the last governor, democrat poster boy John Corzine, who stole billions from his clients, after he danced on stage with Barack Obama.

    • That seems to be all the liberals can do these days. Cover-ups and attacks from a truly corrupt government.

  • Bob Eddy

    Happy birthday Bridgegate. RIP teabaggery!