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Saturday, March 25, 2017

2 Responses to Donald Sterling Goes To Dinner

  1. Our Democracy let you be Who? you want to be, If you want to be a racist then so be it but when you died the evil is interior into your bones, I would think that would be a cold hard way to go. Critical Thinking is necessary from all of our citizens. What? the hell is going on in America, Where? did our Democracy go, Why? are Unions failing, How? did these Plutocracts (commissioners) and Capiticalistic Pigs come to be. Who? are these Republicans, and Democracts Do-Nothingiers get into office, How? did, you the People let these Thugs get into office. Think, People, MONIES are ruling your lives. Obamacare Works, Social-Security Works, Unions Works, Food Stamps Works, Public Education Works, J A Z Z Works these are the things and many more that works because of your Democracy. Of, For, and By the People, Not some But ALLLLLLLLLLLLL Of the People. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. MR. C. E. KING

  2. While the tape between Sterling and his girlfriend definitely showed she was steering him toward making the stupid comments he did, there can be no doubt he revealed his true colors. She did not tell him what to say, only what questions to answer. She did not provide the text, only the plot line. If Mr. Sterling has such a problem with his employees being not of his own ethnicity, then he should change the makeup of his business entity. I seriously doubt that he could muster enough good players of his ethnicity to field a competitive franchise. As this particular business entity is NOT very large, good management procedures would prompt him to be on a much better footing with his employees.

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