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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Newsweek article about Donald Trump’s foreign business entanglements has prompted 55 former U.S. government and national security officials to publish an open letter calling for transparency regarding the Trump Organization’s dealings. “Donald Trump still has not revealed to the American public his international business relationships, even as it becomes increasingly clear that his overseas ties…

Photo: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally with supporters in Fort Myers, Florida, U.S. September 19, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

6 Responses to Donald Trump Urged To Disclose Foreign Deals

  1. Though I know the question of disclosure of business will come in one or in all coming debates, Trump must disclose not only foreign deals but also deals inside the country. We all know Trump has no record of service, no experience in actual governance, therefore, being a businessman not a politician, his disclosure of his deals, stand on behalf of other previous normal politician activities/record a candidate had in the past.

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  2. He will never voluntarily disclose any of this information. I doubt that he can sever himself from his business interests if he is elected. More likely, his creditors would not allow him to free himself from his obligations to them, and if he tried, he would risk ending up in personal bankruptcy as well as pushing his entire family into personal bankruptcy, which is probably the reason why he will not divest himself of these interests. Just turning everything over to his children wouldn’t get him off the hook, as far as his creditors are concerned. What is worse is that his foreign creditors could put pressure on him to concede on diplomatic issues or risk their forcing him into bankruptcy court, or demanding that their own governments assist them in collecting what he owes them by putting diplomatic pressure on the U.S.

    • There is no requirement that he disclose his connections, or that he resign from any of his companies. Further, there are no conflict-of-interest statutes that pertain to the president, so he can:
      continue to worship Putin while building hotels in Russia as president
      punish the government of Turkey unless they stop prosecution of his business partner there.
      praise Putin as a strong leader while building hotels in Crimea.

  3. Disclosing his business interests and his income tax returns are not partisan issues. They are issues of honesty and transparency. The only logical conclusion based on his failure to be open and honest with voters is that he is hiding information that is very damaging to him and his campaign. Sad.

  4. Donnie’s day of reckoning draws closer. Like the story of the grasshopper and the ant, Donnie the Grasshopper frittered away his life being involved in shady deals, involvement in unfair employment practices, denying housing to blacks(along with Drumpf Sr), and conspiring with unsavory characters in the NYC area and possibly abroad.

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