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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • DurdyDawg

    So, let the nanny country go out and do their thing.. We need more wars. (sarcasm). I mean, what else CAN we do when the other major countries stand around and watch, waiting in anticipation for the US to intervene.

  • Brensea

    Syria is none of our business. We have no business getting involved in other countries business. If the people of Syria want freedom and democary they are responsible for obtaining it for themselves. Getting involved in their fight will only make more enemies for the US. Freedom can not be given to people they must earn it for themselves or it means nothing. The US is hated all over the world for sticking their nose in other countries business. It is time for the US to quit being the worlds policeman. It only causes hate and discontent.

  • ramszone

    The more we involve ourselves in other countries business the more they will expect us to back them up. What are other countries doing to help? We should solve our problems 1st.